06 July 2018

Maliq is 7 months already and he pretty much doesn't wanna lay still when we stroll around anymore. He's becoming more active these days and gets really excited when we bring him out which causes him to scream out loud if we lay him down in a new adventure. This gave us no choice but to look for another stroller option as the one we currently have isn't suitable for him anymore. If you've been following me on social media, you'll know that I recently changed his stroller into Beblum's Navi Stroller and have been using it for a month over now and many have questioned if it's a good one since the brand is not among the ones we are used to hearing. Well here's my review on it, keep on reading for more deets!

Beblum is formed by a group of young parents that are passionate about providing a more affordable solution for the younger generation. They work together with fresh and innovative baby product creators based in the Netherlands. Beblum is capable of providing a more affordable pricing for their merchandises as they deal directly with customers, instead of sourcing out to distributors and retailers. In short, there is no middleman in their price structure. Currently, Beblum offers products from strollers, high-chairs and a 2 in 1 infant tub.

It took me a while to find the right stroller as I had many options to consider and we're thinking for a stroller that could be used for a long time. Among them were functions, weight, size and price. While scrolling through Instagram one day I came across Beblum's Ad which showed their Micro Stroller and I instantly fell in love, this got me to do more research on the brand since I wasn't really familiar with it. From there I found out about their Navi Stroller and after comparing these 2 strollers I decided that their Navi would be the best for Maliq as their Micro Stroller would be more suitable for bigger kids and Maliq still hasn't learnt to sit up straight yet.

Below are the reasons why I chose Beblum's Navi Stroller

1. Sit-up position forwarding outside
This was a compulsory function for me as he's eager to explore the outside world, having a stroller facing us again will probably cause the same reaction as he is with his previous one. 

2. Reclinable
Beblum's Navi offers 3 reclinable positions. A sit-up straight position, a half lay down position and a fully lay-down position. All 3 positions are a major help especially if you're spending hours in a mall. This is one of the features that I'm so thankful to have.

3. Lightweight
It is indeed lighter than my previous stroller, weighing only 5.5kg, it's also considered to be one of the lightest among other brands. Makes it easy to carry the stroller in one hand and the baby in the other. I take public transportation a lot which means it'll only be my baby and me so I wouldn't be able to carry a heavy stroller if it requires to be folded. That's why I aimed for the Micro at first but the Navi carries most of the features that I wanted.

4. Size
It's indeed smaller and more compact from my previous stroller. Not exactly that small like the Micro but great enough for a stroller like this.
40cm(w) x 103cm(h) x 61cm(d) (Unfolded)
40cm(w) x 55cm(h) x 20cm(d) (Folded)

5. Easy folding 
I'm the type that has no patience and of course, I don't want a complicated stroller. If I did, I bet by the time I'm able to use it I already got a temper. I'm not sure why but my husband usually leaves the handling part to me, he loves to stroll it only. Sometimes I get a temper because of that too. HAHA...
Looking at Beblum's video tutorial, it just requires 3 steps to open and close.

6. Covered Shade
My son frowns so easily and when the sun hits him and blind his eyes, his frown gets bigger. Haha... he has big eyes so probably it's too much for him. So a 180degree covered shade would be awesome and Beblum Navi offers that.

7. Quality
Of course, quality was important as I'm planning to use it for a long run. Beblum doesn't have a showroom to check out their products, so how was I certain that its quality is good? A good eye and instincts. ;) I searched their hashtags #beblum #beblumnavi #beblumstyle on Instagram to find pictures snapped from their customers. From there I did my quality check by looking at real photos compared to studio shots. By zooming in pictures, I roughly see that the material ain't bad and the stroller doesn't look cheap also even though it's for a lower price. It looked just like other big brands offered in the market. Also after visiting their website, I was more certain that it's a good one as they mention on quality assurance and also offer hassle-free returns

Beblum products are manufactured to comply with latest European safety standards and are made with the highest quality materials like any other international brands.

8. Price
This is indeed is a big factor, wanting this and that but if you don't really have the money you won't have many choices. I wanted something like the big brands has at for a lower price which is more affordable. Most strollers are priced above RM1000 but we were looking for a good one below that price and Beblum seems to offer that. Priced at only RM599 from their actual price RM1099.

Beblum product prices are 50-60% lower compare to other international brands because they care about fairness and transparency in their pricing policy which focuses on affordable parenting solutions. There is no middleman involved that's why they are able to sell at a more affordable price.

With all that covered, I knew that this stroller was the one for me. Watch my Insta-stories below for as I did an unboxing of the Navi Stroller and also my first opinions on the products.


Besides all the features that were compulsory to me, Beblum Navi offers other perks too which later on I found out enhances the simplicity while using the stroller. Among the perks are:

1. Snap Assembly
I love this the most, with just a snap the stroller opens but I only get to make it snap sometimes while my husband gets it every time. Probably because of height factor, haha... seriously I think it's because of my height. The snap assembly makes me proud to have it because I see other mothers struggle just to open assemble a stroller, most of them are done by the fathers though. I see this a lot at carparks in malls.

2. See-through Pocket
If they didn't have this, I'll have to keep going up front to see what my baby is doing, since I can't see from the back. Having this see-through ables me to have a peek at my son while strolling without having to go to the front. It's good that it's closable as well, so if he sleeps I could close it so light doesn't hit his eyes.

3. Front Swivel Wheels
I didn't notice at first but when I tried out my friends' stroller that didn't have this feature, it turns out having this option is a blessing. It's hard to move in a compact space without this, as for example in a lift full of people and you have to turn around to go out, with just a slight push the stroller is turned easily.

4. Leatherette Safety Bar + Removable
I didn't think it would be useful since it looked so fancy, thought of it more as a design feature until my son was able to push his body to the front and then I got its function. It’s called a safety bar! LOL... 
(A lot toddlers based on feedback from mom mentioned that the safety bar is perfect for them when they are very active and curious about the world around them. The safety bar serves the function of comfortability and functionality for the child because they have something to hold onto when they bend forward.)
He now loves sitting straight with his hands on the safety bar and sometimes his feet too when he's asleep in the stroller. I also use it to put a fan there sometimes when he sleeps.

5. One Hand Push & One-Foot Break
Again didn't know it was convenient having a one hand push because when I'm in a mall my hands are usually full. So I'm able to push easily without much hassle,. Even the one-foot break comes in handy. With a simple step, it's able to hold in still position. Did you notice that their storage space below is quite spacious too? I'm able to put his diaper bag there easily.

6. Self-standing (folded) with Handy Travel Bag
Love this a lot, since it stands, it's convenient when folded as well. Keeping it stored in its travel bag keeps the dust away and makes it look neat. We always store it in the travel bag after use and keep in our car trunk. A good thing it doesn't take much space. I love the travel bag as it straps at the back instead of one shoulder. My husband usually wears it when he brings the stroller up home when his hands are full. We live in an apartment so the distance from the car park to our home is quite far. So he hates extra rounds, having the travel bag allows him to carry the stroller and the groceries in one go.
(The Travel Bag is sold separately but I’ve heard that Beblum might have a promotion which you’ll get this travel bag for free with a purchase of the Navi Stroller.)

I'm surprised that strollers could provide so many features, some may not think that its necessary, but if you're living in the city, a stroller has become a necessity especially when you tend to go out a lot. From time to time you'll become more alert on what you'll need and what you could adjust to compliment your needs. That's exactly what happened to me and after a while using the Beblum's Navi Stroller here are some of my highlights.

1. Just As Other Branded Strollers
If you're more into functions than brand names, well this stroller is for you! Beblum Navi gives you pretty much all other branded stroller provides with an affordable price. Why waste the extra moo-lah when you can use it for something else? Just because the brand is not widely exposed doesn't mean the product they come out with does not have quality. From my experience with the stroller, we're able to use it comfortably and easily. It does do the job it promises.

2. Worth the Investment
You can use it from newborn up until your baby reaches 20kg. It's for the long run. You wouldn't have to keep purchasing strollers as your baby grows like me. Plus, it has everything you need, why look for another?

3. Convenient
I noticed that some of my friends go for cheaper strollers because they don't prioritise on these features but trust me, after a while, you'll be tired with a heavy stroller that consumes so much space. Strollers now are like a go-to bag already, most busy mothers find this very important and so do I.

But still, every product shall have its flaw. Even though I may seem to be satisfied with the stroller already, here are a few things that I noticed that could be improved;

1. Cushion a bit hard
My son had a bit of adjusting issues at first, his previous stroller which was also a car seat provided a really soft cushion. So when we took him for a stroll using Beblum's stroller for the first time, he seemed a bit uncomfortable and then I noticed that it was a bit hard. The cushion inside seems a bit thin so you could feel the base if you press a bit harder. But after a while, he became accustomed to it so it's not really an issue now.

2. Require 2 hands to fold and unfold
I love the snap assembly since I could use only one hand, but the downside is you'll need to unlock the handle of the stroller with 2 hands because it'll require you to press 2 buttons at the same time. Did is one of the downsides as sometimes I may need to carry my son in the other hand so it gets a bit difficult at that point.

3. Add-ons
Their add-ons are a bit limited, and one of my needs is a stroller organizer so I could put water, food, and other things with ease. It'll be great if they have their own stroller organizer but I'm still able to use a 3rd party stroller organizer with ease. You'll just need to find the right one that fits.

A few months ago I've been on a hunt for strollers as Maliq is growing up so his previous one ain't suitable anymore. I had so many compulsory features for my search which you can easily find but most of them is way beyond my budget. Honestly it was quite stressfull until I accidently came across @beblummalaysia's account and checked out their Navi Stroller. It had everything I wanted and shockingly it's within my budget. From there it caught me and now I have one for Maliq. I shared my unboxing on my insta-stories before and a lot of you have asked about it as I know not many are familiar with this brand. The most asked question 'is it expensive?' 'is it worth it?' well I have it all answered in my latest blogpost. Do check it out at #beblum #beblumnavi #beblumstyle
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So that's mostly everything I have to say for Beblum's Navi Stroller. Overall you can see I'm loving it since it compliments most of my needs. 

Product Deets
Product Name: Beblum Navi Stroller
Colours: Blue & Grey
Price: RM1,099 RM599.00

Product Name: Beblum Navi’s Travel Bag
Price: RM139

More Info

Till then peeps!


  1. Comelnya Maliq! Just by looking at your pictures I can sense how comfortable Maliq sitting there and how cushy the stroller is. Though it needs two hands, I think what important is the child can feel at ease when sitting there. Gonna recommend this to my cousin!

  2. Tetiba geram tengok maliq comelnya gebu time 7 bulan! Hee memang best stroller Beblum ni. Kalau Mira suka Beblum Navi Yaya paling suka Beblum Micro sebab kecik comey sesuai dengan kemampuan yaya nak pikul untuk bawa travel ;)

  3. Keselamatan anak2 kena di utamakan selalu, melihat pada harga boleh tahan jugak. Terima kasih share review ini

  4. mudah kan nak handle stroller yang ringan dan senang untuk kita lipat, simpan dan guna lagi. berbaloi dapat stroller macam ni, anak pun selesa dan happy keluar berjalan :)

  5. uishhh harga dia okey lagi after discounted... still prefer quinny nampak lebih minimalis.. yang ni pun okey lipat and senang nak dibuka.. cantik gak tapi tu la anak anak dah besar i prefer dorang berjalan dari naik stroller.. sebab stroller ni kalau bawa pergi shopping letih nak tunggu lif.. hahaha... maliq happy why not, ape pun the name of the brand so bubbly betull !

  6. nampak stroller ni mmg betul2 berguna ya... teringat masa ada adik kecil dulu, ada pakai jugak stroller tapi cepat rosak. nak kena beli ni untuk masa hadapan. terima kasih share :)

  7. Wah memang sroller ni affordable dengan harganya. Sekarang ni i memang tengah kumoul duit untuk beli steoller baby. Stroller ni nampak smart dan bagus nanti nak beli jugaklah

  8. This stroller looks really smart and beautiful. If my kids were still babies I will surely get this as their stroller. :)

  9. The stroller looks good and trendy. A bit big even when it is folded but. I hope it is not heavy to carry or else sakit bahu. Hahahaha. The price is quite reasonable and i do agree with you. As long as the stroller does what it promises, it should be fine.

  10. For those like to travel with baby and family this stroller is a must. Its so compact and look sturdy also.


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