18 October 2018

I know you beauty junkies are very familiar with this brand Pixi Beauty. Since I've shared my makeup video with this brand last month a lot has messaged me about it and so today, here's an in-depth review of the products that I received from them. Last time, I received their Lash & Line range which is still now my favorite, and this time they sent me some new releases and some skincare too! I've heard that Pixi's skin care are pretty da bomb! So read on if it managed to capture my heart.

The good news is that Pixi Beauty is available in Malaysia on the shelves of Sephora, bad news, it's selections are rather limited so you might not be able to find some of their products there. Fortunately, Pixi Beauty ships internationally and these products I received are all the way from the UK itself! So there are products that are not even available here in Malaysia and I'm so happy I got to try them out.
I've been using these products for about a month now and of course, I learned which I love and which I kinda disliked. So let's get through this one by one so you guys have a clearer idea of each product.

Before we go any further, watch my unboxing & makeup look video to have a peek of the products I received and a clearer picture of its texture and etc.

Pixi Glow Tonic
I was screaming when I saw this in the box and I've had this in my wishlist for some time already. I've seen so many good reviews about it and Pixi just happened to send me their best seller. I bet some of you have already tried the Glow Tonic right? If you haven't heard about this, their Glow Tonic is an exfoliating toner to complement your skincare. It contains 5% Glycolic acid formula which purposes to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin which should result in a glowingly healthy skin.
I'm still halfway to finish my current toner, so I'm saving the best for the last and I can't wait to start using this. It's been on my makeup table ever since but I did try it out once and it smells wonderful added with an instant feeling of freshness once applied. I'll update this post again once I've tried it out.

Hydrating Milky Mist
This is another product that has stayed on my makeup table ever since it came out from the box because this is just an amazing creation. Pixi's Hydrating Milky Mist is a face mist to instantly boost and refreshen the face. It contains Hyaluronic Acid to trap moisture included with Black Oats with provitamin A, Linoleic Acid and Vitamins B1, B2 and B6 resulting in the ultimate remedy for the thirsty skin. The mist could be used anytime to give a burst of hydration. It's also suitable to be used at night and also before makeup to help prep the skin.
Currently, I've been addicted to this so much because it does give that instant feel of freshness and I usually need that when I'm focused in front of my lappy. Other than that, I also use this every time before applying makeup as it makes my skin feel nice and somehow it helps to create a nice glow after too. I may be exaggerating but this Milky Mist has gone on top of my must needs lists. Thank goodness it's available here in Malaysia too.

Pixi Rose Oil Blend
It's a nourishing face oil which Pixi claims as a powerful youth preservative. It contains Rose Oil, Pomegranate Oil and also Rose Geranium Oil which creates a rich source of botanical extracts and vitamin E aiming to protect, nourish and strengthen the skin.
To be honest, I'm not really a fan of oils because, well obviously oily. I don't like it when my face gets sticky and of course, the oil texture is like that. But this product has a really lovely scent and when I use it, the skin looks more plump and healthier. I've used it a couple of times before makeup and I love my end results, but again, I don't use it every day because I simply don't like using oil.

Now let's go into the makeup products they sent me. I've been really eager to try Pixi's makeup since forever! They have a wide variety of selections that get any girl drooling over. Last time I tried their Lash & Line range but now I have a few new products I tried out.

Beauty Blush Duo + Kabuki (Peach Honey)
I was so eager to try this, the Beauty Blush Duo comes in 2 shades which is Peach Honey and Rose Gold. These super silky powders are supposed to give cheeks a flawless, fresh finish. It's created with a natural mineral formula that's infused with vitamin E and mica, as a treatment for the skin as well. It's hydrating, long-wearing, and light-diffusing. A kabuki brush is also included for the ultimate application.
It's now my daily blush as I love the light color it provides for a daily makeup look. It's not that dusty and it blends well too. It's a bit shimmery when swatched so it creates a nice glow on the cheeks but not that obvious. The Kabuki brush provided acts as a great applicator too!

LipLift Max (Peony Bloom)
This lip range comes in 5 shades, which is a volume-maximizing lip treatment with a cooling sensation and glossy finish. Peptides hydrate, firm and plump. It's also added with aloe for healing, jojoba for moisturizing and chamomile for soothing. It has a fresh mint flavor when applied.
As a lip junkie, of course, I was excited when I saw this in the box, this is my first lip product from Pixi so I couldn't wait to try it. Since the LipLift Max is more to a lip treatment, it's a daily use with a simple makeup look for me. It has a light sheer color, perfect for simple makeup.

Overall I was super happy I've been able to try out some of their makeup and their new launches too. Their Hydrating Milky Mist has sure won me, it's my must use product every day throughout the day. It was nice able to try new makeup from Pixi too, I'm currently eyeing their eyeshadow palettes and their new launch of matte lipsticks. The colors are just tempting and most of you know I love vibrant and colorful makeup so yes, added them to my wishlist. I could say after I received Pixi products, I came to love this brand, it may be a bit pricey here in Malaysia but it's worth it, both their makeup and skincare! 

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Products & Price:
Rose Oil Blend (£26.00) 
LipLift Max (£12)
(International shipping for a flat rate of £14.50 / Free Shipping for orders over £35.00)

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