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09 January 2020


Another year has come and I bet we all are being motivated to have a fresh start. I certainly am, I think I've been entertaining my moody emotions for too long already. 2019 wasn't such a great year for me but I hope 2020 is. I have strict goal plans this year and I really do hope I get to achieve them as last year I accomplished nothing. Seriously, I was unable to tick any of my goals off and it's heartbreaking. It feels like it isn't me and I took my life for granted. I used to be motivated, I had goals and dreams ever since school and I always made sure I accomplish them. Of course, there were certain changes in goals throughout the years because I kept changing my path, especially in my career.

Before I got married, my goal was to succeed in my career, I always dreamt that I'm gonna work in a big company and rise above. Well, I sorta did, just after I finished my degree, I went straight to work, I was at a fast phase back then because I didn't want to waste time, I already started applying for jobs during my final month of degree, while I was busy for my finals, I was taking interviews already. I'm kinda lucky with jobs I guess back then, the ones I applied I'll usually get called in and I get the job. So I didn't have to apply for a lot of jobs. It wasn't so hard for me to get jobs back then, I skipped 3 jobs in a year and finally settled in a company based in KL. Honestly, I avoided companies in KL because I didn't like city life, but turns out, it was the one for me. My life was pretty much taking its place there, I graduated, got engaged, married, suddenly pregnant and then I gave birth to a son.

When I became a mother my goals suddenly changed, during the phase that my son was tiny and fit perfectly held in my arms, I wanted to give my career up for this one, but still, I was indecisive. I wasn't sure and I had a hard time thinking about it but eventually, I did go back to work and it was never the same as before. Things got complicated when my routine started changing and also my body wasn't helping much too. I had to leave my son at my mums for the weekdays and pick him up on the weekends, and since I was breastfeeding too, I had engorged breast almost every day. I had to find time and space to pump and commuting to work wasn't easy too as I was depending on public transportation. It was burnout mostly and I wasn't happy to be away from my son.

My husband was also at the peak of his career back then, his time was limited and I usually end up going home alone which was more tiring. After much discussion, I gave in, my husband didn't force me to quit, but since we were trying to downsize by moving to Puncak Alam, I eventually resigned. At that time I kinda didn't have much of a choice since by working I didn't get much too with the hassle of commuting and all, so I had to sacrifice my path so that my husband could focus on his path first.

Now 2 years have passed and my mind and goals are ready for a new change. I have been 2 years as a housewife and I don't think that is the life for me. Within those 2 years, I easily got stressed and countless times having some kind of a mental breakdown. There is a big difference between working mums and a housewife for sure and each has its pros and cons since I've tasted both. Being a working mum, it's tiring having to juggle between work and home and of course it creates stress. But the difference is that you have some time away from home, and your motivations and goals are determined since there's a definite path on where your career leads you. And also at the end of the month, you earn your own money, which makes you less guilty to get anything you want.

While for being a housewife, many working mums say it's a luxury to be. Well yes, if you're husband is super-rich, of course, you'll live in luxury. If you don't have a maid and a babysitter, you're pretty much working as a maid and babysitter yourself in your own home. House chores never end, there's always much work to be done, and handling a toddler itself is already a lot of stress. Some questions about what we do all day because of the house ain't even neat and tidy. If my husband asks me that question, which he dares not ask, I'll go on full dragon mode, seriously. Ever since I started being a housewife, I started snoring at night, which my husband could see how tired I get at home. I'll usually sleep way before him because I need to wake up way before him.

Anyhow, if I'm talking about my life as a housewife it may never end in this post, so to cut things short., I'm done. DONE! Well, not completely done. LOL... I'm just done being sad, moody and demotivated. I'm ready to have a career again. Honestly, I tried to apply for work again but it's not easy, I have to think where to put my son, how to commute and also about money. But before all that, I didn't even get a call for an interview. Wow... being a house mum for 2 years and my path seems to be blocked but that's okay because I'm not still 100% sure that I could work office hours too. So my husband tried to support and opened up my mind to try working with him instead.

Both of us never wanted to work with each other before because we didn't wanna mix our personal life and career, but now we're at a spot where we should. Working with my husband gives me the freedom to adjust my schedule and of course get major help from my husband too. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hoping to depend on him 100%, I have brains and kind of a big ego too when it comes to success. I want success coming from myself. What I mean help is that, if I can't make it to an appointment, or if something happens so sudden, I have my husband to back me up because he knows how to cover. Besides, this is the only job that I don't have to sacrifice Maliq, I could still take care of him without sending him to a nursery. My husband and I only plan to send him to a nursery once he knows how to talk.

Anyways, now I started my working career, as soon as 2020 kicked in, my husband and I went fully focus. We are now both Property Agents and my husband is also my team leader which gives it some perks too because we're both on the same team to earn. So the more focus and committed we are, the more we earn, and we sure hope by this year, we are able to have savings and probably buy our own home too. My goals are to have an income every month and also get a small car for me to run around easily.  So to help me focus on this job, my mum offers to babysit Maliq on weekends so I could work and serve appointments, while on weekdays, I'll have Maliq and work from home, calling clients and set appointments. So if there's any urgent things I need to do on weekdays, I'll have my husband back me up for now. So that's our goal this year, to have teamwork in earning and also to bring up Maliq by ourselves too.

So that's it peeps! Have a great 2020. I hope you all are pumped up for this year too.

31 March 2019


I'm sorry I haven't been updating much on life, I miss writing too but I couldn't find time to sit down and put it all down in words. If you've been following me on Instagram, you'll know that I've been very hectic these past few months. The big news is we've moved! We moved to a more rural area so we could cut cost on rent. It may sound like we're downgrading our life but actually, it's more to upgrading. We managed to rent a bigger home for a lower rent because we're renting with our family, my father in law to be exact. He had this unfinished home that was abandoned like over a decade ago, so my husband who works nearby that area asked his father if he could rent the home. He planned it over almost a year already though but only on February did we manage to move in.

08 January 2019


all, it's been a week after the start of a new year. I bet everyone feels refreshed and recharged with full of new resolutions and hopes. I feel the same way too but it's been a hectic start. We haven't been able to stay at home since our parents birthday was early this week.  
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31 December 2018


It's the last day of 2018 and I still can't believe it has passed one year since I changed my title to a mother. I never really saw myself as a mother material even did my husband saw himself being a father. We both never really thought of how we saw ourselves as parents but Allah is the wisest. He gave us the most precious gift at the right time so all I had to do was keep on learning and until now, every day I learn new things in motherhood. My mum became a mother at 21 while I became one at 26, the age gap is very different and I question how did my mum do it? I was still playing around when I was 21 and very insecure too, how did my mother raise a new human being at that age questions me why I cannot do it at this age.

13 December 2018


Hello, alls, it's been ages, hasn't it? Seriously keeping this blog alive is like major hard work now with Maliq growing up and becoming more active. I barely have time for myself, which also means having time to write is also something luxurious. Seriously I so miss writing but I'm not the type that could write while multi-tasking. When I write, I have to be completely focused, it's like I'm pouring my soul out with words. LOL...

04 November 2018


It's been a month and until now I still can't believe that I won an award due to blogging. Actually, we won an award, I wouldn't have even made it into the first step if it wasn't for Maliq. I've been in the blogging industry for almost 8 years now and of course, this blog has been a major pride to me since I started it as a personal diary which then led to what it is today and receiving a recognition after all these years, I feel that my work is very much appreciated which now leads me to be more motivated and keep doing the thing I love. Trust me, there have been countless times where I just wanted to give up and completely stop especially when I feel looked down at. But now that I received this award, I feel like I have a duty to keep on going. Read on to know how I personally feel.

14 September 2018


Time seems to fly too fast as somehow I feel only yesterday that my husband and I decided to take a chance to live on our own even though we were still building our savings. We were still living off monthly income at that time as I was still working and our money was just enough to survive for the months. We didn't have the luxury to splurge and always on a tight budget especially when we were also expecting Maliq to come out soon. My husbands' career in property was just starting to bloom that time, but his commission came out ages after Maliq was born and during that time, was one of the desperate moments that we've been through.

04 March 2018


Boy, how fast time flies and my son is already 3 months old. From a person who doesn't really like kids and babies, I could say I've changed so much, probably my motherly instincts are growing stronger by day. It's hard to be apart from my son and when I am, I'm constantly thinking of him. The journey has not been easy, there was a lot of struggle along the way, even now I'm still trying to get the hang of it since I'm unable to be with him every day. The hardest part is always being away from him. Why am I apart? Well, I'm still a full-time worker.

21 October 2017


It has been my dream to have a house of my own and live the way I want it to be. I left my parents home when I did my Diploma and since then I started adjusting living on my own. I only come back on weekends and because of that, I don't have my personal space anymore. I started renting rooms after diploma when I worked while I was waiting for my Degree and from there I learnt surviving skills. Now I'm married and processing a baby along the way, and after 10 months hitched, we've finally decided that our little family should start living on our own. Sounds scary... well for us.

05 April 2017


Hey guys, again it has been a while since my last post. This is because I was frustrated with myself, after drafting for hours I accidently deleted it. LIFE!!! I felt like punching someone. So now I'm rewriting the post again but probably a shorter one than before. From the title, you'll probably have guessed what this post is about. Keep on reading if you're curious.

01 February 2017


It's Feb 2017! I know I've been MIA so long. But you all know that I had a big change in life. A really big change so it's kinda hard to adjust and get used to it. I have to arrange everything back in order again, get the rhythm of my daily routines and balance between my new life and my blog.
Now known as Mrs, I felt like I just entered a whole new universe. I have more responsibilities to take care off and I have to be more cautions on my future plannings. I have so much I need and want to do, but right now I'm still having a hard time to get everything in place.
Before this I had time for myself, but now finding half an hour for myself is already a big challenge. I'm not complaining, it's just needs time to get used too.

07 August 2016


Hey peeps, having a great Sunday? Well I finally have a bit of free time for myself and all I wanna do is catch up with my blog. I really wanna right a lot on what has been happening right now but I easily get distracted, so I'm sure this post won't be long. Anyways, this just a life update till early August and if your interested keep on reading.

21 May 2016


Woahhhh.. I was totally not thinking that I will be posting up this post so soon. 1st May 2016 marks the day that I got engaged. It's still a bit to believe that now I'm engaged to someone and it surely had made me realise that I should stop acting selfish now. I have been so used to planning for myself and I am Stubborn in things that I want to do. If someone tells me no but I wanna do it, I'm still gonna do it. That's how stubborn I could be sometimes. Getting engaged means one step closer to marriage and I still don't know if I'm fully prepared for that actually.

12 March 2016

5 Small Facts You Might Have Not Known About Me

Hey peeps, how's your weekend so far? So I've been MIA a lot recently and this blog feels a bit lonely to me. And I haven't been writing much about myself so I thought why not do a personal blogpost rather than reviews. So today I'm sharing with you guys the 5 things you might just not know about me. Keep on reading till the end and share with me your thoughts either you're surprised or you have already known that about me. I'm curious to know.

14 February 2016


Hey peeps! Miss me? I know I've been MIA a lot, I really miss this blog I do, but the end of 2015 going on to 2016 was really hectic. This is because of my final year project then my thesis and then I moved to another place. With just 2 weeks after studies I could hardly find time to rest and as soon as I know it I'm reporting to work already.

21 January 2016

Hello 2016!

Hello 2016! Finally I get to write again! I think it is almost a month I stopped blogging, I totally had to focus on my final semester which was hectic. Fuhhhh... Finally done with my Degree Show and my academic writing, I feel so relieved. Now I could start back focusing on my blog which I have so much I wanna do. Butttttttt I can't promise how long I could be back since I'm starting work in another 2 weeks. T_T

12 September 2015

Life Update: September 2015

Hey peeps! Miss me? I know I've been MIA a while, but life has been really hard and time seems not to be on my side. I wish I could do a lot of things, and I have been planning a lot, but time runs so fast. Seems like 24 hours is too short now. I need more time and energy.

31 August 2015


Hey peeps, Happy Independence Day Malaysians. We are now 58 years standing alone as a democratic country. But what is happening to our country after 58 years? Are the younger generation really that grateful that Malaysia is a free country? Sorry, the picture has nothing to do with this post.

13 August 2015


Dear Scribbledydum
I feel so far away from you. It has been 4 years, reaching to 5 and there was so much change. While I was going through you, I just felt something lacking. What was it? It's like a big piece missing, an identity which was lost through time. Am I the problem? Did I change so much?

02 April 2014

An Update. LOL

Morning peeps!
How long has it been since I've updated this lonely blog?
I'ts been so hectic with my schedule lately and it is driving me crazy too, but still I'm trying my best to appreciate my life as a student.
Honestly I missed going to events so much, it's like I've been totally anti-social this past month. But still I have my own life here.

Sometimes I feel like I am two different people. The one called me Mira and the other one called Cikcit. "Drama sangat kan bunyi?' Anyways, forget that.

Life in my faculty has turned out much more better eventually. My class seems to be entertaining now since most of us do click together. The best part is that we are all in the same club. This semester is sure gonna be busy for me. Well for us of course cause we are gonna have loads of fun. I hope so, with all these trips and activities planned, can't think of anything better for a student life. I bet when I start working, there will be no time for these kind of things anymore, and I missed most of that during my diploma years.

And degree turned out way more better cause now I have these two in my life. 

That's for study, for blogging I dream of a lot, but still I don't have much time to update everyday. I write about 1 hour minimum for a blogpost and that's like 'cincai' and I dont want that. Cause what you say and what you right reflects you. I'm positively sure that all bloggers agree on that right?

If you guys are a fashion bloggers and you guys keep updated with Hijabista Magazine, of course some of you might have noticed already and some of you might have not cause, well

Who thinks that's me? Well wrong guess, that ain't me.
Its my twin sister with make up on. LOL

How did she end up in there?
Well she told me that it was a bit embarrassing. It was her first time and she had to pose like this and that. Awkward moment ever when they tell you to change pose.

Thanks to Kak Hana from Karangkraf my sister had this experience. Will she do it again? LOL.. I dunno.

Well I think that's all, wasn't even planning to write long even. Btw my baby Gary have kitten mittens now.

All fat and short. Will update soon.
Till then peeps, have a good week.