05 May 2020

It may be small but it's worth the investment. I used to have very bad chapped lips and applying lip balm only was no help. I procrastinated buying this for years because of the price because I felt it wasn't worth it for a small jar. But it turns out I was wrong all along, you can use one jar up to a year with everyday use. I'm still halfway through mine though. Besides its just to use on the lips which doesn't require much product anyway. It's supposed to be used only at night but I sometimes like to apply during the day too. No wonder Laneige's Lip Sleeping Mask is one of their bestselling products, you'll find that it ables to give the lips the right amount of moisture it needs. They started with the berry flavor but now they have a wide range of flavors to choose from this range. Keep on reading to know my thoughts on this product.

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Honestly saying, even though I was conflicted to buy this at first, this is like the best purchase I have ever made for my lips. I get it now why people have been raving about Laneige's Lip Sleeping Mask for years. It actually heals the lips. I was suffering from chapped lips on the upper area of my lips and the pain was quite intense sometimes. I tried lip balms but it soothes for only a minute or two. Then I tried petroleum jelly, which did help to provide moisture all day, but it wasn't helping to heal my lips. I wanted my lips to heal so when i ran out of jelly, I thought why not just give this lip mask a try. Even though I kinda half heartedly checked it out because of the price. 😅 Turns out, it's the best thing I ever done for my lips. After a month using this, my chapped lips is gone! I don't feel stings nor do I feel my lips intensely dry anymore. I somehow noticed that my lips became brighter as well. No joking, I had dark lips lines before and now they faded. It's been over a month and there is still much product left in the tub, so considering the amount of usage with the price taf, I could accept by heart that the price is acceptable enough. I came to know that @laneigemy Lip Masks also has such variations like their Water Sleeping Mask, so I'm eager to try those too. I could say I'll probably be loyal to this for now. Bought this 👉 @altheakorea . #LaneigeLipSleeingMask #LaneigeMalaysia #Laneige#LipSleepingMask . #CikcitsSkinCareJournal #CikcitsSkincares
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