19 May 2020

Here's a quickie post on a highly raved skincare product from Skin1004. This is my first and only Skin1004 product that I own and I have had it for almost a year now which I'm left with about a quarter of the product left. I have made reviews on this product on my social media from time to time. So now I'm posting a review on my blog after almost a year on this product. Does it work as it claims which is able to help with inflammation? This ampoule ingredient is 100% extract of Centella Asiatica only, which after a bit of study on this ingredient, I because obsessed with the ingredients itself. Keep on reading to know more.

Centella Asiatica is also known as Cica is highly praised for its properties that's rich in antioxidants that help soothes inflammation. This makes it a really good ingredient to help combat acne. Just reading about Centella Asiatica made me obsessed about it and when I did some googling, the ingredient was kind of a hot trend at that time as quite a number of brands were introducing products with Cica as it's main ingredient. I had a pretty hard time deciding which product should I try first since I haven't tried this ingredient before. After reading that the Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Asiatica 100 Ampoule offers 100% of Cica extract, I was sold. 

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Chose to give this a try as it was on sale at @altheakorea. At first I wasn't that keen as I'm not familiar with the brand. But this product kept popping up my timeline, so it tempted me to read its reviews. Almost all of them rated this 5 stars. So it triggered me to do a bit of research on Centella Asiatica and guess what?.. a few minutes later, I was totally sold! Centella Asiatica a.k.a Cica a.k.a Tiger Grass is know to be rich in anti-oxidants and helps to soothe redness and inflamation. Which means its good to help recover acne. There are many more of its benefits but I got sold because of this. After looking at the ingredriants, this ampoule consist of 100% Centella Extract ONLY. No need to think more, I instantly made my purchase. It has been one month over since I've started to use this ampoule and I could visibly see my acne scars clearing up. I use this in my AM routine rotatingly and sometimes in my PM routine when I feel I want to. I feel like this ampoule is perfect for those with oily skin as it abosrbs quickly in the skin and its light too. It comes in quite a huge bottle so it makes it worth for the amount paid. My thoughts on this are the same for those who rated this 5 stars. Its a good product and I obviously see results even though it does take a while to have the acne scars cleared. Because of this, I've been obssesed with Cica products and been hunting down for more. Saw that Skin1004 actually does have a few other products based from Cica, so I'm aiming to give those a try too. More deets coming on my blog soon. . #skin1004madagascarcentellaasiatica100ampoule #skin1004 #skin1004malaysia . #skincare #SkincareRegime #Ampoule #centellaasiatica . #CikcitsSkinCareJournal #CikcitsSkincares

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Sounds pretty amazing that this product offers nothing else but 100% Cica extract. That's probably why a lot of beauty bloggers have raved about this product. I myself saw and experienced the benefits of Cica after using this product. But after a while, this doesn't seem to work much on my skin anymore. Probably because I use a lot of acids in my skincare routine, which you who follow me would know the amount of skincare I use daily.
I use this product once a day only now, normally in my morning skincare routine, 2 or 3 days a week. Depending on my skin and my mood. I feel like this product has become something light to my skin but it does help soothe inflammation. I tend to reach out for this when I wake up and feel my skin feeling uncomfortable with acne.
If you're a skincare junkie and into products with a high tendency of acids, I don't really recommend this. but if you're the type that doesn't apply much skincare but looking to boost and help your skin fight acne, you could try this out. This worked great for me when I started using it, but after a while, it just seemed to lose its effectiveness on me.

Till then peeps!

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