20 February 2019

I've been dependent on strollers ever since the first day I bought my son out after my confinement. Probably that's why I own a few strollers now as I use strollers according to it's best functions but the strollers that are always in my car trunk are from Beblum. LOL... No kidding, I do carry around 2 strollers and my husband doesn't seem to mind as well. Usually, he'll start making a fuss that his car trunk is full bla bla bla... but he seems fine with it for this. Our main stroller that is a must in the trunk is the Beblum Navi, we use this most of the time, especially when we go to malls as its features are just very helpful. Most probably because of it's reclinable seating, Maliq could sleep longer in there. The other stroller we recently just had is Beblum Micro, which is a compact cabin-sized stroller perfect for travel and sudden need. Why do we carry this stroller around to? Read on to know more deets.

The Beblum Micro is from the Netherlands and it's a lightweight stroller with the smallest fold which weighs only 5.5 kg. It's designed to self-stand when folded and built using tough materials for stability, it is one of the smallest and most compact strollers currently available on the market. It also has a wider seat than the rest of its style with hammock styled seating design ensuring maximum comfort. It also folds easily in only two steps and it’s so small that it fits into any plane, any car or public transport overhead compartment! Cool right? 

Below are more features of Beblum's Micro:
  • From 6 months to 20kg
  • Stroller weight: Only 5.5kg 
  • Cabin size
  • Easy to store and use “Carry Bag”
  • Front swivel wheels
  • Light as feather
  • Perfect for city strolling
  • Self-standing when folded
  • Shopping Basket
  • Ultra compact fold
  • 32cm (w) x 32cm (h) x 16cm (d) (Folded)
  • 47.5cm (w) x 100cm (h) x 62.5cm (d) (Unfolded)

I actually fell in love with the Beblum Micro even before I got the Beblum Navi, but at that time Maliq was still a few months old, so the Micro wasn't yet that suitable. Now that Maliq is more than a year, it's the perfect time to look for a more compact stroller especially when I know once he starts walking, he won't be wanting to sit in a stroller for that long anymore. I've been the type that always goes around on my own, especially taking public transportation and all, so now that I have a baby, I don't want that to stop me from doing what I used to do. So, of course, I've researched for compact strollers even way before, that was what led me to find about Beblum. The main thing that attracted me most was the pricing.

To be honest, I bet most parents out there, if you think of a compact stroller, a certain famous brand will come in mind, so I don't have to mention right? I was once there too, I certainly aimed that stroller but I was a bit taken aback by the price in the market, and my chances to get my husband buying it too was kinda low too. LOL... So I tried to look for other options with the same features but with a more affordable price. And yes, it was the Beblum's, let's be real, if you fall in the middle-class category like me, you'll try your best to look for a more affordable option but still trust-worthy. Is it? You'll just have to keep on reading to know my thoughts on this stroller.

After almost a month over owning the Beblum Micro, there are a few things that I could highlight. Firstly, I admit, it's not always my first choice to use unless I really need to use it. For example, if we go to the mall, or any place indoors for a long period, I prefer the Beblum Navi, as it gives more comfort and space especially when my son suddenly falls asleep. But, for outdoor activities, the Micro is what we look for. Not looking as fancy as the Navi, the Micro suites perfectly for a walk in the park, or at times when we least expect it that requires as to use a stroller.  There was also a time where, his cousin came to visit and we went out, both still couldn't walk yet so we needed a second stroller. Guessed who saved the day, yes the Micro. The thing is, the Micro is just so small, it doesn't take much space in the car trunk, that's why it's always there. Before this, we had to sacrifice space for our Navi when we had to use the trunk, but now removing the Navi from the trunk is no problem since the Micro is always there.

So let's look into the key features of the Micro:
From 6 months to 20kg
This is approximately up to 5 years, but I remember I used to weight 20kg when I was in standard 2. LOL... So you can imagine you can use it for the longest time. 

Cabin sized
I think that the main attraction for this stroller is that it's cabin size and also one of the smallest strollers offered. Not only that it's easy to carry around, storing doesn't take much space too, so you won't easily get annoyed once you don't use it anymore. You can store it and wait for your next baby or even your grandchild. hehe...

Easy to store and use “Carry Bag”
One of the first things that I liked about this stroller is the nice carry bag it's folded in. It's attachable and detachable from the stroller for easy usage. I just simply leave it on the stroller since it does have a pocket behind to hide it from dangling. It also looks neat stored and carried and it's easy to clean too.

Weights 5.5kg 
So I won't say its light as a feather. Honestly, it's not. It weights like a 5kg rice bag seriously so it does get you to feel the burden after a while carrying it around. But we have our strong men right, get them to carry it. 🤣 I usually just carry it out of the car. But once folded, it's pretty light which kinda makes you feel that it isn't that sturdy. But don't worry it is. The stroller is designed like this as it acts as an absorber to reduce the vibration on the bumpy surface.

Self-standing when folded
This feature may look as it's not that important, but trust me, having this kind of feature helps a lot especially when used for storing. Both Beblum strollers are like this.

Shopping Basket
At first I thought there'll be no shopping basket as this was a compact stroller. To my surprise, the Micro does have one. It's a bit small so you can't put a lot of things in it but at least there's something.

Ultra compact fold
The fold is just so small that some passersby have thought that it was my handbag at first. LOL... When it suddenly opened to a stroller, I get some attention as a few strangers have approached me to ask about it. Some show so much excitement that it makes me happy too. LOL...

Beside their key features, there are also other things I wanted to highlight

Maliq legs are daggling
The Micro does not have a footrest, so toddlers would mostly have their legs dangled and it looks uncomfortable too compared to the Navi. But here is what Beblum states about it:
The leg dangling will pose no issue as it is being supported by the thighs and it will not stop blood flow. The child will find the most comfortable sitting position. Another situation that can support this is that the situation is just similar to a car seat where the child's leg will be dangling when buckled in Front Facing.

Maliqs head looks uncomfortable when he falls asleep strapped to the stroller.
You already know that the Micro isn't reclinable so when Maliq falls asleep in the stroller, his head looks a bit uncomfortable as if it's gonna lean forward. Here is what Beblum answers:
The child will find the most comfortable sitting position; they will move their head closer to the sides to sleep. The hammock style seat is at an 40 degree angle where the child can sleep without the head falling forward.
It seems true too as Maliq is still able to sleep for up to an hour in the stroller, but still, I prefer looking at him sleep in the Navi instead of the Micro.

My overall review is that this stroller is definitely a keeper. Even my best friend bought one and why shouldn't she and she have 2 babies already. The Navi is perfect for the elder child which could walk and run already. Usually, kids that age wouldn't want to sit in strollers for a long time, so I feel having the Micro for that kind of age is most suitable. Since Maliq hasn't reached that stage where he could walk or run yet, I still prefer using the Navi as my main option.

Currently we're on the midst to moving to a new home so our trunk needs to always be empty, but still, we're still able to make space for the Micro. Seriously owning this does have its perks. The only thing that I don't really feel about it is that it's swivel wheels in front doesn't work that good as the Navi, so there are times that it is hard to push and turn with just one hand. Anyways, that should be all.

Till then peeps!


  1. Look so easy to use. Saya sedang mencari stroller jugak awak sebab nak mudahkan pergerakan di sesebuah tempat. Stroller sebelum ni dah bagi orang. Makan space dalam bonet kereta dan rumah. Yang ni siap lipat

  2. senang lipat lipat dan ada bag gini. masa anak akak dulu takda banyak stroller cabin size selain babyzen yoyo. adam dah 5 tahun pun masih utuh stroller. sekarang anak akak dedua gilir-gilir guna stroller. ingatkan kena beli baru. selamat duit akak. bleh fokus kat education mereka aje. hahaha. good info beblum ni mira. murah banyakkkkk.

  3. Barang-barang untuk anak/baby mesti mahal2 kan. Selalunya mesti nak yg branded sebab dah terlebih awareness tentang brand tu. Btw, it is ok cari yang harga berpatutan dengan ciri dan sama. Baru tau compact stroller macam ni. Kita tau jenis yang tak boleh bukak katup tu ajelah. Hehe.

  4. I might be looking more into this soon when I'm about to have child hehe. But my main feature would be lightweight and ultra compact fold. Btw how much is the price eh?

  5. Stroller kena beli yang mahai, agar keselamatan anak2 kita lebih terjamin.

  6. Wah nanti nak kena suggest kat kakak la beli yang ni. nampak memudahkan. Cabin size pulak tu

  7. Zaman anak2 sis kecik dulu, stroller memang satu kemestian ada sebab sis ni kuat berjalan, nak dukung boleh tapi time kalau beli barang memang leceh. Sebab tu stroller wajib. Satu lagi yg mudah nak lipat2 dan ringan

  8. Bestnya mira kecik compact je dia. Saya punya stroller besar ya rabbi. Seksa nak bawak masuk dalam kereta. Last last sekarang tak pakai, letak dalam bilik budak budak je sebab dieorang tak nak duduk dalam tu

  9. Nie ke stroller RM3K tu? Hehehe
    Yang penting the kid is comfortable kan. Parents mesti nak the best for their kids and they know better. And I sokong parents bawa their kids in stroller - safer.

  10. Teruja pulak tengok stroller Beblum Micro ni. Dah la kecik, pastu senang nak carry sebab boleh lipat2 boh dalam beg. Lagi satu nampak senang nak buka dan lipat sebab pernah buka stroller anak buah, adoiii punya la susah dan ketat

  11. apa pun jenis stroller yang ada, kalau lia ada anak nanti lia akan pilih yang cabin friendly sebab suka travel & paling penting juga lightweight. harga pun mesti kena affordable.

  12. Although there are some issues that concern with this stroller, but I still find that it has more pros than cons. I think Maliq can sit this stroller when he's growing older too.

  13. Bestnya ada stroller macam ni. Idaman setiap mak ni. Sebab mudah nak bawak. Pastu paling best boleh lipat kecik macam bawa bag tu. Tak makan ruang. Boleh try survey ni.

  14. wow ! size dia sangat bagus untuk travel. senang untuk dibawa kesana kemari. nak travel dengan anak kecik mudahlah lepas nie. tak perlu risau lagi pasal stroller

  15. Bagus ada stroller mcm ni npk selesa dan lengkap dan sng nk bwk ke mana2

  16. Those parents yang suka travel with kids memang wajib get one coz it's so amazing can be folded and become like a bag.

  17. Another compact size stroller yeay! Walaupun Julia lg suka carry, tp sejak anak dah besar pakai stroller gak x larat nak carry. Ni sampai 20 kg plak tu walaupun compact. Anak 5thn tp kurus leh pakai lagi n.


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