Review: Corvan K9 Cordless Anti-tangle Vacuum Cleaner

01 March 2021 Malaysia


Corvan Anti-Tangle Vacuum

Corvan may be a new brand to some people so this probably why you're seeing this post. If you're a fan of Shopee and looking into vacuums in that marketplace, I'm certain you may have come across this brand called Corvan. But since it's still not a widely familiar brand here yet, this may be the reason why you're looking into the brand right now. Well, that I could understand because I was there too! Keep on reading as I'll give you a brief on what brand is Corvan and a full review of their  K9 Cordless Anti-tangle Vacuum Cleaner is worth it.

About Corvan

Corvan is a local Malaysian brand! Yes! was established in 2014 focusing on everyday home appliances such as robot vacuum cleaners, robotic mop and more to improve modern-day living.  Corvan actually has quite a number of electronic home appliances to look into that it'll make it hard to believe that it's actually local brand. Corvan uses USA engineered technology on their products so you won't have to worry that it won't last long as they are fortunate enough to have a network of good technology partners and suppliers worldwide to make this possible.  

Corvan Anti-tangle Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me from Corvan in exchange for an honest review. I was not paid to write this review but that does not affect my thoughts and writings on this.

Before I was sent this vacuum, I had happened to discover Corvan's Cordless Vacuum cleaner in Shopee as I was looking for a budget-friendly cordless vacuum cleaner within the range of RM600+. I didn't want to opt for a cheaper vacuum because I wanted a vacuum that was easy, quick & less hassle. Corvan's Anti-tangle vacuum was among the vacuum selections on my list as it's rating on Shopee was high. 

However, that was the first time I was hearing about Corvan and of course, with an unfamiliar brand, I wasn't sure if this should be the one to choose. Even after googling up more info, all I see are seller ads or big websites with reviews on them. I didn't come across a personal blog yet that reviewed Corvan's vacuum so I wasn't so certain back then. So honestly I bought another vacuum.

I was approached by Corvan later to have a try on their Corvan K9 Cordless Anti-tangle Vacuum Cleaner, which was the vacuum cleaner I had listed on my list of good rating vacuums on Shopee, so of course, I wanted to try as I would love to explore what Corvan products can actually offer. So before I get into the in-depth review, below are details of the vacuum.

Benefits of Corvan K9 Cordless Anti-tangle Vacuum Cleaner

Main Features

1. Super lightweight Brushless Digital Motor

2. 100,000RPM

3. Ultra-strong suction power at more than 17,000pa

4. Long run time of up to 40min to clean large space

5. USA engineered

6. Cyclonic dust separation system

7. User-replaceable Li-ion battery pack

8. High brightness LED headlight - cleaning dark area is a breeze

9. 2-speed Normal and Turbo suction mode - to suit the various need

10. 3-stage HEPA filtration - stainless steel, HEPA and sponge filter

11. Washable 3-stage filter set

12. Ergonomic handle and grip stress-free vacuuming

13. 1 press operation - no more continue pressing the trigger to vacuum

14. Lowest profile among cordless vacuum at 11.8cm - to clean under tight space

15. 4 cleaning heads

16. Lightweight - Machine weight only 1.4Kg

Specifications of Corvan Cordless Anti-tangle Vacuum Cleaner

HEPA Filtration: Yes, 3-stages

Cleaning width: 9.5"

Charging Time: 2-4 hours

Charger input: 100-240V

Runtime: 40 mins, 25mins (max mode)

Rated power: 170W

Suction Power: 115AW@100,000rpm

Dirt Capacity: 600ml

Body Weight: 1.4kg

Accessories Included

Corvan Vacuum Accessories

Anti-tangle soft fluffy floor brush - no more hair winds up on the brush
Anti dustmite mattress cleaning tool - for mattress, sofa, soft toys
2-in-1 crevice tool - for car, narrow space and corners
Swivel head dusting tool- swivel for wall and ceiling


  • 5 Years Vacuum Motor
  • 1 Year Body
  • 1 Year Battery

Check out my unboxing video for K9 Cordless Anti-tangle Vacuum Cleaner.

My Experience with Corvan Cordless Anti-tangle Vacuum Cleaner

I've used Corvan's K9 Vacuum for a month now and I could stay I've grown quite attached to it. However, there are a few things that I feel the vacuum could improve but let's get to that later. Read my experience using this vacuum.

Best Features Of Corvan K9 Cordless Anti-tangle Vacuum Cleaner

Corvan Anti-Tangle Vacuum Cleaner

1. Anti-tangle Head

The main head for this vacuum totally makes your money worth it. Honestly, I didn't think much of the head at first because it looks almost like any other vacuum, but after using it for myself, I came to find reasons to get attached to Corvan's vacuum because of these reasons:

Corvan Vacuum Review

1.1. Anti-tangle Roller

The roller brush in the head is made of small soft bristles almost like a paint roller but denser and thicker. Compared to another vacuum I have, Corvan's roller is all bristles at the same height which I thought wasn't a big deal but guys, it is! The roller prevents hair or strings vacuumed from getting tangled onto the roller and straight into the dirt space. Because compared to my other vacuum, I always get hair tangled and strings tangled on my roller and I'll always have to pull it out to get my vacuum running smoothly again. But for this one, I have had no experience of any tangles with hair at all, I'm unsure of large strings but so far my experience with it is smooth. Having the roller flat at the same hight also reduces the risks of the roller not functioning well before its time as pulling out tangled hair and strings could damage the roller.

1.2 High Brightness LED Headlight 

It's a good thing that the vacuum has a headlight but it's way better with a brighter headlight because the other vacuum I have has a dim headlight and the experience is easily comparable. Vacuuming at dark corners is really an advantage with Corvan's K9 Vacuum because you can see clearly if there are any dusts or particles left. This feature comes in most handly like places under the bed, below the TV cabinet, a dimly lighted room and so on. 

Corvan Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

1.3 360° & 90° Swivel Head

One of the finest features of Corvan's Anti-tangle head is how good it swivels. It makes vacuuming so much easier especially with one hand only. Being able to rotate 360° & 90° is good enough but having it turn so easily with just the use of one hand is better. This feature may not seem heard fascinating but it'll fascinate you once you've actually experienced it. I didn't have to thoroughly compare this feature with my previous vacuum because Corvan's Anti-tangle head definitely outstands it. Corvan's head swivels smoothly with just a light push with one hand making cleaning easy for limited spaces. I depend a lot on this swivel feature because I'm just too lazy to change heads most of the time.

2 Ultra-strong Suction Power 

I thought it was a bummer when the vacuum only offered 2 suction modes while my other vacuum had 4 but to my surprise, I find it more convenient now. Why? Because Corvan's K9 starting power sucks really well compared to my other vacuum for it's starting power. Doing a comparison between both vacuum, what my husband and I noticed that Corvan's Vacuum suck more particles in a swipe compared to my other vacuum which only competes with the Corvan's on its 3rd level of power. It's more obvious when vacuuming our carpet, as after a run with the Corvan's K9 we don't feel any feeling of particles on our feet when we step on the carpet, but we still do feel a bit with our other vacuum. 

3. Long Run Time

I was very eager to compare this function with the usage at my mum's house because her house needs a longer run time as space is bigger and full of cats, so she will definitely use turbo mode a lot. Compared to my home, which pretty much is empty spaces without pets so I don't have to use much power to clean up, so in my home I could go with 3 days for normal cleaning without charge. But I bet my mum would take lesser since my other vacuum could only stand for 20 mins at my mums for a full clean, while for my house will take about 2 days until the battery is fully drained. Due to MCO, I couldn't travel back to my mum's but I'll update this post again once I have tried Corvan's K9 vacuum there. Corvan states that it's run time is up to 40min to clean a large space but we'll see how it goes at my mum's.

4. Power Indication

This may seem normal, but my other vacuum does not have a complete indication such as this one. 
Red: Power is low and in need of charge
Yellow: Power is at mid 
Green: Full power
It also has flashing indications colours while charging so we know the battery percentage roughly. This feature may be normal but seriously my other vacuum does not have this indication so using this vacuum makes me realise how important it actually is.

5. Quicker Charging Time

It's indeed quicker than my other vacuum. Corvan states it to be from 2-4 hours but I didn't really keep track because I've only charged it a couple of times only. I could say it's quick because I've run a test with my other vacuum and charged it from no battery to full, Corvan's K9 was fully charged while my other vacuum took about another hour to completely charge.

6. Easy Opening of Dirt Basket

I just love this feature, honestly, the trigger to open up the dirt basket is so easy, I wish it was the start button. Sometimes I get confused and accidentally open up the dirt basket. The dirt basket also has a wide opening so it's easier to get the dirt out in one go without having to pull some of the leftover dirt out. Just put plastic under the opening and you'll get almost everything out in one go. 

See How To Maintain Corvan K9 Cordless Anti-tangle Vacuum Cleaner

What Could Be Improved

I can't say that Corvan's Anti-tangle vacuum is 100% perfect because there are a few features I find my other vacuum is better. Below is the list of what Corvan's K9 vacuum could improve.

1. Short Extension Rod

I'm not so sure if Corvan's K9 has the average height like other vacuums but comparing to my other vacuum this one is an inch shorter which doesn't seem to be seen as much difference but it does seem to take an effect after a few minutes of vacuuming. I didn't experience much difference since I'm short, so the height of the vacuum is good enough for me. My husband, on the other hand, felt it was a bit too short as he is 176cm while I'm only 151cm, so he has to bend quite a bit to use the vacuum in certain places. But he doesn't really vacuum much anyway, so that's not quite an issue for me.

2. Weighty Motorhead

Corvan's K9 build is smaller compared to my other vacuum but the motorhead is a bit weighty than my other vacuum which makes the arms start feeling the weight pressure after a while, so I will change hands when I start to feel tired. Also, I push it everywhere instead of keep lifting it up.

3. Trickey Start Button

You will have to press and hold onto the power button for 3 seconds to turn it on. This should be a good safety feature actually so that toddlers and kids at home don't turn it on easily when playing with it. But for me, I find it a bit hard because I'm the type of person that wants everything quick. This is more as a preference actually.

4. Small Hanging Bracket

With the price to be RM600+, I know it's logic enough with the accessories included in the box but the hanging bracket is just a small plastic bracket just to hang the vacuum. My other vacuum has the same feature but it's built-in with a charger, but I don't find that feature impressive too since it does require a wire plug to charge. Anyhow, it will be great if Corvan could make the hanging bracket longer even if it's only plastic as it will totally put better function to hanging the other accessories together for easy reach.

My User Experience 

Overall I could say I'm pleased and very much satisfied with Corvan's K9 Cordless Anti-tangle Vacuum Cleaner. In fact, I'm pretty much proud that a local brand could come out with a good electronic device as good as international brands. Yes, I did highlight certain downside points but that doesn't mean it isn't worth it as all products should have a downside.

My other vacuum is an international brand with the same price range as Corvan's K9 vacuum so I feel that it's the best option for comparison. If I have to pick between both vacuums, I could say it would be hard because both have features I love, but one thing my other vacuum cannot beat is definitely Corvan's Anti-Tangle head. The features make my vacuuming experience so easy & quick!

Product Deets

Product: Corvan K9 Cordless Anti-tangle Vacuum Cleaner

Price: RM1198 RM648


More Details



So if you're looking into a cordless vacuum cleaner, I'll highly recommend Corvan K9 Cordless Anti-tangle Vacuum Cleaner.  Stay tuned to their social media as they offer massive promos every month! If you're a fan of Shopee, stay tuned to their 3.3 Sale coming up!

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