FOREO UFO vs UFO 2 Difference Review


What is the difference between FOREO UFO and UFO 2? Which is the best FOREO to get? UFO vs UFO 2 which one is better? FOREO offers smart masking devices UFO, UFO 2 and also UFO mini to choose from.  With multiple options of FOREO's smart masks UFO's, it is totally understandable if you're having a hard time deciding which one you should purchase. With quite a big gap in price difference, it's best you do a bit of research on the difference before you make your choice to make sure you don't end up with regrets because these devices are not cheap. I've tried both the UFO and the UFO 2, so for this post, I'll be sharing my honest review between the FOREO UFO and UFO2. 

As I mentioned above, FOREO has 3 types of UFO's but in this post, I'll only be comparing FOREO's UFO and UFO 2 since I don't own a FOREO mini. So if you're comparing between the UFO and the mini, this post is not for you, but if you're looking into the UFO and the UFO 2, below will be a rather lengthy post on these 2 devices between the differences and my opinion on them. So if you haven't yet owned any of these two devices,  read my first review below on FOREO's UFO device before proceeding to this post so you have a better introduction of FOREO and what the UFO actually does.

Review FOREO UFO | Before and After Obvious Change? See My Results

Now that you already know the potential of the FOREO UFO. Let's talk about an UPGRADE with the UFO 2, the latest technology for FOREO's smart mask device. Before we go in further, refer to the table below for the difference between the UFO and the UFO 2.


By comparing these 2 devices side by side of course the UFO 2 stands out. However, the main question is, is the UFO2 really that much better than the UFO? Since it does have quite the price difference, I know you're thinking if that extra $80 should be worth spending? Well, let me help you with that on a detailed review of the features comparison between these both smart masks devices.

If you've read my review for the FOREO UFO which means you already know the basic introduction of what these smart masks are and their functions. So I'll directly start my review by pointing out the different features for FOREO UFO vs UFO 2.

1. LED Lights


UFO 2: Full-Spectrum

At first, I didn't think the LED lights were such a big deal until I became more aware of LED light technology for skin care and how it helps improve skin condition, I began to appreciate this feature better making me want to use it every day. LED light treatment is one of the latest modern technology in skincare to help with skin issues. You might be surprised but there are actually a number of devices in the market that focuses on this treatment also, but so far I found FOREO's UFO to have the most elegant and compact design compared to others. Besides, FOREO is among the pioneers in creating this kind of device more home-friendly.

Getting back on the LED light feature, it's true that the UFO 2 stands out way better than the UFO. The UFO is only able to produce basic RGB lights with an additional about 6 other colours if I'm not mistaken, and that's all. You can still get yellow, purple and lighter shades of RGB colours too if you play around with it but it's a bit tricky.

While for the UFO 2, it can show more precise colour lights, which means way many more colours than the UFO can show. I didn't count how many colours specifically, but you get the point right? Only when I started using the UFO2 did I realise the function of FOREO's latest app update where it shows a prism of colours to choose from in their UFO remote.

When I was first started using the UFO, the UFO remote in the app was in a slider form and it was way easier to handle back then, as by sliding it I could control the colour contrast I wanted. But then, when they upgraded their app to a colourful prism with little dots of colours to choose from, I thought the update was just crap because the UFO couldn't change into all those colours and it got harder (I have fat fingers... LOL) for me to get the exact colour like I wanted, as for example like yellow, light blue, purple & etc.

Only when I started using UFO 2, did I realise how useful these little dots are because the colours actually change more precisely. Not all dots change into a different contrast colour, but it's way better than the UFO.

However, speaking from the side of somehow who doesn't really have much knowledge on LED light technology, I don't really know the functions of each specific LED light colour, even the basics confuse me still.  That's why I don't find the LED light technology such a big deal to splurge on since I don't know how to make full use of it yet. But, it does seem to have some difference if you're using it with FOREO's activated masks since the masks already have their own pre-set treatment. 

I'm planning to do a detailed review of the FOREO activated masks soon for my own reference since each mask has different types of treatments. Some come with Cryo-treatment and some don't, so I want to keep in mind what type of treatment each mask offers so it'll make me easier to make purchases in the future. I'll link the post here once I've done that.

For now, back to the LED light technology, from my point of view, it's great to have access to the full spectrum of colours but it's no use if you don't really know the exact function of it. So if you're thinking to splurge on the UFO 2, you might want to study a bit more on LED Light Technology for the skin to make your money worth it. You can read up a summary of the LED light purposes here: FOREO UFO Light Technology

2. Thermo-therapy

UFO: Normal Speed Heating

UFO 2: Ultra Fast Heating

Most activated masks treatments will start with Thermo-therapy, which is heating. This treatment is to make sure the essence penetrates deep into the skin so you'll see better and faster results to your skin by using the FOREO's UFO's.  The difference between UFO and UFO 2 thermo-therapy feature is that it's said that the UFO 2 heats up 5x faster than the UFO.

Honestly, to me, I couldn't really feel much of the difference. Okay, so probably the UFO 2 did heat up a little bit faster than the UFO by seconds but if you don't pay much attention to it, you can't really tell the difference. To me, the UFO is already good enough since it heats up within seconds too, so really, it's really hard to tell that the UFO 2 heats up faster because both smart masks heat up within seconds.

3. Cryo-therapy

Available for both devices (Mini not included)

I so so so love this feature! Cryo-therapy is their cooling therapy and it's honestly just so relaxing, I really can't get enough. For most activated mask treatments, the cryo-therapy is during the last step of the treatment combined with green LED light. Some activated mask treatment's don't have cryo-therapy in their pre-set treatment so it couldn't be used with the UFO mini. If you're planning in between the mini or the regular UFO, just take the UFO. Cryo-therapy is a must!  

4. T-Sonic Pulsations

Available for both devices

FOREO T-Sonic Pulsations is meant for massaging the skin, making the muscles more relaxed to combat puffiness, fine lines and also dark circles. The name pulsations sound so grand, right? It's basically just vibrations, which may not seem so special but actually, it's quite nice having it in the facial treatment. For activated mask treatments you cannot control the vibration strength but you can use the UFO remote in the app for your own curated treatment. You can adjust from 1-10 and of course the higher vibration mode you choose the louder the vibration sound and also the feel is different. I find the low mode to be more calming probably because the sound of the vibration is low.

5. Mask Compatibility

All Types of Activated Masks for Both

  • Make My Day 
  • Call It A Night
  • Matte Maniac
  • Shimmer Freak 
  • H2Overdoes 
  • Glow Addict
  • Youth Junkie 
  • Bulgarian Rose
  • Coconut Oil 
  • Manuka Honey 
  • Acai Berry 
  • Green Tea 

6.  FOREO Colours

Same for both devices

Pearl Pink, Fuchsia, Mint

I wish they had a different set of colours for their UFO and UFO 2 so we can instantly tell if that's either a UFO or a UFO 2. If I got the same colours for the UFO and UFO2 it'll be hard to differentiate which is which at once. You'll need the help of the app to determine it.

7. Price Difference

UFO: $199

UFO 2: $279

FOREO UFO vs UFO 2, the difference between the smart masks devices is $80 which I feel is quite a large amount. I don't think I'm the only one who thinks that too.  

Major Difference Between The UFO and UFO 2

What I'm highlighting is the major VISIBLE difference we can clearly see from the UFO and the UFO 2. We all know the technology of the UFO 2 is way better than the UFO but you can't really tell the difference straight away. So below are the major difference between these 2 smart masks that I could clearly see.

UFO VS UFO 2 difference

1. Connectivity With App

UFO needs to be turned on manually by pushing their on/off button for it to be connected to the FOREO app. While for the UFO 2, it could be turned on by using the app without pressing it's on/off button on the device. So this way makes it simple to handle and less hassle to use. This is probably one of the main reasons why I keep reaching out to the UFO 2 instead of the UFO now. 

2. Packaging

The UFO 2 packaging is fancier compared to the UFO, so you'll be able to differentiate instantly the UFO and the UFO 2 if it's in a box. But once it's out of the box you'll be hard to figure out which is which if you get the same colour. So make sure if you're purchasing both types, get different colours.

The items included in the package are a USB charger cable, a device stand, 1 Make My Day Mask and manual instructions. The UFO 2 has an additional serum sample included.

3. LED Light Colours

Yes, the UFO 2 has the full spectrum of colours to curate your own treatment and that's really quite a big advantage if you are into LED light technology. Testing these 2 devices with the Smart Control in the app, I find that the UFO 2 is way much easier to select the colour choice I want. While the UFO makes it hard to select the precise colour after FOREO updated the app. And sometimes it lags too while trying to select a colour.

So considering the new update on the app layout, the prism of colours should really be used for the UFO 2 only, while for the UFO, they should maintain back to the old slider RGB option because honestly, it's no use for all those colours because we can't properly select the colour we want. 

4. Temperature Control

I didn't notice this at first but while writing this post I came across it. Turns out that the UFO 2 has a manual limit temperature control where you could set the cooling and the heating temperature for the device. So cool!  While the UFO does not provide that option, so I guess the cooling and heating is always set at default. 

The temperature control is totally a plus point to get the UFO 2 because having the option to customise the default temperature is great but, you can only control the limit of the temperature. That doesn't mean that the temperature will follow the one you selected while using your UFO remote. The UFO 2 has the function where you'll be able to see the current temperature of the smart mask device while using the UFO remote.

5. Find My Device

This feature is only available for the UFO 2. I found this a bit funny at first, and somehow I still do. I'm not sure if anyone really uses this but it may come in handy I think for those who always tend to misplace their stuff. The UFO's to me are precious devices so I have their own home prepared for it so I don't think I'll be using the function in a long long time. LOL

I however did try it out and what it does is that it just vibrates loudly. If the UFO 2 is placed at a rough surface then you may hear it, but if it's on a soft surface, I'll bet you'll have a hard time hearing it clearly.

FOREO App For The UFO & UFO 2

In my review post for the UFO which I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I highlighted the improvements FOREO should make for their UFO device and the first I mentioned was their FOREO Application.  After a few months, FOREO updated their app and honestly, it's like they heard my complaint because the change was so different from the previous and way much more user-friendly than before. Kudos FOREO!

Below is a list of what they improved:

1.  No Need To Scan Barcode

This was a major hassle before, you actually had to scan the barcode for every treatment sesh with an activated mask. Even though you have tried that mask range before and it's saved in your account, but still they required a barcode to function.

Thank goodness that's all over with the new update, now you can start treatment with just a push of a button making it much less hassle. 

2. Smart Control Button

The old layout showed the Smart Control Button (UFO Remote) as a setting button. It was a small button positioned at the top of the app which makes a statement like it's not a plus feature for the UFO while actually, it is. The Smart Control feature is one of the main reasons why you should own a UFO. Having a customizable device to create a curated skincare treatment for your skin is totally why the UFO wins in many ways.

I really didn't get why they tried to hide the remote function in the old app layout. If they're trying to push for activated mask treatments only, honestly I don't think the UFO would be such a catch because it has a pre-programmed treatment routine only for their activated mask. So users wouldn't really have many options to play with the UFO.

Now the app shows a specific button with 'Smart Control' on it so those who are new to the UFO would clearly see that it has this cool function instantly. The new layout creates a better statement that the UFO Remote is a feature they must explore.

3. Battery Indicator

During the early stages when I used the UFO, its battery indicator didn't really sync well. The app shows that the UFO still has 2 bars left but after a few seconds it died. But now, it really does sync better. With one bar left showing it can still run a treatment.

4. Overall App Layout

The layout improved a lot than the last version, making it more user-friendly. The tabs are more organised and easier to find. I love how on the main page we can see the FOREO devices we own making me want to collect more FOREO products in the future. The app however sometimes lags with errors. There were a few times it disconnects the devices I already had installed and was unable to connect it back. I think there is probably still a glitch, but after a while, it goes back to normal.

My Journey Experience With FOREO

When I received the FOREO UFO quarter end last year I was overwhelmed with joy because this smart mask has been on my wishlist for so so so long! When I finally owned it, I used it every day in the beginning, since I had to write a review on it. My experiment that time was to use the FOREO UFO two times a day in 6 days which resulted in very healthy-looking skin. Honestly, my skin glowed and it has never been seen that healthy ever since I got pregnant and had my firstborn. I'm not blaming my baby but we all know our body tends to become weaker after giving birth and my skin condition also changed to be acne-prone. That's when I started being obsessed with skincare because my body and skin tends to react if I don't take proper care of it by neglecting its basic need.

I started to be more alert in the skincare products I was using but it took so long to achieve the skin goals I wanted, which the Koreans say 'chok chok skin' or glass skin with using skincare only. With the help of the FOREO UFO I did manage to achieve that if I  consistently used it,  but once I stopped, my skin tends to react again. 

I'm not saying that using the UFO is the exact reason why I got good skin. Not at all, I'm saying that when I use the UFO I'm mostly in the mood to take extra care of my skin. Even though the UFO is a very quick masking treatment but honestly the set-up takes up some effort. So during that time, I usually put a lot of effort to heal my skin like completing all the layers of skincare, applying sunscreen every 4 hours and also controlling my eating habits.

I'm not gonna lie here, but over time I did get lazy to use it. The set-up is pretty easy I know, but still reaching out to the phone, opening the app, connecting to the app then and washing it after use, does add extra steps to my skincare routine. Sometimes I'm even lazy to do the basics steps of skincare so you get the idea right? 

Good skin requires a lot of work and time it, I usually spend about 10 minutes each for a full skincare routine every day and that does not include masking. Not to mention the imbalance hormones we girls go through once every month, my skin tends to break out the most during that time. My skin gets even worst with acne breakouts when I'm under a lot of stress and pressure, and during those times I could hardly care much about my skin because I have plenty to think about already.

Over the pasts months (reaching a year) that I owned the UFO, I repurchased some more activated masks which I used mostly 2-3 times a week. Because let's be real, maintaining 2 activated masks on a daily basis will leave me broke, I can't afford that yet. So to make full use of the FOREO UFO, on an everyday basis, I've used it with serums, emulsions and even other kinds of masks and my skin still looked good but not as plump and glowing since my first experiment with the UFO. But still, my skin did still look healthy with fewer pimples popping, especially during my period. 

However, I stopped using the UFO daily a few months back. Why, well let's say I got lazy and I was under a lot of stress and pressure. At first, it was because I couldn't connect my UFO to their app. FOREO updated their app a couple of months back, I think it was the first upgrade with a totally different layout on the app. I tried for several days but still didn't manage to connect my device with the app and I tried contacting FOREO on this matter but got no response. So I googled about it and turns out many have been experiencing the same so I just chilled and waited for a few days (a week over actually because I finally remembered about it). I finally got to connect my device with the app after that.

But since then I've been rarely using the UFO, probably because I got used to not using it after I couldn't connect it to my app. But still, during that time, I did maintain my normal skincare routine, however, it did seem that my skin took a really long time to heal after I get an acne breakout. In fact, I couldn't really get to clear my acne at all since my skin tends to break out so easily after that.  Once my skin seems to calm down and acne marks are fading, new acne pop out and that takes weeks to heal too.

So far, my experience using the UFO is positive. I could see and feel different with and without using FOREO's UFO. Since I've been posting about the UFO on my social media, I do get some questions about it. Now since that, I've tried the UFO and the UFO 2, I think I could answer these questions below:

Which FOREO Smart Mask is better?

Between the UFO's, which UFO device should I get? Honestly, just cut out the mini because Cryo-therapy is a must-have! So it's either the UFO vs UFO 2. Which FOREO Smart Mask should you get? My answer is: Depends on your affordability. 


The UFO is already a really great device and it's actually already sufficient enough to carry out the job of achieving the skin goals you want. However, the UFO 2 does have its perks in terms of being more user-friendly but with quite a major gap in price between these 2 devices you'll really have to think about which one you can actually afford. The price range for both devices is almost the minimum wage of a month's salary so the best answer is to get which you can afford to splurge on, since owning a smart mask device isn't really a necessity ain't it?

So which FOREO Smart Mask is better? Since I own both now, which one do I prefer better? Of course, the UFO 2, since its features are a little more advanced but still, even if I did not own the UFO 2, I'll still be satisfied enough with the UFO. 

Does FOREO help with acne?

My skin used to be an oily combination, but over the past few months, I came to realise that it's now more to acne-prone skin, but still considered oily. So of course I've been working my best to make sure I could control my acne and honestly it wasn't easy. For this question, let pictures show you the results.

Results Using FOREO UFO Before & After
Result of my previous experiment using FOREO UFO activated mask 2x daily

Below are pictured after I stopped using FOREO daily

foreo ufo vs ufo 2 review result
difference between foreo ufo and ufo 2 test
foreo ufo vs foreo ufo 2 test
During this time I haven't used the UFO at all for over a month

As you can see from the pictures above, my skin was glowing when I first finished my treatment with the UFO last year. But then early this year after I reduced my usage from using activated masks and the UFO daily, my skin reacted with breakouts. Pimples pop out then heal but before it's completely gone it comes back again. The worst is in my last photo above as I completely stopped using the UFO. You can clearly see the difference right? That's also because I'm going through issues and honestly I've been so stressed out too.

So when the UFO 2 arrived at my doorstep, it was like a sign for me to start taking care of myself again. Of course, I was burning to get good skin again. I started using the UFO 2 on 19th April, once a day so it's been over a week now and below are my results.

FOREO UFO 2 Before and After

results using FOREO UFO 2
Results of using FOREO UFO 2 1x daily for over a week

As you can see from my picture on 17th April until 29th April the difference is pretty obvious but seeing the progress after a week over my acne still isn't completely gone. It's getting there but slowly. However,  feel one of the reasons why my acne isn't healing fast enough is that my hormones are pretty much imbalanced right now. I could tell because I'm getting those big painful acne inside my ears and at the back of my body. So I really need to take some supplements for my body I think since I haven't been eating and resting good enough.

So to answer the question does FOREO help with treating acne, I could say yes it does from the results above. But again, it does still depend on a good skincare routine and food intake. Since this experiment was done during the fasting month, I drank and eat less sugary things too, so that should be taken count as well. But to compare during the time I stopped using the UFO and now, I could see my acne recovery a little more speedy and my complexion getting a little better too.

But still, I may need more time to see obvious results on this and of course, I need to make sure I'm consistent too. 

Product Details


UFO: 920MYR | 199USD 
UFO 2: 1250MYR | 279USD 

Origin: Sweden


Overall Thoughts

As I mentioned above, if to choose between the UFO and the UFO 2 it's mainly based on my own affordability. If I'm able to splurge then definitely I'll choose the UFO 2, but if not, the UFO works just as fine. You've seen proven results too in my picture above for FOREO UFO 2 Before and After.

The FOREO UFO and UFO 2 is an expensive beauty device but with the features, it includes, it's totally worth the purchase no matter which type you choose. So I hope this post helps with your FOREO UFO VS UFO 2 question.