Review VT Pro Cica Mask

VT Pro Cica Mask Review

VT Pro Cica Mask is among the masks available from VT Cosmetics. This sheet mask from VT Cosmetics recently had an upgrade formulation and it's a must-try. Read on to know what VT Pro Cica Mask has to offer with its new and improved fromulation.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes. I was not paid to write a review but that does not affect my thoughts on it. Do take note that my experience with this product may not be the same as yours as each skin type is different. Your Milage May Vary (YMMV). I am also not a skin expert, I'm only a skincare enthusiast. Hence, I do not qualify to suggest dermatological advice, please seek a certified medical practioner for further advice if needed.

What is VT Pro Cica Mask?

VT Pro Cica Mask is a moisturizing & soothing sheet mask. VT Cosmetics claims that their Cica Mask has stronger moisturizing + soothing solutions. Their Pro CICA mask pack contains CICA ampoule that moisturizes dehydrated and sensitive skin. It soothes and comforts the skin effectively and provides an intensive soothing, moisturizing, nourishing effect. 

What VT Cosmetics Claims on Its Pro Cica Mask

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1. Soothing
2. Moisturizing
3. Vitalizing
4. Made from soft & low irritant gauze seal fabric
5. Delivers moisture to dry & sensitive skin
6. Contains CICALIAO to care for dry & gentle skin
7. Added triple hyaluronic acid
8. Contains CICAHYALON

Product Details
Price: 79MYR | 23USD (per box)
Origin: Korea
Skin Concern: Purpose
Skin Types: All Skin Types
PAO: 12 Months
Full Ingredients List (INCI): 
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My Thoughts on VT Pro Cica Mask

This is my review of VT Pro Cica Mask
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Looking into the full list of ingredients for VT Pro Cica Mask, its active ingredients are Centella Asiatica Extract, Propolis Extract, Cica Components, Blue Chamomile, and Hyaluronic Acid. The new formulation for this Pro Cica mask does look promising. However, it does contain fragrance.

6 sheet masks come in a pack which includes a box. The box design is similar to its per sheet mask packaging but just less fancy. The packaging of the sheet mask comes in good quality packaging that makes it feel expensive by touch. Since this mask now comes in a new formulation, its overall design is slightly different from the old one which is easily noticeable if compared to both of them together. It's a good thing they differentiated the design too as users could easily spot the one with the new formulation.

The sheet mask texture reminds me of a bandage, the roll we usually use in the hospital. LOL... But I have no complaints about that, it actually feels nice. It's not too thin or too thick, it's just nice. The serum inside also is plenty. I poured it all out and patted it into the mask and it absorbed all of it in seconds. 

It has a fade fresh scent, which is good for me.

I didn't experience any irritation or bad experience while and after using this mask. I've tried 2 sheets already and after each application, my skin feels completely moistured and plump. It indeed is refreshing and the mask doesn't seem to dry off completely even after 20 minutes of application too. The mask also fits on my face well and it covers most of my forehead too. What I like the most is the gauze sheet it's made off, it absorbs and locks the serum and it doesn't easily tear as well.

Overall Thoughts
It's a decent mask. Pricewise is affordable too and could be a weekly mask. I highly recommend trying this mask. It should be suitable for all skin types.

My Rate
Rate: 5/5
Repurchase: Yes! 
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