07 September 2019

Hey peeps, it's been a while since I've done any food reviews so here's one. I was invited by Jamaica Blue to try out their new menus in one of their branches, so I chose to dine-in their branch at Setia City Mall in Setia Alam. It's located at LG just in front of the escalator, so it's kinda hard to miss. Jamaica Blue is well-known for their variations of coffees, which they serve 2 types of coffee beans that are Jamaica Blue Signature Blend and Jamaica Blue Mountain. Besides having great coffee, Jamaica Blue also serves meals which were the purpose of my visit. My family and I had the chance to have a taste of their Winter Menu, a selection of new dishes offered. Our country doesn't have winter though, I know, but that's just a name. Keep on reading to see selections of dishes Jamaica Blue is offering.

So here's a bit of introduction on Jamaica Blue if it's your first time hearing about them. The name Jamaica Blue shows the brands unique opportunity to provide an experience that ties back to Jamaica, its culture and idyllic setting. It's named after the Blue Mountain in Jamaica and it also evokes the spirit of the Caribbean. It was established in 1992 by Foodco, one of Australia’s most successful retail franchise companies. Now they have a growing network of more than 170 cafes in Australia, New Zealand, China, the United Arab Emirates, UK, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Jamaica Blue are highly known because of their signature coffees which are:

Jamaica Blue Signature Blend 
- Award-winning coffee 
- Medium with a well-balanced body 
- Creamy with delicate chocolate after taste 
- Made from 100% Arabica beans sourced from six of the world’s most renowned coffee regions (South America, India, Pacific Rim, Africa, Central America & Jamaica)

Jamaica Blue Mountain
- One of the world’s best coffees 
- Single-origin coffee from the Blue Mountain of Jamaica, one of the world’s superior coffee-growing regions 
- Mild and perfectly balanced
- Sweet with crisp finish 

Apart from their award-winning Jamaica Blue Signature Blend and Blue Mountain coffees, they also offer other chilled beverages and food menus. They serve modern western cuisine that is freshly prepared. From the breakfast menu, freshly baked pastries, salads, and sandwiches, pasta, burgers and desserts, Jamaica Blue have everything to satisfy.

As I mentioned earlier, I was invited by Jamaica Blue to try out their Winter Menu and below is the list:

- BBQ Jerk Chicken Wings
- Jamaican Beef Patty
- Chicken Omelette
- Prawn Fettuccine

- Dark chocolate and walnut brownie

- Apple Matcha
- Oatmeal Caramel Frappe
- Long Black (Blue Mountain)
- Cappucino (Signature Blend)
- Blue Latte

Sounds yummy right? So follow me below to have a glimpse on the servings of food. Beware, it might just trigger your taste buds.

Chicken Omelette
Will start off with breakfast as this dish is made for breakfast, but we had it for dinner and it still looked appetizing. Honestly, I only managed to have a bite of this when it was served. There were like too many foods on the table so I was eager to try everything. LOL... Anyhow, I was able to bring this home and even after a few hours it still taste good. It was my late-night snack that night, well, I had to share with my husband too. It's a simple menu, but it does satisfy for a light meal.

BBQ Jerk Chicken Wings
These chicken drummettes taste so good! Paired with its sauce, it's the perfect combo. Even my husband and my sister-in-law agrees. I bought my sister along for this food session and she was so pleased. The chicken surely was on her 'I LOVE IT' list. It's marinated with herbs and cooked to perfection. 

Jamaican Beef Patty
I know, for first glance it looks like our local puff, a giant one. But rest assured the texture and taste is completely different. It's light and crispy and the bits of meat are also tender and chewable.

My son seemed to love the chicken, he's such a picky eater so I was kinda surprised he was enjoyingly indulging the chicken. LOL... Usually, if I give him chicken, he'll spit it out, he'll only go for rice and soup if I give him chicken rice. But this time he really indulged himself with the chicken. Even I liked it too. I shared this plate with him.

Prawn Fettuccine
My sister-in-law strongly recommends this, she keeps on saying this is so good even after we got home. I had like a bit of this so I couldn't really say much. My husband says it's good too.

Apple Matcha & Oatmeal Caramel Frappe

These 2 are delish! These drinks may sound like a surprising duo combo but it suits my taste. In fact, I kinda finish these 2 drinks on my own. Haha... (even minta change to plastic cup so I could bring home) but I already finished the matcha one there. The taste of matcha somehow compliments the apple juice and I couldn't get enough. My husband didn't really like it that much, so I had this drink for my own. The oatmeal caramel frappe, on the other hand, is good too but it's best to drink it while it's still iced. Once the ice melts, it gets super sweet. Yikes!

Dark chocolate and walnut brownie

I managed to have a few bites of this, it's good but its a bit dry. Thought it would be more moist and chocolaty but that's my kind of preference. I know some people prefer it like this, so as long as it tastes good, that's fine with me. I can eat any kind of desserts though, I'm a sweet tooth, so I'm not really that picky.

 Long Black (Blue Mountain) | Cappucino (Signature Blend) | Blue Latte

This is where the food tasting gets interesting, I'm not really a coffee person but I do drink coffee once a while when I feel like it. We got to try all the signature coffees including a very interesting one, the blue latte. I forgot what made it blue even though it was mentioned several times but it was surely an interesting drink. It was a bit sweet and had a very unique taste. My husband wasn't that fond of it but I loved it. I was told they served the blue latte in ice too. For the rest of the coffees, my husband gave credit, besides he's the coffee person. Honestly, it wasn't my type of drink, but I know these are exactly what coffee addicts love.

Overall the food was good and its worth a visit to their restaurant once a while.

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Till then peeps!

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