Yet another #THROWBACKBEAUTYPRODUCT post. I've got this one of a kind eyeliner from Althea Korea years back but I didn't really use it much. It kinda looks like a pen and writes well like a pen too. The tip is a little bit different from normal eyeliners, which makes this Magic Pole Eyeliner considered unique. Keep on reading to know more

As you can see from the pictures, the tip has a bullet in front. It helps to create a precise line but it didn't really work for me on my eyes. Probably I'm used to sharp tips rather than a bulky tip in front. I kinda had problems to create a sharp wing as I love thin wings rather than a full definition cat eye. Surprisingly, it's great using to write down though, as the tip is quite hard at front, so it supports pressure on different surfaces.
I don't know what more to elaborate since I stopped using this years ago. Honestly it wasn't really a favourite, but it was cool to own it

Till then peeps!


  1. tak pernah pass pun buat eyeliner ni. sedehhh.

  2. mcamana mira boleh ada masa update blog ni? hahaha. teach me masta!


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