Bought these lippies ages ago at Althea Korea just to try it out. You all know how I love lippies especially vibrant colours and The Saem Eco Soul Kiss Button Lips has a range of vibrant colours to choose from which is kinda rare for Korean lipsticks as Koreans mostly prefer gradient lips rather than full lips. They offered quite a number of colours to choose from but I only managed to grab five from the range. Keep on reading if you wanna know more.

These lipsticks are semi-matte and have quite a sheer to it, so it easily stains. Unlike other Korean lipsticks, these Eco Soul lipsticks create a vibrant colour with just one swatch but it would easily come off with a swipe and leaves quite a tough stain. Recommended using a lip tint over these lipsticks so it reduces the stain. Besides that, these lipsticks are clickable lipsticks which means, once you click to get the product out, you can't force it to go back in. It's not rollable like normal lipsticks. As for swatches, my favourite is hot kiss while I've avoided using the rest as it stains easily and with a baby in my arm, it's not a good option to wear these.

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Here's a picture of me wearing Hot Kiss and I've been using it a couple of times now when I go out without my baby as it creates a nice classic red. But be careful about putting it in your bag as it may melt easily with our heat here in Malaysia.

Till then peeps!