23 February 2020

Ever since I started 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine, hyaluronic acid has been like a holy grail ingredient to help recover my acne. I've been seeing a lot of skincare products in the market promoting this ingredient. At first, I wasn't that eager to have it tried out because I didn't read much on hyaluronic acid and hearing the word acid made me thought it might be harsh on my skin, especially with this bad breakout I had. Read my post:


In the post above I recorded my journey from a very bad breakout where I had cystic acne to clearing all that within 2 months. This was also made possible because I used started using Hyluronic Acid in my routine after I finally took some time to read and study it. I was stunned to know that Hyaluronic Acid could help combat acne so I had to get it right away. There were so many kinds until it was hard for me to choose which one I should try using but to be safe I bought the product which many beauty bloggers have raved about. Ever since hyaluronic acid is one of the must-have ingredients in my skincare routine. Read on below to know the summary of my reading on this ingredient and how it helps skin problems with acne.

Hyaluronic acid is a carbohydrate molecule that acts as the lubricating or hydrating component in human bodies. It's an organic acid and is naturally present in our bodies. Studies show that half of the total Hyaluronic Acid components are present in the human skin layer. Below is how hyaluronic acid can be used to prevent acne breakouts.

How Does Hyaluronic Acid Works?
As mentioned above, hyaluronic acid is naturally present in our bodies so this lubricating fluid has its own purpose and function for certain body parts. Below is a summary to help you understand how imminent hyaluronic acid is to the human body.
  • It's an essential biocomponent for combating the threat of osteoarthritis.
  • Help repair wounds, inflammation, granulation, and cell migration.
  • An essential component in creating artificial tears for ‘dry eye syndrome‘.
  • Contains hydrating and moisture-binding properties which help to hydrate the skin
  • It's applied in plastic surgeries as dermal fillers.
  • Can be used to treat Acne breakouts and Acne Scars.

Hyaluronic Acid in Skincare
As all of you know already, Hyaluronic Acid is very heightened in skincare which makes it very well-known in the beauty industry. But what does Hyaluronic acid actually offer that benefits the skin? 

Hyaluronic Acid has the ability to act as a natural humectant, a ‘moisture catcher’ or  a ‘moisture holder.’ This feature enables people nowadays to look young and supple after consistently using it as it helps add and retains moisture the skin. Applying it also helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles giving the skin a firmer tone.

Hyaluronic acid's molecular structure can hold 1000 times its weight in water. That means, no matter what type of skin type you have, it will help provides that extra required moisture the skin needs, but also prevents hydration from escaping from the skin layer. And if you study beauty too, you'll know that hydration is always the key to good skin.

This acid also forms a protective barrier to heal inflammation and acne breakout. It also promotes the increase of collagen, a critical chemical component of the skin layer that helps in healing wounds and repairing skin tissues.

How Hyaluronic Acid Prevents Acne
Acne is a type of skin disorder when your hair follicles get clogged with oil and dead skin cells. It could also be caused by several factors such as hormonal, environmental and emotional factors. These factors are usually a critical cause of acne breakout. Normally it is seen in teenagers but it can also affect anyone irrespective of age group. 

For me, during my teen years, I had good skin, but after I gave birth to my son, my skin started to react badly then it gradually built up acne and it got worst when cystic acne started to appear. At that time I started to freak out because I have never experienced it and it felt so bad. The doctor said my acne was due to the hormonal changes in my body, so it's pretty normal. So that's when I started reading and researching on skincare products. I consulted with a dermatologist after my cystic acne healed, and he said that all I have to do now is recover the acne scars.

The good news is, Hyaluronic Acid is known not only known to able to treat acne breakouts but also helps combats acne scars effectively! That's why I said that hyaluronic acid is my holy grail ingredient until now, even after my skin healed. Hyaluronic acid is a lubricating and hydrating component mainly used to de-clog the skin pores and increase the formation of collagen hence it is a beneficial antioxidant that binds and replenishes the skin tissues.

Anyhow, Hyaluronic Acid does not cure acne, but it prevents the breakout of acne and reduces its aftermath. Enhanced moisturization helps the skin remain hydrated for a long time which creates a supple and healthy skin, which is a better protection against acne or any kind of skin disorders.

Hyaluronic acid face serum is said to be good with other components of Vitamin C and moisturizing compounds to combat dryness and acne. A good thing about Hyaluronic acid face serum products is that they are not heavy but rather light and able to sit on any skin type.

How to Apply Serum for Acne Prevention
The key is cleanness! Acne is caused because of bacteria, so make sure you always have clean hands before applying any type of skincare to your face.

Use hyaluronic serum after washing the skin cleanly
Normal skin: Use it before your skincare regime. 
Acne-prone skin: Apply it twice a day or once in a day. 
Acne breakout for super dry skin: Try including mask enriched with Hyaluronic acid 

The secret is that this acid absorbs moisture from its environment and incorporates it into the skin. So it combats acne breakouts, irrespective of age. 


Almost finished this bottle and I'm already planning to buy a 2nd bottle. Hada Labo has a variety of Hydrating Lotions to choose from which honestly I wasn't familiar with any of it until this was sent to me. Waitt... I think I may have used one long long time ago. 😅 . Anyhow, the one that I'm using now is Hada Labo's Premium Whitening Hydrating Lotion that promotes Tranexamic Acid, Hyaluronic acid and Nano Hyaluronic Acid too. . After doing a bit of study, I'm so glad I decided to add Tranexamic acid in my skincare routine as this acid not only help brightens the skin tone but it helps to recover inflamation as well! With the present of Hyaluronic Acid, it means that this lotion is able to give deep moisturization that could prevent breakouts from happening again. While for the whitening purpose, I'm not really into it honestly. Its been years since I've worn any whitening products. I've been using this more because of its hydration purpose but I'm not complaining to get a little fairer. LOL! 😛 . I tried this lotion over 2 months now, and keeping track of my pictures, I could say I did get a bit fairer but not to the extent of it being noticible. On the other hand, hydrating results are so satisfying, I'm pleased with how my skin reactes to this. . #HadaLaboBeautifulSkin #HadaLaboMY
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I was looking for an Essence to complete my skincare regime and I came across COSRX Hyaluronic Acid Hydra Power Essence. What came to my mind first is I have always heard a lot of positive feedbacks from COSRX products but never even tried one. So I so happen to get this because of the brand and a bit of research of how Hyaluronic Acid helps with acne. . Hyaluronic Acid is a famous skincare ingrediant which most brands have it in their products now. Besides its fame to provide ample hydration to the skin, it also helps treat acne and combats acne scars, which made me instantly eager to have this ingrediant in part of my regime. I was looking for something that consist a higher percentage of hyaluronic acid but I forgot to check the list of ingrediants. . Turns out for this product, its formulated with hyaluronic acid and a mixture of other ingrediants which one of them are Hippophae Rhamnoides Water which is also known as Sea Buckthorn Berry. It's actually not a bad ingrediant as it contains properties almost similar to hyaluronic acid as well and promises similar results too. . I use this in my day routine just after toning, which instantly gives my skin a boost of hydration. Love it! I haven't had any problems using it too. . Got this from: @marshearmy . #cosrx #hyaluronicacid #skincare #essense #hyaluronicacidessense
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