14 December 2019


When Maliq was around 8 months, I started to find milk bottles again for him because I wanted to start giving formula milk to him. He's doesn't each much and I don't think I provide enough milk too, so started the formula milk journey was hard too. It took quite a long time to find a suitable one and even milk bottles played a big role too. I gave him the normal milk bottles but he didn't like it, I changed from one teat to another, he didn't want it either. I gave him cups and sippy bottles which also didn't encourage him to drink much either until I was introduced to these bottles from Grosmimi. Why? Keep on reading.

07 December 2019


I'm a big fan of masks, especially sheet masks. I kinda made it a habit to wear it every day as it's fun and also gives a pleasant boost to the skin as well. As most of you know my love for skincare, I feel like face masks is a skincare product that everyone could use. I have plenty of face masks from various brands and I don't really stick to one. But still, I do have my favorites and one of my latest discoveries is from this brand Id.Az. I started loving this brand ever since I tried out their ID.AZ Face Fit Cu-v Tensioning Sleeping Pack. Awesome product, so keep on reading to read on my thoughts about their sheet masks.

05 December 2019


Here's another indoor playground you could look forward too in Selangor. I bet most of you heard of Kidzoona already, they have a lot of branches here in Malaysia and all of them are created similarly but they are all not the same. Their latest branch opened in Central i-City Shah Alam which may probably one of their biggest I think. Keep on reading to know more about this.
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