12 October 2018

The biggest mistake I ever made when I accepted pregnancy and after I gave birth was giving up on the hidden things that kept me feeling good. Today's post is a little more for grown-up ladies especially for mothers or new mothers to embrace our body no matter how much has changed after the years. Before I got married, undergarments were one of the things I didn't mind to splurge on because comfortability and maintaining shape was important for a lady. Don't you agree? But once I had to hunt for nursing bras, I just gave up on these lovely things because I couldn't find them in the mall and I didn't do much research too. Actually, if you do a bit of digging, you'll find that there are actually plenty of options from various brands and Summer & Peach is one of them. Read on to know why you should look into this brand.

Summer & Peach is a brand that provides various types of undergarments which also offers sexy wear for nursing mothers too! Honestly, before this, I never thought any existed because the brands I used to wear before didn't provide any. Summer & Peach specializes in designer bralettes here in Malaysia and once you go into their website, I'll be you'll get hooked as they have so many beautiful designs to choose from. The best part is that since it's offered online, you'll have plenty of times to choose and probably ask opinions from your husband too. I'm sure he'll do without many questions. LOL... So when I went into the website, my main aim was of course to get their maternity and nursing bras and thanks to their simple categorizing, I managed to find it all with ease.

With all the selections offered I did had a hard time to choose which bra I wanted, but I aimed for something nice to wear on trips with my husbands and our anniversary is coming up soon too, so I chose their Ayla Luxury Lace Nursing and Handsfree Pumping Bra in Black. I think this is the best bra for anniversary trips for nursing mothers as even without the baby, I'll still have to pump, and even with the baby, I could easily nurse him directly too. So below are the details of the Ayla Nursing Bra.

The Ayla is their revolutionary all-in-one hands-free pumping and nursing bra which aims to make life easier for multi-tasking mommies. Here is a bit of summary from their website:


  • Nursing
  • Hands-free pumping
  • Simultaneous nursing and pumping
  • Breast panels with one-handed nursing clips for quick access
  • Hidden flange openings for double hands-free pumping
  • Compatible with all popular breast pump makes and models 

  • High Support
  • Mini underwire for added support and lift that sits closer to armpits and only goes to mid center for greater comfort
  • The nursing clip can be detached quickly and easily
  • 4” of hook and eye closure for greater adjustability or Petite Plus
  • Romantic lace with delicate band lace detail for a sophisticated look
  • Designer brand from U.S
  • Hand wash and dry only

One of the strong reasons why I chose the Ayla bra was because of its design. It's so pretty and having the nursing features is actually an additional benefit. I've always liked these kinds of designs because the extra laces give a nice feel when I put them on. Who doesn't love lace right? Plus, the Ayla gives the feel on a mini singlet also with its extra lace and I think it's more a proper design as a mum now especially when we tend to go topless during breastfeeding.

If you take a closer look at the details, you can clearly see it's details are very beautiful and made with good quality fabric too. I also like that it's back is super huge, I always hated those kinds of bras with huge backs meanings so many clips which equal to more hassle. The Ayla size is just perfect for me.

This feature is what I love the most, the clips are super easy to clip and unclip with just one hand. My daily nursing bras are the ones with the buttons in front, so it's not manageable to use one hand. This becomes a nuisance when I already have a crying baby in my arms but my bra wouldn't open. With this kind of clip, it has become so much easier. Plus, instead of having it in front, it's at the side, which I feel gives more support to open it easily and avoid the bra to tear easily. I actually have torn 2 of my daily bras because I couldn't get the button opened with one hand.

The insides of the bra are also made to perfection. The fabric they use is comfy and the breathable mesh makes sure that sweat doesn't bother us. I tend to sweat a lot and it's really not a pleasant feeling if the bra traps sweat.
Besides that, I also like how there is another layer of support even when we unclip the bra for breastfeeding. It still gives support to the breast even when I'm breastfeeding my baby and instead of the extra cloth pushed sideways, which could be uncomfortable for Maliq, the extra piece is dangled downwards by gravity. No more for me to keep holding the extra piece sideways when I'm breastfeeding.

The best feature about the Ayla is that it's compatible for a handsfree pumping session as the breast pump is able to fit nicely in it's insert. This makes it easy for me to pump and do work at the same time as I have both of my hand free, and the best part is that I can just go topless without having the hassle to cover my private parts. Of course, I go topless only when I'm alone.
I tried the bra out for a couple of times already but of course not as everyday use as I only have one bra so nice, so of course, I'm saving it for nice occasions. LOL... But after having a taste of the Ayla bra, I'm expecting Summer & Peach only provides the best quality bras and I already have an eye for their new releases for my daily bra.

Not only was I sent to try out their Ayla Bra, I also received 3 of their Lily Daes High Waist Shaper Panties. These panties are a high waist body toning shaper panty with special 3D waistband design that provides the perfect coverage to achieve tummy slimming and butt lifting effects. It has excellent breathability because of the fabric and the mesh system which is also suitable for postpartum wear.
I have bought various tummy tucker pants from different brands and I hate that the cloth keeps rolling down when I sit and I keep having to unroll it back again when I stand up. Thank goodness this one stays in place and I could use it comfortably. It also does give a nice tuck to the belly, so I love using this with my hot cream for my belly. It also makes sure that my belly is covered during breastfeeding so my baby doesn't get any skinship with the hot cream I use.

The summary for my review is I would recommend Summer & Peach as the products I tried from them are super comfy and looks amazing too! You and your husband would both be happy and probably my son too since he seems to be more comfortable when I breastfeed him with the Ayla bra on. I'm sure because the extra piece doesn't get in the way. The price tag is a bit pricey but it's worth to own at least one, plus it's a designer piece and it's multipurpose too.

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Product: Ayla Luxury Lace Nursing and Handsfree Pumping Bra in Black
Price: RM279

Product: Lily Daes High Waist Shaper Panties (3 Pack)
Price: RM69.90

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