19 November 2018

Everyone is in a rush nowadays, be it what status you are, either single, married or a mother like me, our day is packed with a busy schedule. But as a lady, of course, you'll want to look good every time you go out but putting on a whole face of makeup is too much hassle especially when your time is very limited. But you need to look presentable no matter where you go, so you'll have to sacrifice that extra sleep time to get ready, well, what if I told you there's a solution for that and at the same time, it'll help you achieve that dewy look all of us like. Keep on reading to know.

Hansaegee Nature S+Recover Gold Nano CC Cream is originally made in Korea will give you an instant dewy look in just minutes away even without any applicator. This CC Cream promises to correct and balance skin tone color naturally and also help achieve natural looking skin. It has SPF 30PA++ and suitable for all skin types. It's an all in one Day Cream to be used on the face and neck area and it also has these properties:
  • Brightening
  • Prevents aging
  • Increase skin elasticity
  • Achieve glowing and smooth skin
  • Moisturizes
  • Relieves skin trouble
It contains these 3 main ingredients inside:

Mineral Water
Help keep skin PH balanced and increase skin elasticity.

Ipomoea Hederacea Callus Culture Extract
Functions as an anti-bacterial property and relieves troubled skin

Colloidal Gold 
Prevents aging, blocks far-infrared radiation and high antioxidative activity.

Using it is very easy too, after cleansing, gently apply this CC Cream as your day cream at whole face, under eyes, nose and even your neck area. There is no need for applicators as rubbing it through with your fingers works like a charm.

If you look closely to the picture above, the Gold Nano CC Cream is physically a white color cream, but once blended, it will sink in and change color according to the skin tone. Looking more closely, do you notice the tiny brown capsules in the cream that I enlarged in the picture? Well, these mini particles are the source of the cream to change the color to meet any skin tone and make it look as natural as possible. As you could see in the picture, the blended part of my hand does not leave a white cast, instead, it creates a nice dewy texture making the skin look glowing naturally and smooth.

Another great feature of this CC Cream, it acts as a primer too! Primers usually function to help minimize pores and also enhance color to colored powder we put on our face, example as eyeshadow. If you look at the picture, even the softest and nude eyeshadow colors could be enhanced with the CC Cream as a base. You'll be surprised as it's able to last all day too.

In a rush but still, need to look presentable? Well, get this dewy look without having to dap dap for a few minutes away. I'm using Hansangee's Gold Nano CC Cream which you can just use your fingers to apply and rub in to achieve a nice glowing look. . This is an all in one day cream which has color control & brightening effect at the same time! It blends in to instantly brightens which matches the skin tone color creating a really nice dewy look. . It also contains SPF30 PA++ so you don't have to apply anything else after using this. On top of that, it also has anti-wrinkle properties so age free without worries. 😅 . It's just so easy to use and the best part is that it moisturizes the skin all day long without a feel of stickiness and oil to it. I just add it with drawn brows, mascara, a bit of gloss and I'm ready to go! Best invention ever for a mum like me. . Note that this CC Cream is @hansaegeenature's top seller product. Why? Well if you can't tell by the obvious instant result shown in my video, I'll write all about it in my blog post soon. Stay tuned. . More Info: Hansaegee Nature Website: @hansaegeenature . . #HansaegeeNature #GoldNanoCCCream
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My Review

Honestly, this is not the first time I came across of a CC Cream like this, there are plenty of them out in the market but what differs this Nano CC Cream from others is their properties. First of all, I love that it has a pump rather than a squeeze bottle. Pumps are more hygienic and you can get enough product out with touching the opening. But for squeeze bottles, it gets hard to get products out once the product has decreased.

For texturewise, I super love it as it's not sticky at all, once you rub it in, you'll have a nice dewy look on the face that isn't sticky, makes it comfortable to go around all day. Instant results are also seen once you apply it on. Just see my video on how obvious the results are and the best thing is that it corrects the color tone perfectly without making my face looking too bright for my skin color.

Overall I find a good use to it on normal days, you all know that I love a full face makeup when going out but having a baby now limits my time to even do partial makeup. LOL... So having this CC Cream saves the day, just a bit of this, mascara, and lipstick and ready to go. Ouhh yes, brows must be drawn too so I could still look like in my pictures on Instagram. Hehe.. Okay kidding, but this cream does really help get the instant photoshopped skin.

Product Deets
Name: Hansaegee Nature S+ Recover Gold Nano CC Cream
Price: RM99

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