27 March 2015

The Sweetheart in Collaboration with Fayre Network #MiraLooks 5

Hye peeps!
Another beauty look for today. Wohoooo... I'm pretty excited this time cause this is my first time ever doing a collaboration! I'm still new with makeup tutorials and have a heart to collaborate with popular beauty youtubers, ouhhhh... the feeling is so insecure. I feel so tiny, but everyone started somewhere right?
So forgive me if my video does not suit your taste yet, I'm still learning.

This collaboration is setted up by Farisha Nadia, she who created Fayre Network on Facebook in the purpose to gather beauty bloggers and youtubers together so we could get to know each other and learn from each other. This is actually a really good thing for newbie's like me cause I will get exposed  to their world and maybe get to learn something from them. I found it pretty hard actually to find Malaysian youtubers that vlog about beauty and makeup just by using the search engine. So with this group created, I actually found out that there were plenty of us. So thank you Nala for this opportunity.

I collaborated with 7 other beauty bloggers which I will mention below to do a look. Each person got a different theme and mine was The Sweetheart Look. So what do you guys think? Did I succeed?

The sweetheart look is a look I created for The First Date. OMG!!! My first date was years back and I didn't even know how to wear makeup back then. And of course I wouldn't have looked like this if I even wore makeup. If I could just rewind time and go back to the day my boyfriend picked me up on my first date, I would surely go for this look. I think all I had on that time was a little bit of eyeliner. No lipstick, no powder, no nothing at all. But that time I still haven't reached 20 yet, so that could be unforgivable right?

So since I am now 23,  I asked Syafiq what type of look does a guy like when seeing a girl around my age. So he says a girl that looks natural without too much make up. Too much makeup is a no but of course at the same time seeing a girl that cannot touch up a bit is a no as well. Of course on a first date you would love to look your very best, sweet and pretty. But don't go too overboard, try staying as simple as possible. 

Hence the look I created should be able for you to look like a sweetheart on your first date. I stayed with soft colours for the eyes, pink and purple combined together. Then with a very thin stroke of eyeliner to make the eyes look bigger. Of course no falsies since I wanted this look to look very natural as possible. So I used L'Oreal's butterfly mascara which created the perfect lashes for this look.
For the eyebrows I chose a lighter colour to create my brows, for me somehow it brings out the eyes more and creates a more soft and sweet look.
For the lips I just planned for a nice light soft pink sweet colour and added a little bit of orange and bright pink for the blush.
I didn't contour my face since I wanted to minimise the changes to my face, besides I have a pretty round face, I should let the guy know that I have a round face. LOL
So overall this is pretty much it.
Below is the video I made on how I created this look.
And please excuse me if I'm talking really weird, when I'm in front of the camera my tongue somehow gets caught. I'm speechless. 

Done with mine? How was it?
Wait there are still more looks! Check out the other Beauty Youtubers with their looks.
I'm sure you'll get pretty inspired.

Tamanna Islam (The Alluring Spring)

Siti Nurizzati (The Glitter Glam)

Puteri Zatil Aqmar (The Tech Nerd)

Wiida Ribbon (The Hollywood Siren)

Maya Hanum (The Party Life)

Mira Cikcit (The Sweetheart)

Hope you girls enjoyed this
Till then peeps!

24 March 2015

Review: L'Oreal Paris Base Magique Primer

Name: L'Oreal Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer
Price: RM49.90 

Usage Purpose: Smooth Wrinkles and Fine Lines, Hide Pores, Corrects Skins Imperfection.
Availability: All Major Pharmacies

Hey peeps!
So another review today with something really new for me. I'm not sure if most of you are familiar with primer's but this is my very first so I'm pretty excited. I had this for some while now, and I'm only writing a review after I know how I certainly feel about this product.
So since this is my first primer, I would not be able to tell you the comparison with other primers, but I could share with you how I feel with and without using a primer for my makeup.

So as mentioned above, this primer is used smooth wrinkles and fine lines, hide pores and corrects skins imperfections. Which I find really working cause it does help to make the skin my more cleaner.  And the most important part is that it covers up the pores well, which I always have problems with especially at my nose.
The L'Oreal Base Magique primer as you can see come in a rosy colour which helps to create a more natural base look and is used before applying foundation or BB cream.

The texture is kinda rough but really moist and thick. Once swatch your skin will instantly transform smoother. It also feels very light and does not have any sticky feeling after applied. No odur as well. It blends perfectly well also with foundation or BB Cream creating a really nice clean face. It does cover up the imperfections of the skin. But primers are only used at certain spots of your face where you feel troubled and not to be applied to the whole face like your day cream. I once thought that as well, which was funny when I actually googled up the correct way to use the primer. Well, all people make mistakes right. Anyways, I can't comment much further since this is the only primer I have right now. So till now this works perfectly fine with me.

Till then peeps.

20 March 2015

What is Ephyra Skin Bar?

Name: Ephyra Skin Bar Collagen 
Price: RM39.00 (Exclude Postage)

Usage Purpose:
• Moisturizes the skin and boost radiance
• Skin becomes brighter, smoother and firmer
• Removes dirt, oil and dead skin cells
• Treats acne prone skin
• Eliminates acne scars, wrinkles and pigmentation
• Eliminates 'blackheads' in advance
• The ability to eliminate body odor
• Suitable for the whole body

Availability: www.oceanlife2u.com 
Facebook : oceanlife2u
Instagram : @ephyraskin
Contact : 019-3800779

Ephyra Skin collagen is actually a soap Bar that is formulated 100% from natural ingredients. It does not contain any chemical substances and is suitable for all skin types, for both men and women.
Usually we will hear collagen for drinking, but not usually as a soap bar. This is what makes Ephyra so special.

Ephyra Skin Bar is made from 8 types of natural ingredients
1. Glutathione
2. Collagen
3. Alpha Arbutin A Bearberry Extract
4. Seaweed
5. Rice Bran Oil
6. Carrot Extract
7. Banana Enzyme
8. Glycerin

All of these ingrediants has been proven effective in the field of beauty and provides various benefits to consumers. For example, Gluthatione is rich in antioxidant to protect the protein enzymes and prevent skin damage that can lead to scarring and wrinkles. Gluthaithione could also slow down the process of aging and improve skin condition.
Same goes with Collagen, it also nourishes the skin to prevent aging and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

What is so special about Ephyra Skin Bar?
- Banana Enzyme
Act as an anti-aging agent that improves skin texture and tone while making the skin smooth, soft and radiant.

- Carrot Extract
Anti inflammatory properties help revitalize skin cells and make the skin more even toned, glowing and help repair skin tissue also protects skin from the sun.

The Goodness of Ephyra Skin Bar
• Moisturizes the skin and boost radiance
• Skin becomes brighter, smoother and firmer
• Removes dirt, oil and dead skin cells
• Treats acne prone skin
• Eliminates acne scars, wrinkles and pigmentation
• Eliminates 'blackheads' in advance
• The ability to eliminate body odor
• Suitable for the whole body

3 Minutes with Ephyra Skin Bar
1. Wash your face with water
2. Rub Ephyra Skin Bar with your palms
3. Gently massage your face for 2-3 minutes
4. Rinse and apply moisturizer on the skin

For darker or problematic skin is sugested to use Ephyra Skin Bar  2-3 times a day.

So right now I'm coming in my second week using Ephyra Skin Bar. This is how I look now with my bare face. Lets see what changes the Ephyra Skin Bar will have on me. I have serious pores and blackheads problems. Hope it could do the job as it says so.

Till then peeps

Review: Thriller Live in Malaysia, The Legend Still Lives ON!

Name: THRILLER  LIVE a Musical Celebration  
Venue: Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur

Original Creator

Director & Choreographers

Show Dates & Time: 
19 March (Thursday), 8.30pm
20 March (Friday), 8.30pm
21 March (Saturday) – 3pm & 8.30pm
22 March (Sunday) – 3pm & 8.30pm
24 March (Tuesday), 8.30pm
25 March (Wednesday), 8.30pm

Ticket Prices:

VVIP : RM 538
VIP : RM 468
CAT A : RM 398
CAT B : RM 298
CAT C : RM 168
CAT D : RM 128
(Ticket prices not inclusive of RM3 processing fee)

Ticket Promotion
Early Bird Discount
Enjoy up to 25% Discount till 12th January 2015 for all categories 

Ticket Sales
Tickets for THRILLER LIVE are now on sale. 

03-9222 8811

Email address
charmaine.teh@milestone-production.com (corporate tickets)
Purchase Tickets:
Operation HoursMondays – Fridays (9 am – 6 pm)
Saturdays (12 pm – 6 pm)
Sundays & Public Holidays (Closed)

Show Information

19 March 2015

Review: L'Oreal Paris True Match Super Blendable Powder

Name: L'Oreal Paris True Match Super Blendable Powder 
Price: RM49.90 
Shade: Natural Beige
Availability: All Major Pharmacies

Hello peeps! Another review today.
So this is currently my favourite powder when I'm applying my makeup.
It works just well with me and covers up mostly what it has to.  So far there's nothing much for me to complain about this cause it blends well with either BB Cream or even foundation.

So this powder is included with a mirror as well. And of course there will be a sponge, but I use mostly a makeup brush to apply my powder. So don't find much use of the sponge exactly. But wait, were is the powder? There is no powder under the sponge.

Ohhh.. here it is. I've zoomed it up for you. The powder is in a compact form like most of the powder I'ved used. Next time I wanna try other kinds of powders I think. I'm always going for these kinds of powders. Anyways, as you can see this powder only comes in one shade. I chose the natural beige, its kinda of a tanned shade, which I find the perfect match for me since I'm not that fair.

Did I forget to mention that this powder has a double lid. Honestly saying that I was dumbfound myself. I opened the powder and was looking for the mirror, since at the back of the description says it is included with a mirror. And I was like, where is it? Did I have to pull out the powder from the protective case. So I like korek2 the edge but cannot. Then I looked closely and found like another compartment at the back. I said 'Open Sesseme' and it opened. HAHAHAHA.... I felt really stupid somehow. This powder played tricks on me.

My hands are a bit darker that my face, so when I swatched it to my hand it looked kinda different. I don't know what I'm saying. LOL... Anyways it works pefectly, like perfectly well with me. I don't have the heart to use another powder when I'm applying my makeup now. It makes me look just perfectly well. And this product comes in 3 more shades I suppose, I'm not sure, but there is another darker one and another two lighter ones. For now I find this shade just suitable for me.

Till then peeps!

18 March 2015

Azanis Scar Serum, Tips Menghilangkan Parut.

Nama: Azanis Scar Serum
Harga: RM80.00 (termasuk pos)

Kegunaan: Hilangkan parut, Kecantikan kulit & wajah, Hilangkan jerawat, Mengatasi kulit kusam, kulit kering dan juga kulit berminyak.

Dapatkannya: www.pakarparut.com
 ✆ SMS/WHATSAPP : Taip " PARUT " hantar ke 019-4886964

Bagi seorang perempuan, mahupun lelaki parut merupakan salah satu perkara yang paling ditakuti. Bukan mudah untuk menghilangkan parut. Malah Mira sendiri mengalami masalah dengan parut. Biasalah, semua orang mahu kelihatan cantik, tapi bila ada parut dah macam rasa diri tak cantik sebab kulit dah tak kelihatan licin lagi. Lagi-lagi untuk perempuan kan?
Jadi bila Mira dapat maklumat mengenai Azanis Scar serum ni, Mira terasa nak cuba pula. Disebabkan masa kecik-kecik dulu banyak main permainan lasak-lasak jadi sampai sekarang masih ada lagi kesan parut. Kalau boleh Mira nak hilangkan parut-parut ni sebelum Mira kahwin, kalau tak malulah future husband tengok. HAHA
Mira tengok testimoni Azanis Scar Serum banyak yang memberikan ulasan yang bagus. Parut yang sangat teruk pun boleh hilang, apa lagi parut yang kecil-kecil je. Tapi belum cuba belum tahu kan? Rasa macam nak dapatkan serum ni sekarang juga.

Jadi apa tunggu lagi? Kalau betul-betul berminat dan nak dapatkan dengan harga paling istimewa, 
cepat-cepat ke -> www.pakarparut.com


Taip " PARUT " hantar ke 019-4886964

17 March 2015

Pimp My Chulip Workshop With The Butterfly Project

Hey peeps! Its a new week again.
I so wish it was Friday already so I could have my weekend all over again.
I don't know why but it seems that my weekend is always short. Can't get enough of my weekends, I have tons of things to do on weekends. *Sighhhhhh

Anyways, last Saturday I was invited to parcipate in another one of The Butterfly Projects events. This time it was Chulips, Pimp My Chulip Workshop. I was pretty excited that Saturday cause it has been a while since I've met my beautiful butterfly buddies and of course because of Chulip. I have heard about the brand several of times before but never had the chance yet to try out one for myself. 

So the event was held at Kare Cafe One Utama and was participated by 50 butterflies including me. Made me happy to see familiar faces and had some laugh, and also new faces as well. 
Anyways we were given a small introduction about Chulip, so if you guys don't know about Chulip, it is from Mentholatum which I'm sure you girls are familiar with. So the Chulip comes in four funky colours to choose from but its plain with no deco whatsoever.
So the purpose for that days event was for us bloggers to show our creativity and turn plain Chulip to an awesome looking Chulip.
We were given some Sharpies, Glue and Sticking Materials to Pimp Our Chulip in 2 hours time. Everybody looked really excited and had so much fun while doing this. Some even didn't move around since they were so focused. I felt like I was back in my art class during high school, everyone was so concentrated with their work.
The only thing which was different was that there were superb refreshments for us to dig in.

So after everyone was satisfied with their Chulip, they had to put their Chulip at the table provided. See how cute and creative everyone was? Try guessing which one was mine then? Guessed it?

Tadaaaaaaa... Meet The Ultraman Chulip a.k.a Funky Darth Vader (kata Anfaal) LOL. Yess, mine is the odd one out being black. I was surely out of ideas cause I was one of the last people to go get materials, and I ended up with borrowed Sharpies from the other butterflies. So this what I managed to create. And the funny part was The Ultraman Chulip was selected as the top 6 creative Chulip for that day.
After that there was a voting session for the top 3 best designed Chulip and surprisingly I won. I am so grateful for the other Butterflies who has voted for my Chulip causeeeeeeeeee

I won my very first Baby G watch. I think we all won this actually, cause everyone else did a awesome job as well! I wasn't the only person who took home a Baby G, there were also another 2 butterflies. And for the other 3 bought home consolation prizes as well.
In fact all of us bought something back home.

It was a fun evening session with Chulip and these ladies as well. A big applause to Tammy for another great event. I feel so lucky to be one of the butterflies in this community since the beginning of it.

And yess people, this is the Baby-G that I won on that day. Just cute right? I'm not sure if I'll ever wear this, cause its just too cute. But don't get jelly melly with me yet, cause all of you could get and even more awesome gadget from Chulip by pimping your own Chulip at home!
You could be on the run to win yourself an ipad mini! How?

All you have to do is go to Chulips Website
And upload your photo of your pimped Chulip there!
Hurry cause this contest ends on the 31st of March, just a week from now.
So get creative ladies and best of luck!

P/s: Review for Chulip Lip Balms will be up soon

Till then peeps!

13 March 2015

Review: L'Oreal Paris True Match Foundation

Name: L'Oreal Paris Le Teint True Match Super Blendable Liquid Foundation
Price: RM55.90 (30ml)

Shade: N7 Nude Amber
Lasting Capacity: 12 Months
Form: Liquid
Includes: SPF17
Availability: All Major Pharmacies

Hello peeps!
Another review for today. I'm sure most of you are already familiar with L'Oreal's Paris True Match Liquid Foundation. You can find it at almost any major pharmacies available.
This is my first True Match liquid foundation and I wasn't really sure what my shade was. But I'm thinking that this is the perfect match since I kinda have a tanned skin colour but not so dark.
Honestly I'm still figuring out what my actual shade is.

So I gave it a try, I'ved used this a couple of times already. This shade goes perfectly well when I swatched it to my hand cause my hand is much more darker than my face. But I kinda feel that this shade is a little bit dark for me and cause me to look a little bit "I don't know the right word" but  after I applied powder it blends really well.

Overall, wearing it does last the whole day, only con is that I will always have to pat powder once in while, it makes my skin a oily. But what I love is that it creates a nice smooth look and covers up my imperfections well.

Thats all peeps!

12 March 2015

Review: Makeup Revolution Bronzer Bronzed

Name: Makeup Revolution Bronzer Bronzed
Price: RM16.00 

Other Shades: Light-Shimmer
Availability: Makeup Revolution Website (Purchase)

Hey peeps! Today its gonna be about Makeup Revolution's Bronzer in Bronzed.
So if you guys have been updated with me lately, you guys would have known that I'ved used this bronzer for my recent look.
And I also told you guys that I was pretty excited trying this out cause this is my first ever bronzer.
I always saw on makeup tutorials that Bronzers are used for contouring the face, and I was so eager to try it out.

So when I swatched it out the colour looked really goldish brown. There were two other shades to choose from, but I picked out the darkest cause my skin tone ain't that light. So if I choose a lighter colour it won't be any useful for shading right?

The colour is like goldish brown which somehow makes the skin glow really nicely. I am so loving this, but still I'm curious about the two other shades and how much difference does it make with this bronzed one.

What I'm Loving
The attatchable lid. It lessens the hassle to open it up with two hands and it solves my problems with missing lids.
It has a mirror at the back as well
The texture is nice and I don't have to use so much for the colour to be visible.
It lasts the whole day
Its also super cheap and affordable.

What I'm NOT Loving
The sponge, its so thin. With me using it I know it won't even last a week.

Overall I'm satisfied with this bronzer. It helped to create a nice sun kissed look. I'm just gonna love this forever.

What do you think?
Let me know in the comment below

Till then peeps!