Tips How To Choose Maternity & Nursing Bras

How To Choose Nursing Bras

Do I need a nursing bra? Here's how to choose the right maternity bra. You'll be able to select the comfiest nursing bras in no time. Welcoming a new baby is a total blessing and for the mother, she'll need a lot to adapt, especially for new mothers.  From pregnancy to giving birth to having the baby in arms, is a challenge and a new form of change. That was how I felt when I went through all of that. As many get excited to prepare for the baby, they somehow only see the big stuff such as car seats, strollers, cots and etc, but they tend to forget about their own comfort. Mothers, especially new mums, take this piece of advice and make sure you invest in comfy clothing because your body might not help while going through all of this. First of all, make sure you get the comfiest undergarments you can find because that area will change a lot. A LOT! Start buying as soon as you get pregnant because your body would change so fast without you realizing it and my main point is to get a proper bra. You can choose either to get a maternity bra or a nursing bra at once from the start. Why? Read on to know more about this topic.

One of my biggest regrets I have throughout my pregnancy journey and my journey as a mum was not discovering maternal undergarments earlier. I had the most uncomfortable moments when my body started to change but I didn't have much clue on how to solve my problem. I did go on a search hunt at stores to change my undergarments, finding panties was easy but finding the right bra was a problem. So during my pregnancy, I had very little knowledge back then so what I did was I just changed my bra from wires to no wired bra, which was a mistake from the very beginning. Turns out after I had my son I needed new sets of bras and my budget was already limited due to the unexpected things we had to buy. So I opted for cheap nursing bras which I bought from SG Shop. I wasn't complaining back then, but after a while, I understood why you need to invest in bras.

Difference Between Maternity & Nursing Bra

Maternity bras are designed for pregnancy and post-pregnancy while nursing bras are for breastfeeding which is also for post-pregnancy. To me, it's both pretty much the same because both are designed to help adjust to changes of the body and give comfort. You can choose which one to invest in but if you're planning to breastfeed, look into nursing bras from the start but again, I don't see much difference within these 2 types of bras. LOL...

Why Choose Proper Maternity / Nursing Bras

Why? Because bras function to help support the breasts and properly designed bras will help avoid breasts sagging. The most important thing is the feel, properly designed bras will make you feel comfortable even for long hours of use. This is because of the shape, material, and design which makes proper bras come with a pricey price tag, but don't get fooled with only the price. Somes are expensive because of the brand, what you really need to look into is the material quality and the design. This goes to all types of bras but let's focus on maternity bras for now.

Where To Find Proper Maternity / Nursing Bras

Actually, there are tons of maternity bras in the market but most of them are found online if you go to retails stores or in shopping malls, you'll find it hard to get and limited. That's what I did before and trust me it was a big hassle. When you go online there are way too many to choose from and you'll get stuck on which is good and which is not. So let me cut the chase for you and tell you the tips on how to choose the perfect maternity bra.

How To Choose Proper Maternity / Nursing Bras

1. Cotton or Nylon Material

These 2 materials are the best when choosing a bra as it could make you feel comfortable the whole day. I've tried plenty of types of maternity bras now and the comfiest are from these 2 materials as they are able to stretch and absorb sweat. Wearing them all day and you'll still feel comfortable at the end of the day without having to adjust your bra from time to time. And these materials also last longer and able to maintain it's shaped after multiple washes too. Trust me, when your body starts to change from pregnancy and after pregnancy, all you want is to feel the most comfortable. So make sure to start with comfy undergarments. Even now, when I have already ended my breastfeeding journey, I still look into these materials to look for a bra.

Nursing Bra with clip at front

2. With Nursing Clips

There are also nursing bras without nursing clips but for me nursing clips are important. It's easy and comfortable when you want to nurse your baby and it's faster as well. When you nurse your baby you'll want to be the most comfortable you can be. Why? Because nursing a baby can be uncomfortable sometimes and it's tiring as well. Especially when your baby is already cranky and you need to act fast, you'll find it a hassle if your nursing bra won't seem to detach. Urghhhh... The worst nightmare! Nursing clips are very useful and practical but make sure they ACTUALLY WORK. There are also button types, but clips are way faster and easier to attach and detach.

3. Underbust Band

An underbust band gives the bra a good fit for your body changes which automatically gives you comfort. Most nursing bra nowadays has this feature. I've tried ones without an underbust band my bra doesn't seem to stay in place and it was very uncomfortable. I only used that bra for 2 or 3 times before I stored it away completely. 

maternity bra with wide support

4. Wide Hooks Space

Before I went for maternity bras, I didn't like wide hooks because I kinda feel like old people's bras. LOL... Little did I know the wider the back is, the more comfortable it gets. I only started choosing the ones with wide hooks because most maternity bras are like that. So I guess there is a strong reason why. I usually choose the ones with 3 to 4 hooks at the back. It gives me extra comfort and support.

Big straps for nursing bras

5. Adjustable Straps

It's better to have adjustable straps because not all lengths of our shoulders are the same. With adjustable straps, you can adjust its length better to fit you and adjust it according to your comfort. It's the same as normal bras as well because, after some time, the straps starts to get loose and adjustable straps will help you get the length you need.

6. Design

Even though nobody would be seeing it except your baby or maybe your husband probably, but do mind that you'll be seeing it and choosing a design that you like would make you love wearing it more. Maternity bras used to be more of the same pattern and design which makes it rather boring, but if find the right place to buy, you can get pretty maternity bras at an affordable price!


As I mentioned above, most maternity and nursing bras are easily found online, and they're so many options to choose from. But to cut the list down, there is one online store that I find very easy to get maternity bras which are comfortable and pretty too! They have various designs of bras with the most affordable prices. 
You can check out
This online store focuses on pretty and sexy undergarments which include maternity and nursing bras as well. This store is definitely one of a kind.

Below are some of my picks that you can look into for their store
Comfy nursing bras online


  • Great quality & Supportive design
  • Soft & Ultra Comfy Material
  • A nursing clip can be detached quickly and easily
  • 4” of hook and eye closure for greater adjustability
  • Wireless nursing bra with supportive elastic under band
  • Practical & Ease of Nursing
  • Seamless and perfect to go under any top!
  • Hand wash and dry only
  • Material: Modal / Nylon
PRICE: RM79.00

Cotton nursing bras

WIRELESS BRA: not only has a stylish look but also with elastic shoulder straps, let you twist with ease, doesn't ride up and is not constricting.

BRA DESIGN: We love Milky Cotton simply because it's very soft for the skin, without irritation while maintaining the shape of your breast. This 100% cotton nursing bra is breathable and ideal for sleeping.
  • Making life easier for multi-tasking and on-the-go mommies.
  • Thick underbust band for added support and lift that sits closer to armpits and only goes to mid centre for greater comfort
  • 100% Cotton material for greater comfortability
  • Nursing clips can be detached quickly and easily
  • 4” of hook and eye closure for greater adjustability
PRICE: RM69.00

Adjustable nursing bras


  • Great quality & Supportive design
  • Soft & Ultra Comfy Material
  • A nursing clip can be detached quickly and easily
  • Hook and eye closure for greater adjustability
  • Wireless nursing bra with supportive elastic under band
  • Practical & Ease of Nursing
  • Seamless and perfect to go under any top!
  • Hand wash and dry only
  • Material: Polyamide / Nylon
PRICE: RM49.00

What's more awesome now that even maternity bras could be sexy. Honestly, it's hard to find, but you can find it here at Summer & Peach. It may not be as comfortable as everyday bras, but trust me, you'll want to have at least a few of these because of course there are times you'll want to have some sexy time with your husband. Here are some of the designs:

lace nursing bras



BEAUTIFUL: Say so long to the pumping corset and the basic blah beige bra; They lacy Ayla is your beautiful nursing and pumping lingerie. But don’t let the lace fool you, this bra packs a multitasking punch

MEDIUM TO HIGH SUPPORT: A real BRA, not bralette, thoughtfully structured bra with demi-underwire provides additional lift and shape with no uncomfortable pinching

EASY TO USE: Nursing clip for quick access to the breast with hidden flange openings. Both sides are independent allowing you to simultaneously nurse on one side and hands-free pump on the other. Works with all standard pump makes

EFFICIENT, ALL DAY: Saves you time, no need to change clothes or pumping bras when nursing or pumping - comfortable enough to wear all day and night.

SIZED TO FIT YOUR BODY: The hook and eye closure has 4 inches of room to tighten or expand as your body changes postpartum, allowing you to customize the fit on a daily or hourly basis. Please refer to our sizing chart and measuring guidelines in the images to find your perfect size. 

  • Nursing
  • Hands-free pumping
  • Simultaneous nursing and pumping
  • Breast panels with one-handed nursing clips for quick access
  • Hidden flange openings for double hands-free pumping
  • Compatible with all popular breast pump makes and models 
High Support
  • Mini underwire for added support and lift that sits closer to armpits and only goes to mid center for greater comfort
  • Nursing clip can be detached quickly and easily
  • 4” of hook and eye closure for greater adjustability
  • Romantic lace with delicate band lace detail for a sophisticated look
  • Designer brand from U.S
  • Hand wash and dry only

lace maternity bra


  • Simple soft elastic waistband (wire free) with adjustable fastener to fit your size fluctuations.
  • Adjustable shoulder cami straps with on/off clips that easily unfasten for fast breast access.
  • Lined cups with removable pads for added support and leakage.
  • Adjustable racerback-versatile triple hook-eye closure that can switch from standard to racerback setting to fit your everyday needs.
  • Bralette offers light support.
 PRICE: RM159.00

Till then peeps!