13 August 2020

Hey peeps, here's another range of skincare products you could look forward to this year. Noir products are curated with Japan Technology, which you'll be amazed with the properties they offer. They are 3 types of products that were sent to me which are Nior Mousse Purifying Cleanser, Nior Skin Refining Essence and Noir Malachite Crystal Cleanser. All of these contain very good anti-bacterial properties which would help effectively in fighting sebum and also acne. Read on to know more about there products.

Nior is a local Malaysian company that uses Japan Technology for its products. They have multiple choices of beauty products you can look into but for this post, I'll be sharing on these products called Nior Mousse Purifying Cleanser, Nior Skin Refining Essence and Noir Malachite Crystal Cleanser. These products have simple yet so luxurious looking packaging, which definitely made excited, you all know how much of a packaging freak I am. LOL... Anyways, looking into this brand, they are KKM registered, also with valid 'NOT' numbers on the packaging. They are also certified with GMP and No Animal-Cruelty policy. So below are details on the products they offer.

Price: RM69.00 (50ml)
For those with Oily Skin

Rice Extract, Willow Extract, Green Tea Extract, Matricaria Extract, Aloe Vera Extract

Contains anti-bacterial properties
Helps avoid breakouts
Helps in oil-control and sebum-control

This treatment cleanser is suggested for those who have oily skin, which mostly involves those with acne problems. Oily skin usually happens when your pores are clogged or if your skin is too dry which will cause our skin to naturally react and create more oil which then leads to excess oil. Having excess oil is not okay, as it could lead to the growth of bacteria which then leads to acne. That's why this treatment cleanser is aimed for those with oily skin. It contains very good anti-bacterial ingredients which one of the main is Willow Extract. Willow Extract contains antiseptic, which is one of the best anti-bacterial properties to help fight acne and sebum. So if you're having acne problems and can't seem to solve it, look into your ingredient list and see if it contains powerful anti-bacterial ingredients such as this one. The texture of this cleanser is very thick, so only a pinch of the product should do, it's quite foamy also, so one bottle should go a long way, but they should improve on the packaging, seems like the packaging is quite big for 50ml, they should have it in a more compact tube which could also help save some space in storage.

Price: RM89.00 (30ml)

Rice Yeast, Vitamin B1,B2, Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate, Witch Hazel, Green Tea Extract, Cucumber Extract, Lemon Extract, Peppermint Extract, Tea Tree Extract.

Creates glow to the skin
Improve & heal skin texture
Repair dull skin
Minimize pores
Remove dead skin cells
Heals acne scars
Moisturizes the skin
Heals and prevents breakouts
Get rid of whiteheads and blackhead
Kills bacteria
Controls sebum

This essence is watery, so with just one pump, it'll spurt out easily, so be careful not to waste any product. It's good that it came in a pump bottle rather than a pour bottle which sometimes could cause a mess. The texture is exactly like toner water so, with a few pumps on the palm, just pat it on the face will do the trick. Scent wise is not that bad, and it has a great feeling to the skin as well. It feels refreshing and a bit cooling, probably because of the peppermint extract. Anyhow, going through the ingredients list, their key ingredients are not bad. Most of the ingredients listed are really good for acne control such as Witch Hazel and also Tea Tree Extract. They also include Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate (GFF) which is a type of fungus that benefits in acne control and also anti-aging. I did a post on (GFF) before if you haven't heard of it before. So for those who suffer from Fungi Acne, best to be alert on this. Overall, for those with other types of skin should be fine with the ingredients used, especially those who are healing from acne.

Price: RM69.00 (50ml)
For All Skin Types

Malachite Crystal Extract, Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate (GFF), Cucumber Extract

Cleans softly and effectively
Refreshes the skin
Creates glowy skin

Honestly, this is is my first time hearing about Malachite Crystal, so I did a bit of a study on it. They say it is the 'Botox' of crystals. It's rich in copper which is an anti-free radical property to help protect cellular structures and strengthen the skin's natural defenses. Copper is involved in the synthesis of keratin, a protein that helps to retain water in the outermost layer of the epidermis. Results of long-term results will include a stronger skin barrier and minimized signs of aging. It is safe for all skin types and conditions, including those with sensitive skin. It's texture is a bit lighter than their Mousse Cleanser but it's still foamy. Honestly, I was kinda shocked seeing it's green color at first but I came to find out it was because of the crystal. LOL... Anyhow, it seems promising to use, the only thing they could improve is the packaging, it seems that the packaging seems a bit too big for 50ml which makes it difficult to press out the product.

Below is an unboxing video on the products:

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Have you heard of NIOR before? This local company uses Japan Technoloy for their products and good very popular skincare ingrediants as well. Join me unbox their latest products which are: 👉 Nior Mousse Purifying Cleanser 👉 Nior Skin Refining Essence 👉 Nior Malachite Crystal Cleanser Their products contains Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate,a type of fungus which has amazing beneficial properties for the skin. Not only does it help witb acne, it also acts as an anti-anging agent as well. Not only that, these products also are also mixed with antibacterial ingredients such as Witch Hazel, Willow Extract and also Malachite Crystal. An gem ingredient which I just discovered. If you haven't heard about it yet, stayed tuned to my blogpost for more details on this. . P/S: I have had this for some time now.

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