Hey peeps, it's been a while since I've posted about makeup haven't up? Well, forgive your girl as this new mum needed time to settle down with a baby. Now I think I'm finally managing to cope with it. Anyways, enough about me, I bet you guys wanna know about Pixi's Lash & Line range since I mentioned about it a couple of times on my social media. I got a lot of DM's asking how it is since Pixi is most famous for their Pixi Glow Tonic here in Malaysia. Well, keep on reading if you wanna know more...

I received quite a generous number of products from eye pencils, eyeliner, mascaras and waterline liners. Each product was new to me as it's my first time trying out Pixi products. Before this, I kept checking them out on social media since they've received so much rave for their glow tonic among Malaysian beauties. I kinda was allergic to makeup when I was pregnant, so only now my interest started growing again since Maliq now is 8 months old, he should at least let me have a break for makeup. LOL... I've been using Pixi's products ever since I've received them and now it's a must use for every look that I make. Before I elaborate further, let's go into the product details.

Starting from the packaging, I love how simple it is with mint green and rose gold, I didn't have the heart to throw it away. Thank goodness it didn't take much space as their packagings are just the right size for each product. It's also great that they give enough info on the products at the packaging itself as I'm certain that not everyone would be familiar with each purpose of a makeup product. I myself sometimes is guilty of that.

Let's start off with colours, as you know I love bright & vivid colours for my makeup. Their Endless Silky Eye Pens are one of their bestsellers and won an award for that too! In total, they have 24 shades to choose from but I only received 4 of them which I'm already happy with as these were certainly my colour. My go-to colours now are Matte Mulberry and RoseGlow, probably after I gave birth, my makeup style kinda toned down a bit, but don't worry your gal is still here deep down inside just waiting to be unleashed.

The eye pencils are waterproof and smudge-proof, so it lasts all day. The colours are super pigmented and it's so easy to apply. Even with these for colours, I managed to come with a day look to a glam look without even having to use eye-shadow. The downside is that it melts easily probably the heat here in Malaysia and I hate having to sharpen it because of that. It feels like I wasted such precious product.

How glad was I to receive these two in the parcel as these definitely enhances your makeup look. The Eye Define Waterline Tightline Black makes smokey eyes look amazing while the Extra Eye Bright Liner Extra Bright makes simple makeup stands out with a glow of shine. It also makes your eyes look bigger if you know the techniques.

I love that these two are twistable and doesn't have to be sharpened, makes it easy to carry around. These waterline liners are super pigmented that with just one swipe you'll get the exact colour. Currently, I've been obsessed with the Bright Liner, goes perfectly with a sweet rosy look makeup. The only downside is that it smudges a bit and it's obvious with the black one. Just make sure you don't rub your eyes, then you should be fine. It's a hassle to get it off it it's smudged since it could last all day in a perfect state if smudging doesn't happen.

Next up are their Liquid Eye Liner, Black Lacquer Lash Primer and Large Lash Mascara.

I love their mascara the most, their large lash mascara gives extra volume to the lashes. It's also very easy to apply and lasts long too. Their Black Lacquer Lash Primer on the other hand helps plumps, protects, and preps lashes. It's easy to apply as well as long as you get the adequate amount of formula on the bristles. If you have too much, you'll tend to smudge you're eyes easily while applying it on. That happen to me on my first try, but after that it was easy. I love using both of these together because I noticed that my eyelashes are more volumised and it creates a really nice look as well. Only their eyeliner I didn't fancy that much. It would be great to do a cat-eye with their Lash Line Ink and it was great for the first use, but after a while it couldn't make precise lines anymore. It dries out so easily and the tip quite dificult to handle. I gave up using it after a while.

Overall, I'm quite impressed with their products as they deliver mostly what they are meant to and  it's free from animal testing as well. So have no guilt in supporting their brand as no animals were harmed in making their customers beautiful. I'm totally in love with their Endless Silky Eye Pens but unfortunately not all colours are sold here in Malaysia as most of you know that you can find Pixi in Sephora Outlets. But no worries are Pixi Beauty UK ships internationally now with a flat rate of £14.50 and offer Free Shipping for orders over £35.00. The products that were sent to me were also from the UK. If you go through their website you'll see various products that you won't be able to find here in Malaysia and I'm already itching for the palettes. I got glued browsing their website for a good half an hour. 

Product Deets
Products & Price:
Endless Silky Eye Pen  (£12 each) 
Lash Line Ink (£12)
(International shipping for a flat rate of £14.50 / Free Shipping for orders over £35.00)

Till then peeps!


  1. Interesting ! I love the bright and vivid color of the eye pencil. especially the purple color.

  2. cantikknya mommy niii. omeyyy! suka barang2 pixy! hehe


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