It's been a month and until now I still can't believe that I won an award due to blogging. Actually, we won an award, I wouldn't have even made it into the first step if it wasn't for Maliq. I've been in the blogging industry for almost 8 years now and of course, this blog has been a major pride to me since I started it as a personal diary which then led to what it is today and receiving a recognition after all these years, I feel that my work is very much appreciated which now leads me to be more motivated and keep doing the thing I love. Trust me, there have been countless times where I just wanted to give up and completely stop especially when I feel looked down at. But now that I received this award, I feel like I have a duty to keep on going. Read on to know how I personally feel.

Honestly, it never crossed my mind that I'll be even nominated, so when I was announced as one of the Top 10 Ibuencers of 2018 it certainly stunned me. I know some may question because I'm merely an influencer. What influence do I have with just a tiny number? πŸ˜‚ I know, my follower count is not a convincing number to recieve any kind of such appreciation. Well, truth be told, I'm not an influencer. I'm a blogger and I take pride in my work, especially the content I'm bringing and producing. I've been in this industry for 8 years and I sure have went through so many experience but producing content in parenting is something new to me. I'm touched that some do appreciate the work I do and receiving this today feels like an unexpected dream. Thank you BPAM for recognising me and giving me the honour to be one of the Ibuencers this year. Not forgetting to my readers who have supported me until this far too. ❤ I hope I'll be able to shine more in the future of parenting so I could also spread the knowlegde.Thank you alls. P/S: Maliq says thanks too. ❤❤❤ . #Ibuencer2018 #IbuencerAward2018 #Ibuencer #BPAM @bpam_my @koopersmalaysia @cobyhaus_malaysia @bnbmykr @nubymalaysia @babylovemalaysia @kukuduckbill__my . . #BondaMaliq #MaliqSays
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The Ibuencer award is organized by BPAM and it's the first ever to be held as well. The purpose for this ceremony as mentioned by BPAM was to give recognition to mothers that have contributed in social media by sharing info and tips in parenthood. Something like that, lol... I can't really give the exact words. You can check out their Facebook here: Baby Product Association of Malaysia - BPAM

I was invited by my previous client saying that someone nominated me and I'm within the 100 mothers selected to win an award. Honestly, I found that funny as I know I just started in writing and sharing parenting so how could I beat other influential mothers on Instagram? But I thanked him and said I'll be going to the event, since I knew that Kak Ayue was going and I wanted to meet her and son as well. So yeahh... not long after that, I think a week later, my previous client again whatsapp me and told me that I'm selected among the Top 20 Ibuencers and I should come as I might bring home some prizes. Again, I found that funny and of course I questioned how they actually select their nominees? So he says, he's only the middleman, so he's not sure either. LOL...

So when we were at the award ceremony then only we knew how they selected winners
Based on Content
Based on Engagement
Based on Quality
Something like that, I can't really remember the full explanation but the judges did let us all know how they selected the winners. There were 100 nominees they said that made it to top 20 and from that top 20 there are top 10. I never did expect to win anything, I was there the just to cheer up my friends that were nominated too.

Besides the main reason, I went was to spend some time with Kak Ayue and at the same time discover baby brands as we wanted more exposure to baby products. I don't know about you guys, but since I became a mother, it has become a habit to explore various baby brands. I usually have a daily discussion with Kak Ayue about brands and products we like and dislike and what our son prefers as well.  From there, we're able to know which is good and not good, of course, there are products that work for me and some that don't work for her and likewise as well. With this info, we get to share our knowledge with our followers and readers as well, and the learning process goes on. I've been learning a lot from Kak Ayue as she really does a lot of study on parenting. I'm basically just following her steps and she's such an inspiration. Do follow her on IG @ayueidris if you're looking for inspiration in parenting as well.

Anyways, the award ceremony was in the evening but we arrived at noon so we had much time to explore the baby fest that went on at the same time. Lucky for me Kak Ayue was with me and with her I kinda got to know brands that were good for her but completely new to me. Since she had much knowledge, we got first hand on trying and testing some of the products there and introduced to new brands too. Of course, we were excited about trying out popular brands such as Koopers, PlayGro, Philips Avent, Coby Haus, Nuby and the list goes on.

When my name was called out in Top 10, I was honestly in shock and disbelief. I kinda had to think a sec for my brain to generate if it was really me. LOL... My son was even sleeping in his carrier and I was a mess as well as my son was a bit fussing just before he fell asleep. I went on stage with Maliq sleeping soundly and everything went by so fast. There was even a bigger surprise waiting when we got to know that winners will be bringing home 2 trolleys full of prizes! I felt like crying instantly when I saw it was that much. My plans to go home by public transport was instantly canceled when it was that much, I had to call my husband to fetch me up and thank goodness his office was nearby and he didn't have any appointments as well.

The car was so packed when we had all the prizes in, I even was squeezed on it. LOL... The challenge was, of course, bringing it all up into our apartment and that was handled by my husband only. HAHA... I think he went up and down about 6 times I think, he had to clear the car as he had a meeting that night and he was picking up some people. He just placed everything in front of the door and got ready for his meeting and I wasn't complaining too because if he's around, I won't be able to do anything. Once he was out, I instantly did an unboxing video where you could see below so I could clear up everything as soon as possible.

As you could see, I've won a lot. If you wanna see a closer look of what I won, head down to my Instagram and open up my highlighted Insta-Stories for Ibuencer 2018. I've shot pictures and tagged brands as well.

I've already did some IG posts on the items I recived and my thoughts of it. Here are the ones I already did so far.

Since we've got this Parklon Mat, it's now the favourite spot for our little family. I remember my husband and I were debating ages ago why he wanted to get a carpet but I wanted a Parklon instead. His reason➡️ Looks proper and best to lay down n chill My reasonS ➡️ πŸ”Ή️It'll also be a playmat for our son πŸ”Ή️It's waterproof so no worry for spills πŸ”Ή️We got no vacum, hence still easy to clean without it πŸ”Ή️Easy to wipe of dust too πŸ”Ή️Simple and nice dual designs back & front πŸ”Ή️and the list goes on... So the debate went on for so long that in the end we both just left the hall empty until a Parklon made way into our home. I welcomed it with most joy while my husband looked like he lost a battle. πŸ˜… He just played like he wasn't interested but slowly the Parklon kinda lured him on it. πŸ˜‚ It started because of my son, since he's mostly on it playing, my husband sits down and play with him too. But after a while, it gets cozy and he starts to lay down. With its soft and cooling texture, I bet he couldn't resist the comfort that he can't even feel the hardness of the floor. Then comes the pillows accompanied by the Telly which is just in front. He says that he's playing with our son but after a while, I see him all comfy and ASLEEP! LOL... Guys and their ego, I think he didn't know what a Parklon was before and imagined it was those thin rubber mats. Now we spend most of our time on this mat, we have our meals there, spend quality time there and have naps there sometimes too! So guys, if your wife has a long list of reasons why she needs something, just cut the debate and give it to her okay. She knows you'll love it even though you don't know it yet. 😝 . P/S: Thanks @cobyhaus_malaysia for the Parklon πŸ’• . #Parklon #ParklonPlayMat #CobyHausPlayMat #CobyHausParklon . . #MaliqSays
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I take Maliqs nap time as VERY IMPORTANT, because if he has enough sleep he doesn't get cranky which equals to a happy me as well. I've trained him to nap on a mattress compared on his swing which he does sleep according to time but it'll only last a few minutes until he gained his energy back to play. πŸ˜‚ Which also means that he'll get cranky later because he didn't get enough rest. Probably he wasn't comfy enough, so I changed his pillow to Comfy Baby's Junior Memory Foam Pillow with Purotex Bamboo Fiber Cover. This pillow is designed for all sleeping positions which has a contour design that gently supports the head and neck and ensure proper blood circulation. The pillow foam also has an open ventilating cell structure which conducts excess heat away. Did you know that this pillow contains 100% Natural Probiotics which are microcapsules that's a remedy against allergenic sleep disrupters which includes dust mites! Cool right? I didn't know this at first too but after knowing about this I feel like changing Maliqs whole beddings! πŸ˜… And yes, this pillow made him sleep longer naps now and I could even be noisy in the kitchen too. πŸ˜‰ #ComfyBaby #ComfyBabyPillow #ComfyBabyMemoryFoamPillow #BabyPillow . . #MaliqSays
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I've been training Maliq sipping from straw cups since he was 6 months but the problem was his previous training cup keeps on spilling. So I couldn't let him hold the cup alone until I got this little penguin for him. . The Umee 360ml U-Cool Straw Cup just saved me a lot of time without having to clean up any spills after. It also has big handles which makes it easy for Maliq to get a firm grip when he drinks. The sippy straw is quite small but it does flow out easily when sucked. Even when the lid is opened, there isn't any spillage in any kind of position. . The downside is that the head protector which is the attached lid is quite stiff so it's hard for Maliq to open it by himself. There was also a friend that said not to put the head in a sterilizer as hers expanded. . Overall this has been Maliqs daily cup when he eats. I let him to drink with this cup as the grip is easy for him and the flow while sipping is plenty. He tends to get angry if he can't get enough water if he wants to drink, so this bottle has been perfect for his meals. . More info ➡️ @umeemalaysia . . #umeemalaysia #umeebottle #umeetrainingcup . #MaliqSays #MaliqSyafiq
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Feeding Maliq is now easier since I have made him a routine. 8am: Breakfast 10am: Snacks 12pm: Lunch 3pm: Snacks 5.30pm: Dinner 8.00pm: Snacks He doesn't snack much since he still directs feed from me a lot but I still give him so he could learn to eat by himself even though most of the time he ends up playing with it. But that's okay for me as I make sure he eats enough during his proper meals. But still you see he wants to feed himself. 🀣 Probably because he got this cute moo moo feeding bowl. It's Basilic Stainless Steel Bowl which has an inner and an outer bowl that could be used seperatly. I love using the inner stainless steel bowl as it's a good heat conducter when I want to warm up Maliqs food with hot water. It also comes with a lid so I could close it nicely while I wait the food to warm up. I don't use a microwave. The feeding bowl is also very easy to clean and comes with a bottom part which sticks to the table which is one of the reasons I prepare all his meals in this feeding bowl now. You can check more of these moos from Basilic Malaysia at #BasilicMalaysia #BasilicFeedingSet #BasilicBowl
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That's among the few that I shared about already and of course more to come. Just follow #MaliqSays on Instagram. Besides sharing my thoughts on the products my son received, I also did Giveaways on some products that I have already. One is running right now so do check it out.

BD GIVEAWAY: PHILIPS AVENT ESSENTIAL FOOD MAKER WORTH RM565 x 1 + SMALL MYSTERY PRIZES ×3! It's Maliq's Birthday Month! πŸŽ‰ So I'm making it special for his very 1st Birthday! I already have this model and it has helped me a lot for Maliq's weaning journey until now, I know you've seen me use this tons of times in my Insta-stories. Yes, I love it and I know you'll love it too. It'll be greedy if I have 2 of the same thing right? So I'm giving this away to 1 follower with the best effort in entries. And I'm adding another 3 small gifts too for other participants as well. So this giveway will be a little bit different from my normal giveaways. Here's what you have to do: πŸ”Ή️1.Repost or share this post in your IG-Stories and tell me about your baby/baby you want to gift to and why you want the Avent Baby Food Maker. . πŸ”Ή️2. If you're sharing on IG Stories, make sure that the story leads back to this post and don't forget to tag me. Highlight your story with 'BDay GA' so I could see for winner selection. . πŸ”Ή️3. Comment this post by wishing Maliq Happy 1st Birthday and tell me that you're joining as well. . Terms & Conditions 1. Must be my follower @miracikcit 2. Multiple entries are allowed 3. Creative and best effort in entries will be chosen as winners. 4. Contest ends on Maliqs birthday 28/11/2018 11.59pm. 5. Winners will be announced in my stories. 6. Only personal accounts are accepted for this giveaway. . Disclaimer: I recieved this as a prize for @bpam_my Top 10 Ibuencer from @philipsaventmy, the box has not been opened so I'm unsure the condition inside. . I hope you all have fun this November as I am to celebrate my sons 1st Bday and to see your entries soon. ❤ . P/s: Check out my review on Philips Avent Essential Baby Food Maker at πŸ”ŽReview: Philips Avent Essential Baby Food Maker. . . #PhilipsAventMY #PhilipsAventBabyFoodMaker #GiveawayMalaysia #GiveawayMy
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Congratulations to the other mothers as well. Everyone deserved it.
Till then peeps!