14 December 2019

When Maliq was around 8 months, I started to find milk bottles again for him because I wanted to start giving formula milk to him. He's doesn't each much and I don't think I provide enough milk too, so started the formula milk journey was hard too. It took quite a long time to find a suitable one and even milk bottles played a big role too. I gave him the normal milk bottles but he didn't like it, I changed from one teat to another, he didn't want it either. I gave him cups and sippy bottles which also didn't encourage him to drink much either until I was introduced to these bottles from Grosmimi. Why? Keep on reading.

A miracle for me just happened! The story is, I received these newly launched @grosmimi_malaysia, baby bottles from @babystuffbyapple63 and @cobyhausmalaysia for Maliq to try out. Upon receiving it my son has seemed to find interest in it, but later did I know that these cups actually triggered my son to start drinking formula milk on his own. I've shared with you the struggles I had to have him drink formula milk before, but after receiving these cups I just prepared milk and put it on the table which then later he takes and drink on his own. Without having to sit down with him or force him to drink at all! Honestly I'm not really sure if these bottles are the cause of his change but he really does seem to like it. Probably he loves how the straw teats are. Even the flow of suction is nice for him which of course I tried so I could understand why he suddenly started drinking milk without having to be forced to anymore. Anyhow, here are some information you should know. 🔘Benefit for Transit to Straw Cup: ▫️Promote Good Dental Hygiene ▫️Develop tipping & sipping skill ▫️Strengthen lip, cheek and tongue muscle ▫️Enhance motor skills (hold/grab) ▫️Encourage transition . 🔘 About Grosmimi Bottles ➡️PPSU Straw Cup & Stainless Steel ▫️BPA Free ▫️2017 Awards Novelty Award by HiSeoul (Baby Product) ▫️Recommended for 6 months onwards ▫️Innovative 2-in-1 design for 2 ways use while sitting & lying ▫️LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) Teat with 20 degrees softer, teat material softer compare with other brands ▫️Silicone teat with “+” cut, leak-free & colic free ▫️ 3600 Ergonomic Handle Turning . If you guys might be having the same problem as mine or any other points above, why not try give these bottles a try. You can get them at @babystuffbyapple63. ▫️1 x PPSU Straw Cup 200ml (Normal RM98.00) ▫️1 x Stainless Straw Cup 200ml (Normal RM128.00) ➡️ Package total price: RM226.00 . ❗FOR MY FOLLOWERS: ▫️Promo code: GMIRA0819 ➡️ GET 20% OFF: RM179.00 . #Grosmimi #Grosmimi_Malaysia #6MStrawCup #StrawCup #functionalstrawcup
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These bottles were given to me for a review, and my review still stands the same from above. He really does love these bottles. Honestly, I don't understand why he suddenly started to drink milk with these bottles because he has 3 different straw bottles before but he only uses them to drink plain water. When I put milk inside he doesn't want to drink.

This is a sight I rarely see before, as Maliq has been directly breastfed and refused bottles ever since I resigned from work. These bottles are surely something because I don't have to force him to drink milk anymore. I got these bottles in August and now it's December, Maliq has been using this bottle to drink milk ever since and sometimes he even takes this bottle and ask for milk.

So what's so unique about these bottles from Grosmimi that made my son finally drink milk on his own? Well, it's pretty much like any other sippy bottles but probably the teats play a big role. It uses a soft silicone teat which is shaped exactly like a normal straw. The original straw that came with the bottle was a very soft that my son chewed it off in a month. We had to purchase a new teat instantly, you can buy the teat at It comes with 2 teats and 2 straws in a packet. There are 2 types to choose from, which are for newborns and for babies 1 year+ which we bought the 1y+ one. It was slightly harder than the original teat so Maliq didn't manage to chew it off until now. Thank goodness it didn't affect him to drink milk.

From my view, what I love about these bottles is that its anti-spill. The teats play a big role in that anyhow, if the teat is torn, it tends to spill too. The opening of the teat is nicely cut to hold milk from spilling, so if it's torn, you'll need to get a new one. Other than that, the bottle functions like any other milk bottles but with the straw, it helps a lot, Maliq usually drinks his milk while sitting down, so I always use the straw. Yes, the straw can be detached, when the straw is detached, the bottle can be used while laying down. Another useful thing is that it's rotatable, by holding the handle, he can turn the bottles 180 degrees and it gives my son a firmer grip to the bottle.

It's quite a hassle sometimes when sometimes my son chooses to drink milk from sitting down to laying down because he can only choose one position to drink at a time. I'm not really the type that's entertaining enough to attach and detach the straw while milk is still in the bottle, plus it's not hygienic to do so too. So he'll just have to choose which position he wants to drink milk with. While for the rotatable handle, it's detachable, so without the lid on, it doesn't stick to the bottle. Sometimes I forget that the handle is not attached to the bottle while making my son's milk, so I have a few incidents where the bottle fell as I attempted to carry it with the handle only. 

Another thing about these bottles is that if you use it with a straw and your son is holding it at a 45 degrees angle, you'll have to be alert if the straw inside the bottle is actually in position for him to suck milk, sometimes, the hole of the straw face upwards where the milk is below, hence he only sucks air. But thanks to the rotating handle, that's easily adjusted, just turn the bottle while your son holds the handle, the teat could still be in his mouth by doing that. My son quickly learned that he could do it himself if that happens. So when he sees he's bottle still has milk but he can't drink it, he'll turn the bottle around until he gets to suck milk. He learned this by himself after seeing me do it a few times.

We own 2 bottles from Grosmimi which is the PPSU Functional Straw Cup 200ml and the Stainless Functional Straw Cup 200ml. Both have the same ml, but the stainless steel one is taller and smaller while the PPSU one has a wider circumference, that's why it's shorter. They also offer a 300ml cup, but for only the PPSU on.

The PPSU is the clear one which I normally make his milk with since he can see it's milk inside, he won't drink milk if he doesn't see it. The stainless steel cup I use it for plain water only, since it's not see-through, but my son loves drinking plain water with it especially if it's chilled water inside. He knows the difference between his 2 bottles from Grosmimi, the blue one is for milk and the brown one is for plain water. That's another thing I love about these bottles, it has a lot of choices of color to pick from.

A sight that I rarely seen before but now I've been seeing Maliq falling asleep with with a milk bottle in his hands lately. As most of you know, my son kept rejecting milk before but now he drinks it so easily. I never really thought that a change in bottles could be the cause. Maliq is now using these newly launched bottles from @grosmimi_malaysia offered by @babystuffbyapple63 and @cobyhaus_malaysia . Probably these straw teats made him favoured milk bottles now. Even I like them too as it's anti-spill feature is remarkable. You can get these at: @babystuffbyapple63. ▫️1 x PPSU Straw Cup 200ml (Normal RM98.00) ▫️1 x Stainless Straw Cup 200ml (Normal RM128.00) ➡️ Package total price: RM226.00 . ❗FOR MY FOLLOWERS: ▫️Promo code: GMIRA0819 ➡️ GET 20% OFF: RM179.00 . #Grosmimi #Grosmimi_Malaysia #6MStrawCup #StrawCup #functionalstrawcup
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Product: PPSU Functional Straw Cup 200ml
Price: RM98
Product: Stainless Functional Straw Cup 200ml
Price: RM128
Product: Replacement Straws
Price: RM59

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