FOREO UFO Review & UFO 2 | Before and After Result

Review FOREO UFO after using it for 6 days

FOREO UFO & FOREO UFO 2 are famous smart masks. The before & after FOREO usage is quite an experience. Using it with FOREO's activated mask is luxurious, but does it work?  FOREO UFO 2 or UFO. Review Which Is Worth.

I used the FOREO UFO with it's activated mask for 6 days straight, day and night in my skincare routine. What would you expect it's before and after using the FOREO UFO? It's a very pricey treatment indeed but is it worth it?

Just say FOREO and I bet you beauty geeks are already familiar with what this brand has to offer. It started from their cleansing brush which soon made a hit worldwide as almost every beauty blogger has mentioned it. Reviews on it were everywhere at that time, I still remember, it was kinda phenomenal at that time and probably one of the first of its kind to have gone viral in the market. Now FOREO has launched quite a number of products with different kinds of ranges for different purposes. Up until today a lot of beauty influencers are talking about it and today I'm joining the club. Honestly, I've known the brand for the longest time but with such a price tag, of course, it makes me think and think every time I plan to get it, up until now. So in this post, I'll be highlighting on my review after testing it for 6 days straight and let you all know my conclusion either the device is worth every penny spent. Keep on reading to know my say on it...

This post is created in partnership with FOREO


It is a Swedish high-end beauty tech company that was founded in 2013. If you haven't heard of them yet, I can guess you're probably not into beauty stuff because their products could be found in more than 10,000 stores worldwide, including Sephora, H&M, Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, Barneys, Selfridges, and more. They even have them in Zalora in Malaysia.

FOREO products include LUNA facial brushes, ISSA sonic toothbrushes, IRIS eye massager, UFO smart mask treatment devices with UFO-activated face masks, ESPADA acne treatment device, serums, and Silicone Cleaning Spray. In the past 3 years, FOREO products have won more than 120 design and beauty awards and is also the world’s fastest-growing beauty device brand, based on search term numbers.

What Is The FOREO UFO?

The FOREO UFO as mentioned is a smart mask device that FOREO mentions as a mask that covers all your skin needs. So forget about your normal kind of sheet masks because this one is totally different. Instead of masking for 20 minutes, you'll get better results within 90 seconds, they claim. This device is to be used with its FOREO app and special masks which then uses 3 special treatments including LED lights to achieve its promised results.

FOREO UFO in its packaging box

What FOREO Says About It's UFO Device

Read what FOREO says on its website.

Main Advantages

1. Time Saver
Instead of the usual 20-minute mask routine, UFO does it all, only better, in just 90-seconds

2. Better Absorption
Instantly infuses serum into the deepest layers of skin, for superior results

3. Rejuvenating skin
It locks in moisture while reducing the appearance of pores

4. Pampering effect
Provides a soothing facial massage

5. Evenly distributes mask ingredients across every area of the face
Unlike conventional sheets masks which create air pockets that reduce benefits

Complete Mask Treatment

Hyper-Infusion Technology = (1) Heating + (2) Cooling + (3) T-Sonic pulsations

Hyper-Infusion Technology is a technology by FOREO which uses the skin natural reactions to heat and cool which also includes their signature T-Sonic pulsations.

(1) Heating
Thermo-Therapy Mode preps skin and enhances the skin’s absorption of UFO Power Activated Masks ingredients.

(2) Cooling
Cryo-Therapy refreshes, and instantly lifts and firms skin, shrinking the appearance of pores and puffiness

(3) T-Sonic Pulsations
Stimulate blood microcirculation and better absorption of products, facilitating skin renewal

LED Light Therapy

With 3 different LED lights to rejuvenate the skin. I did a little bit of study on the device and found about what LED Light Therapy is. Read below:

1. Red Light
It functions to build, strengthen, and maximize cellular structure which supposes to erase signs of ageing and stimulate collagen production. It's targeted at oil glands to reduce cytokines, which is mostly the main cause of inflammation that then leads to acne problems. 

2. Blue Light
Its main purpose is to kill bacteria. The blue light creates a specific wavelength that stimulates the production of oxygen which then creates radicals that could kill bacteria that cause acne without damaging the skin.

3. Green Light
It's for brightening the skin complexion and help even out skin tone too. The green light focuses on treating dilated capillaries, sagging, hyperpigmentation and also calms damaged skin which reduces the pain that comes with it.

Details On The FOREO UFO

Product Name: FOREO UFO Smart Mask
Price: $199 (Warranty 2 Years)
Where to Purchase:

To Be Used With The FOREO UFO

As mentioned above, in order to use the FOREO UFO, you will also have to use it with these below:

UFO Activated Masks

The UFO masks are mainly sheet masks but different from other kinds of sheet masks in the market. Visibly you can see that the shape is way way way different, instead of a face sheet, it's a small round sheet that is made to fit the UFO device. 

These activated masks are developed and sourced in Korea that is made from ultra-soft microfiber which is drenched in premium skincare formulas. You can expect how good they are if they are coming from a Korean company since Korea is well known for its beauty industry.

FOREO offers a wide range of masks to choose from with a starting set of its Daily Duo, Advanced Collection (5types of masks, developed to target specific needs of your skin), Based on natural ingredients Farm To Face collection.

The FOREO Application

Some say that you can still use the UFO device without using the FOREO app but why use the device without it since it's a FREE app. As long as you have the device it'll work great to help assist you with the treatment you choose. The FOREO application is called FOREO FOR YOU which you can download in the Play Store or App Store. It bares specially developed treatment routines for each of their devices. All you have to do is pair them up with your phone and the app will guide you. That easy! The app also lets you create your own, personalized power mask treatment routines by selecting your technology preferences. Awesome!!


How to use the FOREO UFO?

You can refer to the video above on how I used it. Basically what you do is connect the UFO device with the FOREO app via Bluetooth and then add an activated mask of your choice. Set up according to the instructions in the app and you're good to go.

When to use the UFO?

There’s no specific timing on when to use the FOREO UFO. Whenever or wherever you feel like indulging in a spa-like treatment, the UFO is the best option.

Can I use it every day?

It’s a mask treatment, just like your ordinary sheet masks, so you can use it every day to achieve better skin results. The difference is that instead of a 20 min mask routine, you’ll get a quick 90-seconds masking treat with better absorption and treatment for your skin.

How often should I use FOREO UFO?

There are no set recommendations from FOREO on how often you can use it. The FOREO UFO is still categorized as a mask, the difference is that it’s a smart mask. So like our normal masks, which we use when we feel like our skin needs a boost of help, think of the UFO the same way.

Can I use FOREO UFO without a mask?

How can I use the FOREO UFO without a mask? 
This is what makes it interesting with the FOREO UFO, even though they have their own specific masks made to use with it, it’s actually a very friendly device. 

You can use it without their activated mask or even without a mask at all!

If you’re using it without a mask, use it with aloe vera gel, coconut oil, serums, or even moisturisers. Layer the product on your face and you’re good to glide the UFO all over.

Can FOREO UFO be used with other masks?

Like I mentioned above, the FOREO UFO is a friendly device.

You can actually use it with other kinds of sheet masks instead of their activated masks by using 2 methods:

1. Cut the sheet masks in a piece big enough where it could fit nicely on the UFO
2. Wear the sheet mask on your face and glide it over with the UFO

I’ll go for option 2 since it’s easier and neater.


If you've been following me here or on social media, you'll know that I've recovered from a very bad acne breakout and it's been my mission since the past year to have it healed. I've done that and I've used so many types of skincare products too. My skin healed and got better but I noticed that with me focusing on acne treatment my skin is rather dull and I don't really like my skins complexion. I've tried using Vitamin C serums but it doesn't seem to show satisfying results for me. I need an obvious result.

So now with the UFO, which I'm thinking it as a booster in hopes, I'll get a better skin complexion. I've used the FOREO UFO Smart Mask for 6 days, in my morning and night skincare routine to test out the full potential of the device and masks on me. 

I could only test this for 6 days since a box of masks comes in 6 sheets and I'm using if for day and night.

Keep on reading below to see how this test worked on me:

UFO Masks That I Used

As mentioned above, there are various masks to choose from but my main skin concern, for now, is dullness. So below are the choices of masks that I chose to use:

1. Glow Addict (NIGHT ROUTINE)
For Dullness, Loss of radiance
Key Ingredients: Pearl Extract

Main Benefit: Enhanced Brightening
Illuminates dull skin for a healthy, radiant glow
Visibly brightens and evens skin tone.
Boosts dull, lacklustre skin
Increases skin luminosity for a radiant, healthy-looking glow.

2. Bulgarian Rose (DAY ROUTINE)
For Dryness, Dehydration, Dullness
Key Ingredients: Bulgarian Rose + Jojoba Seed Oil

Main Benefit: Hydrating
Infused with all-natural rose water
Replenishes moisture for a perfectly hydrated complexion
Gives skin a boost of radiance

Foreo Activated Masks Bulgarian Rose and Glow Addict

I chose to use the Glow Addict for my night skincare routine as it's more into brightening. The main ingredients contained in the Glow Addict is Pearl Extract, Niacinamide, Vitamin E and also Ascorbic Acid. With these ingredients in mind, I feel like it completes my current skincare routine that I'm using right now.

While for my day routine I chose the Bulgarian Rose mask as is of course because of the hydration property. The main ingredients in this mask are Damask Rose which is very known for its hydrating property. 

I'm not gonna go in too deep with the masks in this review post, probably in another post.

How My Skin Felt Before

As I mentioned, I hated my complexion. It looks dull even though I've been practising a 10-step skincare routine, I still couldn't achieve 'that glow'. Koreans say 'chok chok skin' in other words 'glass skin'. I definitely needed a boost to help achieve that. I tested this experiment with my skin looking dark and dull. so let's see what 6 days of masking with the FOREO UFO resulted in.

Before and After Using The FOREO UFO

Skin result after using FOREO UFO for a week
These pictures are unedited and were taken at the same place, within the same time period for each day.

How My Skin Felt After

If you see the picture above, its my result using Foreo ufo before and after. You don't have to look closely because you'll already see the difference at a glance. My skin indeed looked healthier and brighter. My complexion seemed better than before and my skin definitely looked healthier than before. 

My skin also feels so smooth, soft and plump! I don't even feel roughness at all. Usually, there are times in between the day where my skin gets rough and a bit oily which means it's time to have a quick wash and moisturise all over again. I usually use the spray kind if it's the middle of the day but since I've been masking 2 times a day with the FOREO UFO, I haven't done that at all. My skin has been maintaining a good barrier and hydration. I kinda felt like I had purchased a new set of skin because it felt so different.

Actually, I could instantly feel the result of plump and good skin vibes just after the first time using it but of course, it didn't show much results to my complexion. If you look closely, you could see by Day 3, my skin complexion has already changed a bit, which looks brighter and healthier. Even my eye bags didn't seem to show much even though I had a pretty rough busy week during this test.

My Favourite UFO Feature

FOREO UFO Remote Colours

After using it for almost a week, I could say I've pretty grown to this smart mask. Below are the features that I'm totally loving about it:

1. It's Custom Settings (UFO REMOTE)

Did you know that the UFO has custom settings where you could adjust the LED colours and the type of treatment you want. It's called the UFO Remote and I so so happen to love this feature because it gives more freedom on what type of treatment you are looking into. (To use this, it's better you study a bit on the colour treatments and etc). The FOREO UFO main colours are Red, Green and Blue but if you adjust the settings, you could also achieve white, yellow, purple and also light blue. 

Other than that, they have their T-Sonic Pulsations where you could adjust it's strengths up to 10 or you could choose not to use it with 0. While temperature control is what I like the most, it feels good with its heat and cool function. The pre-installed treatments all started with the heat feature which functions to help the absorbability for the product into the skin while the cooling treatment is used afterwards. Both feel great!

2. Its Size

The size just as big as my palm and having it in a round shape makes it compact and travel-friendly. Which makes it perfect to take it with me during staycations because it doesn't take up much space. I've seen other devices like this and it's rather bulky. 

Foreo UFO detailed texture

3. The Elegant Look

There's no denying that it looks so elegant with its gold body and bright coloured edge. Makes it a great for pictures and as props as well. LOL... But what's more satisfying is the feeling of owning it, it feels luxurious. Just look at how detailed it's body texture is. What I'm doing right now is displaying at my vanity. Even my husband could figure out that it's expensive even without knowing what it is. 

Is The FOREO UFO Worth It?

Why I put it that way? Well, the price for the FOREO UFO is $200+ . That's almost half the standard wage for a fresh graduate here. So it should be made worthy to break the bank for it right? The main reason to get the UFO is that it's said to cover all the skin needs, which means it'll help as a booster for the skin. So of course, we'll be expecting a lot coming from this device with such a price tag.

FOREO UFO back side without mask

The UFO is known for its technology, and of course, new technology comes with a price since FOREO is one of the firsts to come out with this kind of device. What makes it even better is, instead of focusing it to be used exclusively with its products, it's made to be a very friendly device!

We have the option to use it with or without a mask and honestly, their activated mask is not cheap, so with that kind of option, we could actually plan on how to use the UFO according to our budget. If FOREO made it limited to only use it with their products, it'll probably make a lot of users think on their budget and the question 'worth it?' would pop out often. Because I feel for beauty addicts such as myself, we can't really limit ourself to stick to one type of product from one brand since we always have the urgency to try and try new products in the market. But with having a device that's friendly with other products from different brands, it brings a new light to measuring its worthiness. Since the UFO's main function is to help boost skin results, why wouldn't you want to miss out on using it even with other products?

Look at it in the long run, it's actually more affordable than getting yourself frequent facial spas. With the pandemic breakout right now, you'll be thinking twice before you plan to get a facial too. The UFO is just like a home-spa treatment and it's quick too, you can use it every day with any kind of masks or serums and you'll probably benefit the same as getting a basic facial spa with your dermatologist. So if you do the calculations, owning the UFO is actually much cheaper.
So to my conclusion, it's definitely worth it!

What FOREO Could Improve

Even though I've said I love the device, there are some things that could be improved:

1. The App
It looks good and all and it's a major help using it for the treatment sessions but the steps are kind of a hassle. For example, having to scan the barcode every time to move forward for a specific treatment is a hassle. Because, before using the UFO, I make sure I'll cleanse my face and wash my hands. I try to avoid holding anything else after I wash my hands to apply skincare especially my phone because you all know how much germs a phone carries. 

I always tend to forget that, before attaching the mask on the UFO, you'll have to scan the barcode first. Urghhh... I hate that because I'll have to hold my phone to scan the barcode, which makes me have to go wash my hands again. Without the barcode, I could just use my little finger to press the start button.
That's one thing, another thing I hope they customize the button for custom settings (UFO REMOTE) in the right top corner of the app a little bit larger and fancier instead or probably put it at the centre. Because the small setting button at the edge kinda gives the wrong idea that it's to adjust the settings for the pre-installed treatments in the app while actually, it's for the custom treatment (UFO REMOTE) where you could choose how you want to use the UFO without its activated masks. It's a really cool feature but the button for it is just sad.

2. Battery Indicator
The app shows that my UFO still has 2 bars of battery left. So I postponed charging it since I was in a hurry and didn't have time to wait for it to charge. So I proceeded with treatment, it did pop out a message to charge the battery to avoid any interruption but I ignored it thinking it's only for 90 seconds. To my surprise, the device just died after 20 seconds. LOL... I was still on half of the treatment, but I see that my battery indicator on the app is still at 2 bars. So probably FOREO needs to look into that, it doesn't feel like it's properly synced.

3. The Ring on The Device
The ring to secure the mask looks nice but it's quite hard to determine it's upside and downside of it in a glance since it's a clear colour. So it creates kind of a delay to use the mask since I can't instantly determine if it's upside down to lock the mask. It'll be great if they had a coloured indicator instead of just a clear FOREO label on it. It also looks like it easily snaps in half, so I'm always constantly reminding myself to be careful about that.

Other than that, I don't have anything else in mind, everything seems good. Besides, there is already a UFO 2 in the market, so I guess that one should be an improved version.

My Review on The FOREO UFO

Did the FOREO UFO work for me? 

Well isn't that obvious already? YES! It did work for me but I do have a few says on this.

In just 6 days with 2 times of masking with it's activated mask, I managed to get a new complexion with healthier and brighter skin. It's honestly so so satisfying.


It's quite pricey, I used up 2 boxes of FOREO's activated mask in just 6 days, which sums up to almost $20.00. But still, it's cheaper than getting a facial.

Other than that, I kinda miss my 20 mins relaxing time with putting on a sheet mask. 90 seconds is very quick and it kinda makes me sad the treatment already ended when I felt like it just started. But actually, the treatment could be repeated as many times as you want.

FOREO UFO with attached activated mask

What I loved to do in the past few days was doing the treatment twice for each activated mask sachet since they were rather generous with their serum. After that, I'll go into settings and use their UFO Remote to do another set of treatment without a mask, I focused on the blue light to kill bacteria since the treatments that I chose didn't have the blue light treatment. It actually depends on my mood, I've been exploring the UFO remote ever since I tried it for the first time. It's definitely something to look forward too.

I do notice that the device tends to heat up a bit if constantly using it to repeat treatments, I use it no more than 3 sessions once used. I'm not sure if this is advisable to do so, but do note that I'm doing so to explore its potential for this write-up.

Result using FOREO UFO for a week
Here's a closer look on my skin after ending this experiment
The picture is unedited with no filter, taken with natural lighting

Overall I could say, my FOREO UFO review on this masking device is totally worth every penny if you're looking into for some help with your skin. It may burn a hole in your purse but it's worth the investment. My suggestion is to use it according to your budget. Get the activated mask at first, go into a deep service to repair your skin with the UFO and then just maintain it. You could switch to using the activated mask with the UFO twice or once a week but still use the UFO daily with other products for the rest of the days.

After experiencing myself a product from FOREO, I have certainly gained interest on the brand and really looking forward to experiencing more of their bestsellers in the future. What FOREO product have you tried? Here's a friend fishmeatdie who tried out FOREO as well.

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    1. Lepas beberapa bulan pakai ni memang best, tak rugi beli seriously. Its a good investment untuk diri sendiri

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  4. i've heard a lot of good comments about this product. thanks for confirming them :)

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