Review Mentholatum Acnes Powder Lotion

Mentholatum Acnes Powder Lotion Review

Mentholatum Acnes Powder Lotion is within Mentholatum's Acnes skincare range which is curated for those with acne combination skin. This toner contains 2 types of lotions to be mixed together. Read on to know what Acnes Powder Lotion from Mentholatum has to offer.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes. I was not paid to write a review but that does not affect my thoughts on it. Do take note that my experience with this product may not be the same as yours as each skin type is different. Your Milage May Vary (YMMV). I am also not a skin expert, I'm only a skincare enthusiast. Hence, I do not qualify to suggest dermatological advice, please seek a certified medical practioner for further advice if needed.

What is Mentholatum Acnes Powder Lotion?

Mentholatum Acnes Powder Lotion is an acne-fighting toner. Mentholatum claims it to be a skin-clearing toner that is specially formulated with medicated acne-fighting powder which eliminates pimple-causing bacteria while minimizing excessive sebum. This then helps to keep skin smooth and pimple-free. The upper layer lotion is to hydrate skin while the lower layer is an oil control powder that absorbs excess sebum.

What Mentholatum Claims on Its Acnes Powder Lotion

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1. Dual-phase formula maintains fresh and shine-free skin all-day
2. Oil-absorbing mineral 
3. Absorbs excess sebum to prevent clogged pores
4. Removes dead skin cells
5. Penetrate deep into pores to fight blemishes
6. Brighten dull skin
7. Lighten acne mark
8. Contains >95* pure Centella Asiatica Extract

Product Details
Purchase: Local: mymentholatum | Global: website
Price: 19.90MYR | XXUSD (150ml)
Origin: Japan
Skin Concern: Oil Balancing
Skin Types: Oily, Acne Prone, Combination
PAO: 12 Months
Full Ingredients List (INCI): 
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Water, Alcohol, Butylene Glycol, Zinc Oxide, Succinic Acid, Disodium Succinate, O-cymen-5-ol, Menthol, Disodium Edta, Chondrus Crisupus (carageenan) Extract, 3-0- Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Aloe  Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Propylene Glycol, Chlorphenesin, Hectorite, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Asiaticoside, Citric Acid, Madecassic Asid, Asiatic Acid"

How To Use

To use, shake the bottle well to combine the medicated powder with toner. Dampen a cotton pad with Medicated Powder Lotion and swipe on cleansed skin. 

My Thoughts on Mentholatum Acnes Powder Lotion

This is my review of Mentholatum Acnes Powder Lotion
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Looking into the full list of ingredients for Mentholatum Acnes Powder Lotion, its active ingredients are Centella Asiatica components which are Asiaticoside, Madecassic Asid, Asiatic Acid. It also contains Aloe Vera for soothing and Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)for brightening. However, it contains Alcohol and the INCI list don't look so great for my skin.

It comes in a clear hard plastic bottle with a flip cap. This toner does not come with outer packaging, instead, it's wrapped with a clear film. The clear bottle makes it easy to see the 2 different types of lotion inside so when the bottle is shaken you can see if it's properly well.

This milky coloured toner is very watery and runny which makes it easy to absorb into the skin. It's not sticky and it leaves a cooling sensation on the skin.

It has quite a strong scent, kinda reminds me of some kind of medication but I can't remember which one.

I have only tried this toner a few times but after that, I couldn't use it anymore. This is because it feels very drying on my skin after application. And looking into the INCI list, it contains Alcohol and Ascorbic Acid which my skin is rather sensitive with. I didn't experience a breakout though, so before I did I just stopped using it since I didn't like how it felt. 

Overall Thoughts
Mentholatum Acnes Powder Lotion may not be for me but I'm sure that this may be a great toner for some of you. The price is very affordable and easily found in drugstores too. 

My Rate
Rate: 2/5
Repurchase: No 
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