07 May 2019

If your following me on Instagram, remember that I shouted out about a beauty brand giving away RM100 worth of goodies for my followers if you come to meet me at their event? Well, it's one of the well-known brands here in Malaysia which is Elianto. It was just a mini event, where they wanted me to celebrate their membership day with my followers as well. Their membership day was actually one whole month of April but you'll still have a chance to register for FREE if you keep on reading. Make sure to read on to know more about this programme!

Elianto Malaysia just launched a Membership Reward Programme, where their tagline is 'You Beli, You Dapat Cash'. Yes, you've heard it right, you get a chance to generate a bit of moolah over your obsession of makeup. Who knows, you might be earning a lot more than you expect! The best part about Elianto's Membership Programme is that you really get to earn CASH! How? Keep reading on.

But before that here are the benefits of joining as a member:

1. Get 10% Cashback Rebate
With every purchase, you make at their stores or online, you'll be entitled to a 10% Cashback Rebate which will be automatically added in your membership account. 

2. Earn points
Once you're a preferred member, you'll be able to earn points. These points will then be accumulated in the system for you to redeem. Points will be earned whenever a friend that registers under you buys anything in stores or online.

3. Friend Rewards
Once you create an account, you'll be given a referral link like I have and when your friend registers under you, you'll be entitled to earn points with their purchases. 

4. Redeem Products
Makeup geeks, I bet this benefit makes it more tempting to sign-up. Redeem any of their product online or at their stores without having to pay for it. You'll be using your points to redeem free make-up and who doesn't love free make-up right?

5. Earn Passive Income
Yes, this is not a joke. You actually can earn cash from this membership programme but do take note that their currency is in USD.

Interesting right? BUT! Every great programme does have its catch. To be entitled to be a member of this Programme, there is a FEE of RM100. BUT! Hold on, don't stop reading yet...

GET FREE MEMBERSHIP if you sign-up under me. Yes! It's a special deal between me and Elianto where my followers and readers will get benefit from this too. So we could share the happiness of owning makeup together. So how do you get to sign-up?

1. Visit Elianto's online website / Download their mobile app
Website: eliantomakeup.com/
Play Store: play.google.com
Apple Store: itunes.apple.com

2. Click on their REGISTER Button

3. Fill in the details required including my REFERRAL ID
My Referral ID: MY64924439

4. Click SUBMIT and your DONE!

5. Check your email for your own ID and password to log in.

That simple! But here's a simpler way,

So HURRY! This FREE Membership is not going to last long. Better grab this opportunity while you can, because your totally not going to regret this. Elianto has so many option varieties of makeup and skincare you can choose from. Below are some of Elianto's products I've tried out before.

If you're still not convinced, well let me share with you some of their product highlights you could look forward too! 

PORE COVER Face Primer (30ml)
This is one of their bestselling products and I wondered why until I tested it out on my hand. This face primer is one of a kind as it's consistency is very thick almost like gel already. It's one of the thickest primers I've ever tried and probably because of the consistency, the result is like wonders. It absorbs very well which results in very smooth skin. You can see a major difference after application where the skin tends to look more plump and smoother. I've only tried this on my hand so I can't say much about this yet, but still, I'm curious how blendable it'll be with foundation.
Product Deets
Moisturising Smoothen skin appearance Pro long make up lasting hours Prevent and protect skin from synthetic pigments
Ingredients: Argan Nut Oil *Moisturising Macademia Seed Oil *Repair and retain moisture Tocopheryl Acetate ( Vitamin E ) *Anti-Oxidant *Light-weight *Gel-based *Long Wearing *Suitable for All Skin Type 30 
Origin: Made In Korea

PERFECT COVER Fixing Cream Foundation SPF 35 PA++ (35g) 

Perfect Skin in seconds is this products tagline which is also one of their bestselling products. It took me as a surprise again as the foundation is very thick as well. With just a small amount of application, it manages to give full coverage. It seems to give a rather dewy complexion but I just tested it out on my hand. But it's natural to have that effect as it has ingredients to help out dry skin. Indeed, it's very tempting as I think 1 jar could last a very long time with that kind of coverage.
Product Deets

Its creamy texture provides medium to full coverage, helping your skin looking flawlessly natural 

Ingredients: Hydrolyzed Collagen *enhances dry skin *increases skin suppleness Hyaluronic Acid *Intense hydration Green Tea Extract *Anti- Oxidant *Anti- Inflammation

Origin: Made In Korea

LUMINOUS 3D Cushion SPF 50 PA+++ (35g)
I think some of you may be familiar with this one already since it's also one of the best-selling products Elianto offers. It contains multiple skincare essence where your skin is readily prepped to go out just by using this. It's a simple solution for those who have limited time to get ready. When you open the product, you'll see a combination of three colors of the essence where once dapped, it'll all be mixed together. I haven't tried this yet but I've heard good reviews about it.

Product Deets

Multiple skincare essence SPF 50 / PA +++ Cooling System Color Correcting 

Ingredients: Chamomile *oil control Shea Butter *Moisturising Hydrolized Collagen *Strengthen skin elasticity and plumpness Niacinamide *Whitening Adenosine *Anti-aging
Origin: Made In Korea

One of their newest products to highlight is this ampoule. If you've known Elianto for makeup products only, they actually have quite a range of skincare products. This is one you could look forward too. This ampoule focuses on prepping the skin before application of makeup. This lightweight ampoule consists of gold flakes which helps hydrate the skin and also prolong the usage of makeup. I haven't tried this out so I'm unable to share my thoughts more on this but below are some highlights about this product:
Can apply on lips & face
- Pre make up & skin care
- Prolong makeup hour
- Glowing effect (24K Gold Flakes)
- Instantly hydrating and brightening (Aloe Vera)
- Anti-aging (24K Gold Flakes)
- Water Locking (HA) Suitable for dry and oily skin
Product Deets
Lightweight, high concentration but lightweight with tiny gold flakes.
Ingredients: Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruits Extract, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate (HA) 24K Gold Flakes - Glowing
Origin: Formulated in Swiss. Manufactured in Msia.

PRO MAKE UP Fixing Mist (100ml)
Another new product from them is this One Mist To FIX them All. This mists purpose is to Shield, Fix and Set makeup. It also prolongs makeup hours up to 12 hours and contains UV protection with SPF 50. It also has a sweatproof instant cooling and hydrating effect too. This product is also approved by Bahagian Regulatori Farmasi Negara (NPRA) Approved Ministry of Health (MOH). I tried spraying this on top of my makeup and I did feel the instant cooling effect which was rather refreshing. My makeup did last for one whole day but I'm unsure if it's because of this since I had applied another setting spray before. Somehow I feel, this should be a good product for MUA's that are into bridal makeup, as it contains SPF which is perfect for Malay weddings which normally is outdoors. Another thing is that it comes in a big bottle almost like hairspray. Kinda makes it have the more professional touch rather than the cute ones we carry around in our handbags. 
Products Deets
A lightweight, non-sticky fixing face mist that shield, fix and set longer lasting makeup. It is with SPF 50 UV protection, sweat-proof for fresh- looking makeup that lasts up to 12 hours"
Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid (Hydration) Niacinamide (fight anti-aging & uneven skin tone)
Origin: Made in Korea

HD Powder (2 Way Cake) 20g
This is their newest launch you can get excited for, something suitable to be carried around in your bag. Perfect for travel as foundation and powder come together in a pressed compact case.
Product Deets
Lightweight two-way cake powder foundation that can be applied in dry or wet for full coverage.
2 Way Cake - Powder & Foundation (Wet & Dry) 
2 layers - Matte & Glittering Oil Control Vitamin E

Check out my IGTV below to see more details on these products and also a few other highlights in their store.

More Info
Website: eliantomakeup.com
Instagram: instagram.com/elianto_make_up
Facebook: facebook.com/eliantomakeup

Till then peeps!


  1. Dah lama nak guna Elianto, ada pula peluang untuk dapat free membership! Wahhhh bagusnya

  2. Pernah guna Elianto sbb murah & produknya bagus. Great to know that they have this program now!

  3. Pernah tengok tapi tak pernah cuba, tengok menarik jugak produk2 yang ada. Bagus jugak ya diorang buat kad keahlian macam ni..siap ada rebate lagi

  4. Wah menarik. Boleh earn income dengan produk elianto. Pernah dengar dan belek produk elianto ni tapi belum berkesempatan nak beli dan cuba .Bagus juga benefit ahli daoatka . Siap dapat rebat lagi

  5. Produk ni nampk menarik. Agak popular juga tapi kita tak pernab guna. Bagusnya ada sistem reward ni boleh tambah pendapatan

  6. Produk elianto ni dah beberapa tahun juga la kita tahu. Sebab cousin suka beli produk dari situ. Then dia kata produk elianto ni not bad la juga harganya.
    Teringin nak try, tp kita bukan jenis kaki mekap. Hehe
    Tapi bagus la kan, sambil beli boleh dapat cashback. Memang makin ramai la peminat elianto ni.

  7. Good for housewife who want to earn extra income while maintaining their beauty. Will recommend your post to my friends who are struggling now.

  8. wow, sangat menarik la tawaran membership Elianto. Lagi menarik sebab boeh daftar free membership guna referral id mira. terus klik dan nak shopping make up untuk raya. Thanks for sharing

  9. Wah.. banyak juga yer koleksi elianto ni. igt lagi dulu akak suka pakai lip gloss die .. nak bibir nampak sesy gittew

  10. suka sangat siapa pengguna tegar elianto nie. tak silap kakak pernah guna produk ni kejap, pernah la dua tiga kali teman dia pergi shopping barang make up elianto ni. kalu kena gaya boleh jadi cantik gitu

  11. tu dia, rambang mata tgk makeup elainto ni..semua nmpak macm best je..wah daftar dan boleh tambah pendapatan sampingan..bgusnyaaa..nak daftr la

  12. Dah bape kali singgah mall asik lupa nak singgah elianto. Banyak jugak reward yang diberikan kepada customer. Ena tertarik dengan luminous 3D cusion tu. Ada review kt ig x? Kalu ada nk tengok.hehe..

  13. Elianto memang femes dan terbaik. Bestnya tawaran membership dia. Seronoklah nak shopping. Dpt lagi register free dengan id yg diberi. Paling best is dapatlah makeup baru ntk raya ni sambil menjana income!

  14. Selalu juga dengar pasal Elianto ni, produk dia memang terbaik dan bagus untuk semua kulit kan.

  15. Jenama elianto nie mmg berhantu n legend betul sbb produk yg berkualiti dgn harga yg berpatutan n mampu milik.. Bagus juga digunakan utk semua jenis kulit dgn bahan yg terbaik..

  16. Beli dan dapat cash back, memang berita baik untuk Elianto fans ni! Nak cari masa singgah Elianto midvalley branch ni tengok jugak.

  17. Tak pernah cuba lg guna produk Elianto tgk mcm menarik semua makeup dia

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