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Where can I play FREE online games WITHOUT downloading?  Since the lockdown, I bet many of you are looking to play best free online games right? Are you also looking for arcade games online too? If you have no idea where you can start playing online games, let me share with you a website that you can play hundreds of online games without downloading, without ads and you'll need no account as well. Keep on reading to know.

Honestly, I'm not the gamer type of person but I do like to play games once in a while. Sometimes I could get addicted too when I'm really in the mood for playing games.  However, I don't like installing games because I know I'll only be playing them once a while, and I don't like games taking up space in my drives. I store all my documents and pictures online too so that my computer runs faster, I have had that habit for over a decade. I find it easier to have everything stored online.

I tried opting for online games before but most of the free websites are just full of ads. I can stand a few ads because what would you expect from a free website right? But the amount of pop-up ads that are too much gets annoying after a while. That's why the only game I ended up playing at the age of 29 now is Homescapes. LOL... It's the only game app I've installed and I have nothing else. I only play it once every 2-3 months. That's how very little I play games.

Since the lockdown, I've pretty much been staying at home which I'm not complaining about. I've always been an introvert and staying at home has always been nice for me but still, not going out anywhere at all makes me in need of something new to do probably once a week. I've been having some mood to play games, a different game instead of Homescapes but I didn't want to install games on my phone. So I thought, why not try online games again. This time I stumbled on Plays.Org and now I'm hooked.

plays.org free online games

plays.org/ is a free online game platform where there are hundreds of games and the best part is that it has NO ADS! I don't get any annoying pop-ups while on their site and that is to highlight. Their website is very clean and simple to find games too. I didn't have any problems finding games to play at all. And believe it or not, I actually spent almost 2 hours on that website to just explore games. LOL... 2 hours may be short for gamers, but for me, it is way over my usual time spent for games, which is normally 30 minutes max.

As I said, I'm not the gaming type but this game website really did spark some interest to me. There are so many games and I had no problems playing games on the computer or even my phone. I could quickly change between games too, and the website is really organized. Makes you find the type of game you'll like in seconds.

Below is a breakdown of Plays.Org

  • no status symbols or paid upgrades
  • super simple games which are a chance for fun, but do not aim to alter your identity or establish addictive loops
  • casual games you can dip in and out of, many of which you can beat quickly
  • no need to download apps to play
  • no need to register or set up a user account

This is definitely the kind of gaming website for people like me, I usually don't spend money on games and I like simple games that I can play without having to keep coming back and continue like app games. I tend to like games where I can play once and then move on quickly, like Solitare. Haha... I know I'm old-school.  

I showed my husband this website and he clearly showed how happy he was when he discovered arcade games. My husband has been persuading me to give him the green light to get a Play Station ever since the lockdown but I would never let that happen. He's a bad game addict when he starts playing games, and I'm certainly not allowing him to spend all day playing games when I need all the help I can get working from home with a kid on the loose to handle. My son is at a stage where it's hard to handle alone so I mostly need his help so we both can get some work done at home.

Ever since I discovered this website, I usually sneak and play a few simple games while I'm working on my laptop. To my surprise, that actually helped me progress work faster because I don't get stuck too long when I run out of ideas to progress my work. I feel like my brain is more relaxed compared to when I stop and stare at my computer screen to think of ideas. 

I also caught my husband doing that as well. LOL... But that's fine with me as long as he's not using a console. If he starts using a console, I'll start to worry because he can play games for hours until late at night and won't be able to wake up the next morning. The only time I let him do that is when my son is staying with his grandmother so we both are free to do our own work for the rest of the day. Sometimes I can't believe that we're turning 30 next year and have so many commitments. That's why I can't really find the time to play games all day long because I'm pretty much copped with work and house chores.

Anyhow, playing games once a while, even for a short period of time is really helping me dealing with my stress. I feel more relaxed so I've been making this a daily habit. I'll usually play games once a day and instead of sticking to one game, I've been exploring multiple games in Plays.Org's game library.

What I want to highlight is how they sectioned their website:

  • Player Favorites
  • Arcade Classics
  • Awe Shoot!
  • Cartoon Games
  • Comics Games
  • Education
  • Solitaire
  • Sports Games
  • Retro Pixels
  • PinBall
  • Base Defense
  • Simulation Games
play.org games

I find it so easy to pick a game especially going through their game catalogue. It's already easy to find the types of games I want but I feel like they could improve the layout as well. Probably make the arrows drop down so we can get an idea of what games are in that category. And even for their highlighted section, instead of just featuring 4 games each, they could probably put a 'See More' button below so users could explore more games from the category.

However, to me, the website is already good enough, having NO ADS at all is totally something to be thankful for especially when it's FREE! Makes me wonder how do they keep the website running if there is no source of monetary income. Even I have to put ads on my blog to keep my blog running. Hmmm...

Another thing I want to let you all know is a trick I tried for this website and it actually works! So my son has started to play games on his phone. I let him play games when he can use his phone and it seems that he got bored with playing Tom Cat and Tom Run. LOL... His device is controlled by me so he can't install other games but he keeps making a fuss that he wants to play other games. I don't allow it because these games for kids have tons of ads and it's so annoying when my son can't get out from an ad. Almost every few minutes he comes to me,  and some ads show toys which makes it even worst. 

I looked into free online games for kids with no download but each website seems to be full of ads. My son is turning 5 years old next year so he can't really properly control the phone yet. And yes I do let him play games, but before you start judging my parenting style, try to think about the emotions of a kid with no siblings stuck at home almost every day. We can't even go to the park during this lockdown. So I do let him play games during his phone time which has a limit every day. When the limit is up, the phone will auto-lock itself.

Okay, so back to the trick I mentioned. Since Plays.Org don't have any ads, I looked for a game that I think would be easy for my son to play. The first I tried was this virtual xylophone , I let him try to play first and he liked it. I almost fell asleep accomponing him playing this.

To make it easier for him to play the next time, I used the Chrome browser on his phone, opened the game in the browser and clicked the 3 dots at the right-hand corner of the screen and ticked the box 'Add To Home Screen. Then go to the phone's home screen and you'll see a thumbnail to the game. Click it and it directly loads the game on Chrome Browser. It's just like clicking an app! When that worked, I looked for another game and tried the same thing and it works as well. I tried that for Tom & Jerry's Pinball game. My son doesn't exactly know how to play it but he had fun with the noise and graphics it has. 

Anyhow. I saw quite a number of educational games too but I just hadn't had time to fully explore it yet. But I think once I have, I'll have quite a list of approved games I can let my son play.

plays.org archive games

So far my favourite games on Plays.Org are Tetra Blocks and The Sorcerer. I have tried a few other games which are interesting as well but these 2 are my go-to games when I don't want to think. Tetra Blocks kinda reminisces my old childhood memories though. I used to love this game a lot back when I was a child. Even my husband found joy discovering back his old arcade games again.

If you haven't yet tried Plays.Org, what's stopping you. This website is the best to play free online games without downloading and it has no ads too! Let me know if you tried it.