27 September 2019

Had this fence since Maliq was still crawling, and now he's already running around. When Maliq was still crawling we were still living in a tiny apartment and the kitchen was connected to the living room, so I had a huge problem controlling him at that time. On times I'm cooking a cleaning, I had to tie him in his stroller so I know he's safe, but of course, he'll be screaming and I didn't like to hear it too. So I thought of buying a baby playpen for him so he could play comfortably inside which took me a lot of time to think about. Keep on reading to know why.

The first option I had in mind was to buy a cheap playpen online as I'm expecting we wouldn't be using it for long but I had to think about the limited space I had during that time. The playpens I saw all had fixed sizes which cannot be adjusted and at that time my living room was tiny, there wasn't even much space to walk, so I could guarantee that my husband will instantly give me a lecture. Besides that, I also thought about my child's safety, since it's cheap the products they use are not certified and it uses steel as well. I read a user review that he had an injury trying to install it and he worries for his kid's safety as well, so that made me think a whole lot about it. I actually kept on thinking either I should buy a playpen or not until Coby Haus contacted me.

I bet all you mothers, even new ones have heard about Coby Haus before. Their products are sold in baby fairs and even in big malls. It's a baby brand that provides quality certified products from Korea. When they contacted me I didn't think of anything else at that time, I wanted their play fence! Little did I know that they actually have a few ranges of their play fence but they sent me their latest one , their 8+2 Starlight Folding Fence and I was beyond than happy.

Upon receiving the Coby Fence, we thought to only have it installed once we moved to or new home soon. But with Maliq climbing around and making a huge mess most of the time, I couldn't stand it so I made room for the fence in our small apartment. Surprisingly it fitted well without much adjustments thanks to their foldable system, it could be installed any shape you want, rectangle, square or even a circle. Having this now eases me especially when I'm cooking, bathing or even shooting videos in my work room. 😅 It also gives me some peace of mind knowing that he's not up to something he's not supposed to like climbing or going under the furniture. What I love the most is that it keeps the mess hidden away behind their newest fence design called Starlight. 🌠 With the bright gummy colour it certainly puts me in a good mood and Maliq seems to love playing inside it too. But it's still new to him, let's see what happens soon. More Info: @cobyhaus_malaysia #CobyHaus #CobyHausStarlight #CobyFence . . #MaliqSays
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So after over a year using this fence here are the reasons why I recommend parents to own this Starlight play fence:

1. Customizable Shape
This is one of the main features having a play fence is better than a playpen as it's customizable. Shape it to any shape is not a problem so I didn't have to think much to have it fit in my small apartment back then. I managed to adjust it so it looks neatly adjusted in the corner.

Now that I have a bigger home with a lot of space, I even changed the shapes of how I use it. When I first moved, I created a barrier under the stairs which was my son's play area. I just detached one of the nuts that combined the fence together and had it laid out straight in a line. At first, I thought it wasn't gonna hold, but surprisingly it did! No tumbles at all! Even when I lock my son inside there and he asks to come out by shaking the fence, it won't budge! It's very sturdy even without a proper hold. BUTT... Now that my son is bigger than before and 'sel sel otak banyak berhubung', LOL he found a way how to come out of the fence by pushing the edge of the fence that is not tied rather than the gate. So now I combined the fence back and made it into a rectangle.

I got the idea to detach the fence and make it into a straight line after seeing one of my friends do the same thing to cover their TV area. LOL... That's genius too! You know how kids love to play around the TV area. Now that it's covered, it gives us peace of mind. Plus, detaching and attaching the nuts are not that hard too, it's quite tricky at first but it's manageable. Anyhow, I suggest using it the proper way because it's safer and sturdier attached together.

2. Pretty & Cute!
Can't deny, among all the fences and playpens I've seen, I feel that Coby Haus's Starlight fence is the prettiest! Honestly! I know some of you feel that way too because of the sleek design and also the combination of soft pastel colors. It makes any room look good, that's why I chose to put this fence in my living room instead of my son's playroom. HAHA... Even guests come and ask about this fence, especially those with kids. It's the kids' main attraction when guests come to visit.

3. Certified Safe
I've noticed that Korean Brands takes safety very seriously. They have certifications and awards for the products they sell. I can't remember specifically for this fence but I remember opening the box and they state all the safety certifications and awards if I'm not mistaken. Me being Malaysian, malas baca because excited nak tengok barang. HAHA... Judge me all you want cause I bet 99% of you all are like myself.

Anyways, by looking at the fence already you know that it's safe plus it's all plastic, no steel or sharp edges whatsoever. AND... it's also BPA-free, I know it's not even food but don't forget how kids tend to lick things so easily.

Note: Exposure to BPA is a concern because of possible health effects of BPA on the brain and prostate gland of fetuses, infants and children. It can also affect children's behavior. Additional research suggests a possible link between BPA and increased blood pressure.

4. Foldable + Easy to Store
This is such a huge advantage. With the foldable system, it makes it easy to store just any place you want. It becomes the size of the gate neatly and it isn't a hassle to fold and unfold too. That's why owning this fence for smaller homes are much recommended, if you don't use it, you can just fold it without much hassle. You can even just put it in a corner, and only open it up when you feel like you need to put your toddler in it. It won't fall even when it's folded standing up.

5. Cover Up Mess
TIDY HACK! (If you get what I mean)LOL... Before this, my main purpose for a fence was just to hold my baby from going into the kitchen while I was cooking. It gave me peace of mind that I know he's safe inside there instead of having to always check on him or tie him in his stroller. He also had a little neat play area looked from afar.

But now since he's big, walking and running around some may think it has come to no use now, well that's when you're wrong. It won't be any use to you if you think that way. Now my major reason to still have this fence placed out rather than stored is that it shows a specific play area for kids that come to visit. It focuses their attention to that corner so their tendency to go to other places is less. Honestly, I'm not very keen on parents using their child as an excuse to explore the house. It annoys and bugs me especially the kind of parents that don't really care. Oops...

I put toys and balls inside there so of course kids love it when they visit. It distracts them while the adults do their business so we don't have to focus much on them too. Besides that, it's also a good shield to cover-up the mess my son makes. So from afar, it doesn't look like the house is a mess since his toys are all covered up in there. LOL...

Since he's bigger now, he could understand if I don't let him in the kitchen while I cook, but sometimes they don't really listen do they. So this play fence still has its use to me. He hasn't figured out how to open the gate yet, so I could still lock him inside while I cook or mop the floor. I'll just have to withstand his screams to let him out for a while. :p

Overall, I feel having this fence is a major advantage and until now I'm still pleased with it. Did I mention it has an activity board as well? Maliq plays with it from time to time now since he gets bored easily but this activity board surely attracts the other kids that come over, like I said earlier. Pair this fence with a Parklon Mat and it's the perfect combo. Maliq loves the mat and spends most of his time on it too since its super soft. Now that he rarely plays inside the fence most of the time, I took out the Parklon Mat to put it in his playroom while for the fence I replaced it with a detachable foam mat.

Name: Coby Fence 8+2 Starlight Folding Fence
Price: RM799 RM399 (Currently on Promo)


Till then peeps!

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