05 February 2020

Hi dan Assalamualaikum. Post kali ni berbeza dari my usual posts sebab I'm gonna pour out my feelings and emotions on this post. This post might show a spiritual side of me, which I rarely show, but for this post I'm gonna be open about it. Sebut tentang 'Nak Ubah Hidup' memang dah lama I nak ubah hidup, I rasa macam hidup I sekarang ni lost since I don't know where I'm heading. I'm 28 this year and a mother of one, I'm a housewife which I'm not proud off. Why? Well let's say I have never seen myself as a housewife and I don't really function as a housewife too. What I'm certain after dah 2 years jadi housewife is that I cannot continue life like this? Why? Because I selalu feel demotivated with myself. I had very negative thoughts and energy which ruined my mental state, so the start of this year, I promised myself I was going to change all that and I did and I'm still trying to maintain that. But bukan senang, motivation and being consistent is hard to maintain tapi I sentiasa berdoa I boleh. Mungkin ini juga petunjuk dari Allah, wallahualam, but I feel like it's like meant to be. Keep on reading to know why.

I'm one of the types of people who always have big dreams planned in most things I do, but when I became a housewife, all that kinda died and I wasn't looking forward to do any self-achievement since I didn't know where I was heading. After a while, I because depressed and emotional and it started to eat me. The negative energy I was bringing was very unhealthy that I see it affecting my family as well. So at the end of last year, I said to myself that 'I had enough', this has to stop!' So I tried healing my mind and soul before the New Year started, and once New Year hit I felt a new kind of energy in me. But, I wasn't certain it would last long because something felt off someway, but still I kept on praying that I wouldn't lose that energy so quickly. Macam I mention before this, I feel like I dapat petunjuk dari Allah bila I dapat peluang masuk kelas ilmu. I nampak satu post dekat FB kata nak cari bloggers yang minat bisnes dan marketing. I tanpa fikir panjang terus sign-up and bila dapat tahu details, rupanya class Dr Azizan, I was like, wow!  I terus nak bagitahu my husband about it. 

Sebenarnya, my husband dah lama ajak I join class Dr Azizan ni, because my husband ada join IMKK, one of the early courses yang Dr Azizan buat before the name changed to 'NAK UBAH HIDUP (NUH)'. Actually, this year also, my husband ada ajak I pergi NUH ni, but when he mentioned about the price, I said, tak apalah abang, abang pergilah dengan kawan abang'.
Kenapa I cakap macam tu?
Sebab I rasa banyak lagi benda I boleh manfaatkan dengan duit nak bayar kelas dia, it's not like amount tu sikit, so I just told my husband to go without me. So bila I dapat tahu yang I boleh pergi as a blogger, I dah excited nak join sekali dengan my husband. Rupanya, dia tak dapat beli ticket, dia lupa beli. LOL... So dia suruh I pergi sorang, and dia kerja pun hari Ahad tu, so memang dia tak dapat nak beli last minute punya ticket. We sent Maliq to my mums and Alhamdulillah, perjalanan I nak attend ke kelas Dr Azizan rasa macam senang sangat. Selalunya, bukan senang I nak pergi mana-mana sejak ada Maliq, especially bila kena tinggal lama, there's a lot of things I kena arrange which is not easy. Tapi Alhamdulillah, untuk ke kelas ni mudah sangat.

So the first day I attended, I terkejut betapa ramainya manusia yang hadir, dalam kepala I muncul soalan macam,
Apa yang hebat sangat Dr Azizan ni?
Kenapa manusia-manusia ni sanggup datang bersesak ni?
Semua ni orang senang ke sanggup bayar seat mahal-mahal?
The crowd was crazy, and I terus macam dah sakit kepala, haha... Sorry, I'm a major introvert, bila tengok orang ramai-ramai ni I rasa nak muntah somehow but I tak muntah la, I still pergi because my husband told me to go. It made me curious so I pergilah and he was very happy about it which he said this to me:
Rugi kalau awak tak pergi,
Saya pergi dulu seat 'general' je.
Awak bertuah gila,
Awak kena pergi,
Saya nak awak pergi.
That's what he said which made me very curious, he normally doesn't tell me what to do, or forces me to do anything so I went was 50% because of him and another 50% because I was eager to know what kind of spell they cast there. LOL...

When I walked through the main doors to the hall, 'masyallah, penuhnya umat' and the seats were very close together too. Masa I sampai a lot of people were still looking for seats and the lights were still bright. I managed to get a 'Super Supreme' ticket which the seating was located in front tapi at the corner of the stage. I settled down in the middle, so I won't be too near to the screen and the speakers. Within an hour, I saw people filling up the empty seats and it looked like a full-house. All the seats were full at the girls and guys side, they separate seatings by gender too. I at first rasa macam kelakar sebab rasa macam dekat sekolah balik, where guys and girls kena sit separately but I came to know why later.

When people started to fill in the hall, the lights went off and the screen hall turned into somehow like a disco. There was loud fun music, colorful lights and people dancing on their chairs. OMG! I terkejut okay, I terus rasa macam 'what have I got myself into'. And the most shocking for me was that ada yang berpudah, bertutup elok pun sama menari atas kerusi. I couldn't brain and I was like what is this? What's happening! When the MC finally came up on stage, everyone was standing on their chairs shouting and screaming and I was terrified with this madness, did everyone go crazy? LOL... (I'm laughing loud at myself right now). I didn't get it at first but eventually, I came to be just like everyone else within those 3 days. Why? Because my brain was cleansed clean after a few days taking this class. Keep on reading and I'll tell you why.

I know this is a very long post, and I tend to have it that way because as I said earlier I want to pour my emotions and feelings in this post because this 3 day class with Dr Azizan managed to change me. It gave a big impact to me so that impact is what is driving me today.  So hear my story.

I came in very curious and also skeptical at the same time, I was judging and felt stupid somehow, I didn't want to dance on the chair, I felt like I'm too old to go crazy like that now. That was how bad my energy magnet was when I first came in. Eventually, I changed that because turns out this class is not a class that teaches you deeply about business or marketing, but it focuses to clean your soul and mind at first. Because once your mind is on the right path, it'll attract positive energy and that energy will then drive you to success. This class is not only for those looking to succeed in business but also for those who have lost its path in themselves, those who have no direction on what they're doing and feel lost. This 3 day class from early morning to late night will help you find your way.

Within the 3 days I attended Dr Azizan's class, here are the things I bought back home:
-Exploding positive energy
-A new mindset
-A definite goal

Let me elaborate these 3 so you all could get a better idea on how I feel now:

Positive Energy
The thing Dr Azizan highlights in his class is 'Energy'. He refers to 'energy' like a magnet. If you surround yourself with positive energy, the energy attracts you as well, which will then give a boost to your brain, mind, and soul to do more. Masa mula-mula I tak nampak, tapi after a while I realized it comes automatically. Macam I mentioned above, I came throught the doors skeptical and filled with negative energy, but after being surrounded by people bringing positive energy, I soon followed easily. One of the examples is dancing on the chairs, wow... I thought that was so wrong at my age, but after a while, I followed as well as it turned out to be fun, and that fun drove positive energy to the mind as I was happy. Everyone around me seemed happy as well, like that finally managed to release some stress because I really did. I also realized why the separated guys from girls, so that we could have more freedom to act out crazy. Dr Azizan's class involves a lot of shouting and moving as well, it was definitely different from what I expected.
So once I've tasted positive energy, I was thirsty for more, I felt like I need to be surrounded with more people that brings positive energy because automatically the brain tells you that you should start demolishing all those negativity. Especially when people talk and don't believe in you, throw that negative vibe far away from you because bila you have positive energy tertanam dalam hati dan minda, apa jenis negative vibe yang datang dekat you, you want give a damn anymore and that it what I am doing now. That is the kind of energy I'm feeling right now. This exploding positive energy that I discovered is showing me that I could do anything if I set my mind to it.

Dr Azizan kept highlighting that the biggest obstacle to one's success is 'DIRI SENDIRI' and I feel that to be so true. Yes, diri kita sendiri adalah punca utama diri kita dianggap gagal kerana mindset dalam otak kita tak betul. Nak berjaya tapi tak take action, asyik procastinate and anggap diri sebagai failure. If we say we are a failure then we are one. Ini berkait dengan positive energy yang I mention dekat atas tadi, energy will affect our mind as well. If you attract positive energy, your mind will also think positively, if you attract negativity then your mind will do the same.
In my case, my mind was mostly haywire, I already have positive thinking but I kept procrastinating and not taking action. I kept blaming my routine as a housewife as an obstacle where this factor could be easily solved. I also have a bit of insecurity in me, questioning my abilities in the new career that I'm doing.  But after the class, I because more certain that I'll be able to do anything as long as I put my mind and soul into it.

Macam I mention dekat atas tadi, I tak jumpa haluan I. I'm depressed because I don't know where I'm leading myself to. I tak ada goal and motivation yang definite. So bila I dah go through this class, I dah nampak my goal and where I am gonna lead myself 5 years from now, 10 years from now and also 25 years from now. I dah nampak the big picture of where my goal would lead me too. I felt so happy that I burst into tears when I found that moment. Somehow my life goal felt clearer and I feel like I have a big purpose and role in this life. This automatically help me attract good energy and also have a determined focus mindset.

So bila I dah nampak semua ni clear, I dah tahu apa I nak buat and apa patut I buat. The main thing yang buat I depressed dulu honestly because I'm not earning. I tak ada duit nak belanja suka hati and to help my family too. Dulu I fikir macam kebanyakan orang islam, 'Tak kejar duit sangat' sebab Islam suruh kita hidup bersederhana, but bila pergi kelas Dr Azizan ni, dia ajar untuk sukakan duit, untuk tarik duit, kita kena sukakan dapat duit. And of course I sceptical sebab dalam ajaran Islam tak ajar untuk kejar duniawi, but lama-lama baru I faham kenapa.

Dr Azizan sepanjang 3 hari repeatingly akan cakap, kenapa kita perlu sukakan duit dan perlukan duit ke kita. Seba bila kita ada duit, kita boleh 'TOLONG ORANG'.
'Kalau tak ada duit pun boleh tolong orang kan?, yes memang boleh, tapi bila kita tak ada duit atau duit cukup-cukup, kita akan fikir untuk tolong diri sendiri dulu. Maksud 'tolong orang' dalam perpective Dr Azizan is in a bigger picture. Kita hidup untuk senangkan orang, bukan sekadar tolong sahaja. Senangkan, mungkin untuk ubah hidup orang tu juga, dan memberi peluang untuk dia sentiasa senang. Bila I balik dan fikir balik tentang ni, I rasa apa yang Dr cakap memang betul. Sebab if I ada duit, I can help my family, my extended family and also people that I know probably to build a better life. But sekarang I ada duit cukup-cukup, kalau setakat bersedekah tu bolehlah, but nak bantu untuk ubah kehidupan orang untuk lebih senang tu susah, sebab I tak ada financial for that.

'Duit yang kita ada, bukan hak kita, hak kita hanyalah duit yang kita beri pada orang,' that's what Dr said repeatedly, and that is the same thing that my dad always says to me. When I started earning for myself, my dad kept saying, 'bila ada duit, jangan lupa diri, tolong orang, duit kau bukan hak kau sorang'. And I always remember that, so when I meet my extended family yang susah I memang akan hulur sikit, bukan nak cakap I baik, no. I actually rasa tak puas sekadar menghulur, I want to do more, I nak tolong supanya all of them could change their lives completely, not by giving money but a better life opportunity. My dad and I memang dah plan lama, if we have the money, we'll open a business that could give opportunities to my extended family to change their living lives. But that plan I tak pernah tak action because I kept thinking yang I tak ada modal, I cannot do it. But after Dr's class, I managed to think of a way on how to do it. He said, 'Nak mulakan perniagaan, guna je apa yang ada di tangan,' and somehow I found a way. Alhamdulillah...

So now I dah buang sifat yang ada duit ni duniawi. Kita perlukan duit didunia, so of course dia duniawi but if duit tu digunakan dengan betul, duit boleh bawa kita lebih dekat dengan Allah dengan syurga Allah. He kept reminding us yang rezeki itu datang daripada Allah, dan bila-bila Allah boleh tarik. Kalau kita dah diberi kesenangan, kenapa kita mesti lupa diri sedangkan kita patut lebih sujud dan bersyukur kepada Allah. Doa jangan putus dan teruskan berdoa, walaupun dah berjaya, kejayaan itu tak bermakna kalau kita jauh dari pencipta kita.

Within 3 days, I feel like I dah jadi a completely different person, but what Dr Azizan shared in his class for NUH is just a tiny quarter from what knowledge he has. Bila dia share kejayaan anak-anak murid dia yang dah lama berguru dengan dia, I jadi tambah berinspirasi untuk ubah my life as well. Some of his students were in rough situations before, even harder than my life now, but they managed to become millionaires now. So that made me open up my mind that if they can, why can't I?

Dalam kelas Dr Azizan akan suruh kita tanya diri sendiri, 'What is our big why?' Big why to apa? Big why to something that will drive yourself untuk ubah hidup. Mula-mula I said my big why was my family, tapi lama-lama I sedar, my big why is actually myself.
I came to realize that what I actually want is to prove myself and be acknowledged. I want to be successful and have a name that my parents could be proud of because I owe them at least that for raising me up since I was never an easy child from the start.
I nak ubah hidup I dulu, baru I boleh ubah hidup the people around me. I want to be the source of positive energy, so that people around me would always be positive to change their lives too. I nak dekatkan lagi diri kepada pencipta, supaya bila I tinggalkan dunia, I dapat merasa syurga Allah juga, dan I nak people around me feel the same way too.
What I need to do is change my big why first, then only I'll be able to change the smaller why's I have.

Yes, my dreams sound big but we were taught to dream bigger than we could imagine so it would be a drive for us to change, Nak Ubah Hidup 2020 was a success to me and now I'm looking forward to joining the next one with my husband. There's another class after NUH which is called Millionaire Marketing Mastery (MMM) but I decided I'll hold that first and attend NUH with my husband first. Why? Because my husband needs to feel the same energy as I'm feeling now, then only we'll be able to do this together. Right now, I'm the only one who feels the fire burning, but he just feels warmth. So when we both manage to NUH, then only we plan to join MMM as we will need a guide to go deeper into a business. We both have no background in business, so we should invest in knowledge and a mentor. Now you see, I no longer have that skeptical thought about investing money in classes is a waste, because that knowledge is priceless and another thing about his classes is that you'll be surrounded by people carrying so much positive energy, you won't ever feel that money as a waste.

Program Nak Ubah Hidup (NUH) 2020 adalah program 3 hari berturut-turut bagi membantu usahawan atau bakal usahawan untuk tingkatkan tahap potensi diri, tahap kehidupan dan tahap kewangan melalui bisnes yang berjaya dan menguntungkan. Dalam 3 hari program ini, seramai 13,000 peserta dari seluruh Malaysia, Brunei dan Singapura telah membanjiri Setia City Convention Center (SCCC) dari pagi hingga ke malam. 

RichWorks International bersama pengasas Dr Azizan Osman sedar bahawa ramai yang memerlukan bantuan. Hasil daripada bimbingan beliau, ribuan usahawan yang pernah dibimbingnya berjaya mendapatkan hasil jualan di luar jangkaan. Dengan misi untuk membantu dan membangkitkan usahawan Melayu, bangsa usahawan (BANGSAWAN), ramai pelajarnya datang dari beberapa pelusuk negeri. Ada yang datang dari Kota Tinggi, Johor, Terengganu, Port Dickson dan pelbagai lagi negeri lain. 

Azizan, seorang World Class Business Educator dan Asia's No.1 Business, Marketing & Leadership Coach terkenal dengan keupayaan uniknya untuk membimbing anak muridnya sehingga mendapat results dan beribu-ribu pemilik perniagaan dan usahawan telah berjaya menerusi strategi dan metodologi kejayaannya yang telah terbukti untuk meningkatkan pertumbuhan perniagaan mereka dari sifar hingga berjuta-juta. 

Visi Dr Azizan Osman hari ini adalah
▪ Untuk mengurangkan kadar kemiskinan di dunia
▪ Meningkatkan pendapatan setiap isi rumah kepada lebih RM200 ribu setahun 
▪ Mewujudkan legasi 100,000 jutawan pada tahun 2030 


RichWorks International adalah penganjur acara dan seminar terbesar di Malaysia dalam bidang pembangunan keusahawanan dan pemasaran. 

Visi RichWorks adalah menjadi 'Netflix' Pendidikan Usahawan dengan 100 juta pelanggan menjelang 2025 dengan akses mudah ke kandungan berorientasikan results dan penyelesaian yang dipercayai di platform dalam talian - untuk Inspire, Educate & Add Value kepada komuniti di seluruh dunia. 

Sepanjang 12 tahun sejak 2008, RichWorks telah melatih lebih dari 10,000 syarikat menerusi Master Coach Azizan Osman, yang menarik lebih daripada 650,000 peserta dan pelanggan dalam lebih daripada 1,500 acara dan seminar dan RichWorks berjaya melahirkan lebih 700 Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) menerusi program mentoring RichWorks - Titanium dan SPIRE. 

Antara topik dan pengisian program Richworks adalah: 
Pengurusan Bisnes 
Perakaunan & Percukaian 
Pembangunan Diri 

Dengan rekod prestasi terbukti, strategi perniagaan dan program mentoring yang berimpak, RichWorks berjaya membantu membina beribu-ribu usahawan dan jutawan yang berjaya hanya dalam tempoh 6 - 24 bulan. 

RichWorks Hotline : 1300-88-2424

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