31 July 2018

Here's another #THROWBACKBEAUTYPRODUCTS, and I had this for ages. Michelle Phan even left the vlogging industry and then came back already with a whole new look with .em cosmetics. This contour stick was one of their popular products before which was a 2 in 1 contour and highlighter included. It was suppose to help with easy countouring but did it really work? Well, read on to know my experience on it.

When I first got this, of course I was absolutely happy as this product was raved a lot on social media for easy conturing. Yes, with a countour and highlighter in one, it surely is easy to carry around and saves you some space from bulky packagings. The design of the countour stick also makes you wanna hold it most of the time as it looks clean and elegant, just perfect for props for beauty shots as well. 

Eventhough it looked beautiful, it didn't reach my expectation. Probably my expectation was too high on .em cosmetics back then, and now I know I wasn't the only one who thought that way. I loved the idea of how the sticks contains both highlighter and countour but the formulation was just heartbreaking.

Applied on the skin it does seem to show perfectly but probably because of the heat here in Malaysia, the formulation tends to become oily and I hated that. It was also hard to blend as well and the best part was that after several times of usage, the countour stick broke. It kinda melted so it should be because of the tempreture here in Malaysia. My room was rather cool back then even without air-conditioning so that's why I was kinda sad it broke so easily.

Anyways, .em cosmetics have already upgraded their products and I have not yet to explore their newest babies. I hope it's really upgraded now.

Till then peeps!

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